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Birth of Voltech
By: T.W.

Part 4

Two years had passed with Mike a Skull. The name Mike never existed so far as the Skulls were concerned his name was Voltech. The variation of ‘Volt’ and ‘Tech’ came from his powers and fixing abilities.

Voltech rolled out of his bed. The private rooms, one of which Voltech had, were reserved for those of high rank. Bone Daddies did not bunk with other Skulls. He however was above a Bone Daddy, but only slightly, producing the will to lead and conquer and the power to carry out that will.

Donning black jeans, sunglasses, T-shirt, biker gloves and boots, and black leather jacket his wardrobe had not changed. He refused the human skull mask, not because he was in anyway against it but because he had his glasses. The only mark of affiliation with the gang was a rudely stitched Skull on the back of his jacket.

Before leaving he practiced the basic forms of his Tae Kwon Do training. Electricity wreathed his arms as he performed the forms with strength and grace.

A skull approached his door. Voltech sensed the approach and right as he turned the knob he let loose a blast of electricity. The door opened and a shower of sparks fell onto the Skull from the blast which had hit the door frame.

“Yes?” Voltech asked.

Trembling in fear after his near brush with immense pain, he found his voice and answered. “The Dark One would like to see you.”

Voltech had a place of immense respect amongst the Skulls. It all started when he killed a Skull which was rash enough to want to deny his acceptance into the gang.

Voltech’s group, known as ‘The Grave Robbers,’ had started out as a group of twenty. Twenty was a good number for a group, but Voltech was able to narrow it down to eight by disposing of the weakest links.

The Dark One was obviously Lucius, though only Voltech was allowed to address him by that name. Lucius had a connection with Voltech which would lead to him taking on the powers of a Dark Master.

“Knock next time,” Voltech said passing the Skull “or I won’t miss.”


“I have a tough job on my hands;” Lucius paced in his office taking occasional looks at Voltech. “A job that only a capable member, like you, could handle.”

Voltech smiled at that. “What’s the matter Lucius? Tired of sending my group to do your laundry and clean toilets?”

“Keep it up Voltech and I’ll rip that sarcastic tongue out and make you clean the toilets with it.”

Voltech stuck his tongue out as if taunting him to carry out his threat. After a few seconds he slipped it back in. “Where do you want us?”


An hour later, nine Skulls traveled towards the directed building. They kept in a group that was led by Voltech followed by two then six in the rear. They posed as a threat to anyone in their way, mostly other gangs.

They approached the building which held the drugs they were to “retrieve.” The building was next to a main street but The Skulls took the alley ways instead. A shout came from behind the formation down the alley they just passed.

A group of about fifteen Hellions walked their way. Voltech’s group split to allow him to walk to the front. The Hellions pronounced the only phrase they were taught to pronounce correctly.

“This is Hellion territory. Leave.” The leader snarled through a demonic face.

Volt smiled a sinister smile. “This is you territory? I didn’t smell any Hellion piss when we walked through. Did you boys?” The Skulls laughed.
“Unfortunately,” Voltech continued “I don’t have time to play your game. I have more important things to do. Shane! Handle this.”

A skull with huge muscles stepped forward. Voltech’s second in command he held a machine gun in each hand which he aimed into the crowd. Shots started to fire and Voltech’s group waded into the battle.

Voltech went to the warehouse door and picked the lock. By the time he was done eight unscratched Skulls filed behind him. Seven followed him into the building.

Inside the security guards posed no threat. Their guns did little against Voltech’s hero like body and the Skulls drug hardened bodies. One guard ran, calling for backup as he did so.
Voltech nodded to Tristan, who was the fastest Skull besides Voltech himself. Tristan took the fire escape ax and knife from his belt. He ran down the hall the guard had taken, a scream of pain meant the guard had been disposed of.

The vault in the large warehouse room kept the drugs secure…from others. Voltech ripped the cover off the keypad off. He dug his hand into the circuitry and shot electricity into it. The control short circuited and the vault unlocked.

There was more drugs then expected. One of his Skulls, who had not come inside, backed through a metal garage door with a truck. Immediately they began loading. Several Skulls took places in the building to guard the entryways.

“Quickly, you lazy pieces of crap! Do you think the cops aren’t on there way already?” Volt yelled. He was about to continue cursing his group when Shane came forward.

“Cops spotted Voltech.” he announced. Voltech cursed inwardly and ran to the front entrance.

Sure enough, a squad of police cars sped down the main street towards the building.

“Go inside and help load. I’ll handle this.” He said. Shane obeyed.

Voltech braced himself allowing currents of white electricity wrap around his extended arm. Gradually they gathered in his fist, he put his hand on his arm to stable his aiming. Voltech fired a concentrated bolt at the closest cop car.

The cars sirens slowly died in waning tones. The car’s axels locked up, it skidded to the side and barrel rolled uncontrollably until stopping horizontal across the street. The rest was just fun to watch. Car after car crashed into the horizontal one, each stopping and creating a road block.

Satisfied with his work, Voltech started to go back inside. Before he reached the door though, the communication receptors on his glasses picked up the police frequency.

“Hero Corps this is the PPD, repeat, Hero Corps this is the PPD.”

“Hero Corps here, what’s the situation?”

“We have a super, repeat, a super at our location. Other Skulls are reported to be armed and dangerous. Back up requested over?”

“Request granted we have heroes on the way.”

Voltech didn’t like the sound of that. He burst threw the door and told the two Skulls at the front to shoot anything that came through. He told the other guards to be equally ready.
“I want those drugs loaded, NOW!” Voltech yelled when he came into the loading room. At that moment faint sounds of machineguns firing echoed through the hallways. One stopped then another.

Either the guards stopped whoever it was or there were heroes coming. Voltech chose the latter. A Machine gun and a shotgun fired next, this time he heard the heroes: energy blasts, empathy auras and crackling electricity. A solid thump was heard and the machine gun stopped.

Silence followed until the sound of the heroes feet was heard on the tile. The last guard posed no threat; he didn’t even have time to fire.

“Go! Now!” Voltech yelled to Shane, Tristan and the driver who new better than to disobey. Plus they were probably happy to get away from the heroes.

The first appeared just as the truck sped away. He wore red leather with white lightning bolt designs on the sides. His eyes were a glowing green and  blue arcs of power circled his arms.

Second came the empath. She looked small and fragile, a belt of devises gleamed in the light. Last was what looked like a small robot but his jerky and fluent movements showed there was a person beneath that armor.

Voltech said nothing but cracked his knuckles, facing the heroes. His glasses scanned them. Static discharge surrounded the armored hero, the empath showed nothing and the red clad one showed abnormally high heat and energy readings.

The red one turned to the robot and nodded. The robot and empath charge towards Voltech. An electricity bolt shot from the robot. Volt extended both his palms together absorbing the blast and traded with one of his own.

The robot jumped over the blast, landing and swinging an electric punch aimed for Voltech head. Bending backwards he avoided the punch and shot electricity at his back. The robot was hit directly he arched his back in pain and fell to the floor.

The empath hurried to get close to him. With one spin Voltech was close enough to close line the running lady before she knew what hit her. Apparently seeing things weren’t going well, or enraged that he just hit a girl, the red clad hero fired bolts of energy at Voltech.

To avoid the three blasts Voltech planted his hands on a box, using his arms he propelled himself into the air feet first. When he landed he painfully realized the three lesser bolts were a faint attack. Voltech was hit by a stronger set directly.

Picking himself up, he ran at the leather clad hero. He was a more formidable foe. Every electrical punch or kick Voltech threw was blocked by a searing hot arms or leg. Finally he got an electrical haymaker to connect. Seeing his opening the hero used a blade of fire to cut into Voltech’s chest.

The robot was sensed behind Voltech. Voltech’s elbow pivoted to hit the hero in the face cracking his glass face plate. The heroes head bobbed and he began to fall, Voltech caught his form and brought him to his front, a blade of fire hit the robot.

Throwing the kid sized hero behind him; Volt was able to hit the red hero square in the face with an electrical punch.

The empath’s energy healed the robot hero and the red one. Cracks on the face plate gone the hero shot electricity at Voltech’s back. His senses noticed the attack before Voltech could move. His leather jacket and T-shirt was not much resistance against a sniper blast.

The electricity didn’t stop Voltech for long he would have kept on fighting after his body absorbed the charges. Would have, that is, if a wave of energy had not swept him off his feet and plowed him into the wall.

Voltech rolled onto his knees bent over in pain. A hand grabbed his collar and hefted him to eye level with the red hero. In the wave of energy his glasses had fallen off. Now his face had nothing shielding his eyes from the heroes piercing glowing glare.

Out of fear for his life alone Voltech wished he had not become a gang leader to avoid whatever fate lied before him. He also wished he had hopped aboard the truck while he could have. He also wished he’d taken Lucius’ advice on using his harnessed dark power as weapons not just keeping it buried.

A bracelet was strapped onto Voltech’s wrist and that was the last thought of his Skull career.

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