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Final Battle
by Ed Frazee

She's had enough. All these years of fighting General Dursagon have taken their toll. Countless lives have been wiped away because of him. Too many innocents have perished, many foes been subplanted. Flareback can't help to also think it might be partially her fault for not being strong enough to defeat Dursagon. Or maybe that she needed to end this long ago. Regardless, she is here today and the destruction will end one way or another. For too long have the people on this planet suffered. No longer will that be the case. Flareback will make sure of that, one way or another.

"Alright, you bastard, I am here. Let us end this RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!" Flareback states defiantly while her powers flare up in anticipation of the battle.
“Then bow before me so that I may rend your head from your body and I'll be on my way" Dursagon retorts coldly but confidently. He appears out of the darkness with the dim light of Flareback's power glistening off his cold armor.

"The hard way it is!" She replies. Then in a flash of motion Flare sends out a fireball that explodes on impact just as six robots appear beside Dursagon, lighting all seven on fire. Without hesitation, Dursagon follows with a gesture and black gooey smoke slithers out from the ground around Flare. She just glares as her body flames wildly and the ground around her begins to boil and flames flicker around her. She jumps up and quickly she flys to Dursagon and his robots. Her fury at it's peak, she no longer holds back. Flames shoot out from around her as she hits the formation burning all the robots. She fires flaming bolts at a couple of the bots just as they fire at her with explosive laserfire. Flare is hit a few times in the armor, but that's enough to send her flying toward the ground. She gains control and flies up so that she is between the bots and the sun. The manuver blinds the bots temporarily and Flare makes good use of the moment. She soars straight towards the bots firing off a volley of Flaming plasma at them setting them ablaze.

"Oh, crap!" she whispers, knowing that she has lost sight of Dursagon. She also didn't realize that the bots were not the same bots that she started fighting. He was sending in bot after bot and she was just wasting her energy fighting them. Flare scans her surrounding intently looking for him. She quickly decends and when she's in the middle of the bots she throws her fists downward and a conflaguration erupts from the ground engulfing her in flames. Another blast at the ground, and all the bots blast apart as they are sent reeling from the bonfire Flare is producing. She scans around, and from the fire several bolts of flame shoot out. The last one makes contact and Dursagon grunts as he's hit. He starts to fly back away from her when a mighty trail of fire shoots out from the column of flame that is Flare and hits him truly. Dursagon flips in the air several times before he can gain control but it's too late. Flare is in his face and she's in control now. With anger, determination, and years of heartache, she holds on. She hits him with all her power putting dents into his dark blue and gold trimmed armor. Again and again, she lashes out, a blast for her son who Dursagon caulously discarded like a piece of trash when he was a baby. Another for her brother, Greg, who is forever changed because Viceralia severely wounded him causing his powers and personality to change more ominously. And lastly for all the lives lost because Dursagon would not let go of his obsession for Flare. Now she won't let go, and he begins to feel what she felt. He begins to feel every pain she has ever felt, every pain he has inflicted on her.

Armor, cracking under the force, mists of darkness whisping out only to be blown aside by heat and fire, Dursagon digs deep and fights back against his rival. He calls upon the forces of the netherworlds and unleashes them at Flare. He is reminded that by releasing such forces that he could be consumed by them. He doesn't care. All he cares about is the death of this woman before him. She has resisted him time and again. Now he's at the point that he'd gladly give up his well laid plans at destroying the world he's been forced to live on. Proudly, he'll resign the idea of going back home to Dragonus just so he can see it explode into billions of tiny shardsby his hand. All he wants is to see her lifeless body before his eyes. All he wants to see is her and her alone. A tiny voice from within catches his attention.
"Are you sure you don't love her?" It whispers.
"No, this is all hate! Shes cost me everything. I've lost my first life, my first purpose and my first looks." he replies.
"She gave you a new life, a new look, a new purpose, and a new destiny." it replies.
“NO! You're just doubt creeping in. I will not give in to the idea of love. I do not love!" He retorts stoicly and resolute.

A flash and he's pulled from the darkness of his mind just as a shadowy fist hits Flare in the face knocking her off himself. Dursagon finds himself on the ground with half his armor pulled off or melted from his technologically enhanced body. Flare too is scratched and bloodied from the fight. Slowly they get up, Dursagon's dark servant waiting on Flare, then just as before all those years ago when their lives first came together and bound them to a life of misery, Flare explodes in a blast of white fire. Like an atomic bomb, shockwave lash out, then everything is consumed by the all burning fire. Dursagon felt this before, but this time he is less flesh and more darkness and technology. Still the fire burns away at his systems, reduces him to a skeletal form, but he survives like he did before.
Panting from the effort, Flare looks up in shock as Dursagon still moves and the last wisps from the dark servant floats away. But it wasn't the servant, just a phantom of the real servant that now stands before Flare. She's hit hard, and she knows she can't fight. This is it, she's given it her all but he'll still beat her. Another hit and she's on her knees, another and darkness starts to cloud her vision. At the same time, Flare say's the word "no" weakly as the servant hits her, sending her into total darkness while Dursagon hissed out a "yes".

“Hmm?" she replies.
"That was rather stupid, don't you think?"
"Yeah, but it's over." she replies.
"Not for you it's not. You still have great things to finish."
"Who are you? What do you mean great things? I AM finished!" she fires back harshly.
"I am of no consern. I am the First One, but it is you who is of most importance. It is you who has a family that needs you. It is you that several fragile worlds depend on to protect them. It is you who is the giver of light, and the banisher of evil."
"But I'm dead, I can't go on." she retorts while looking sullen.
"Chuckle" "You are not dead. You still have a flicker of fire still in you. You ARE fire and you'll never be snuffed out. You just have to embrace what's left and force it to grow anew."

Then by a force of will not her own, she begins to consentrate and in her darkness a speck of light comes into focus. She's glides to it and she cups it into her hands. Mentally, she wraps herself around the flame and recites to herself, "I am the flame". Warmth envelopes her and her darkness slowly turns to grey and then finally turns to white. She erupts and her body is lifted off the ground, head flung back and back arched, while wings of pure flame jut out to either side of Flare like the wings of a phoenix. Her eyes burning intensely she looks down and sees the last remains of the servant be consumed by her resurrection. Dursagon is in a heap, against a pile of melted metal, twitching. The flames flickering off Flares body disapates and she looks at Dursagon intensely.

"You will not beat me!" she states defiantly as she stands stern before him.

 A forced “no” issues out from Dursagon as a light from his Cyber eye slowly fades to darkness. Flare then shutters and stumbles. As if on cue, her son, Chris, catches hold of her and supports her. She looks into his eyes and she smiles as she thinks he's the most beautiful thing in the world.

"Come Mom, your done for the day. Let's get you home." her son tells her. Then she looks over towards where Chris is guiding her and beside the vehicle is the rest of her family. Blake, Chloe, Tammy, Shawn, Amy, and Greg, all look conserned as Flare is helped into the vehicle. As they all get in Greg is the last to enter and he turns to Flare to say something to her.

"I still think that was rather stupid" he says with an air of distain.

And back at the scene of the battle, a deep, hard thunk is heard repeatedly. The body of Dursagon shifts slightly at the reverberation from the heavy footfalls. Another bot walks slowly up to the remains of Dursagon and stops short. A metallic claw reaches down to the body and gingerly picks it up. The other arm cradles the body to the chest of a large robot that is green and drab in color. This robot is Dursabot X and it seems to be holding Dursagon like a mother would hold a child. Clawed hands smooth over the body and when the robot finishes brushing over the charred remains, it rests its hand over Dursagons chest. Then suddenly a flash of light appears and a portal opens up in front of the robot. Turning sideways, the robot shuffles in and the last thing seen is the cyber eye of Dursagon fickering on, contrasting against the color and brilliance of the portal.

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