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Young Phalanx
Escape from Crey City
Part 1
On the road again...

12:14 AM, November 17th, 2006, 12 miles south of Canadian border with New York

Two scientists run through a futuristic horror. A massive city torn from the pages of a Sci-Fi comic surrounds them as they run in the back alleys, heading to an unknown location in a blind panic. As if this scene wasn’t strange enough, the couple was an odd pair. One was a young man, “nerdish” as most would describe. The other was a young woman, but not human. A “Cat-Girl” as most would describe, though she was more qualified to be a woman. Her black fur blended into the shadows, though her white lab coat showed her easily in the alley. Soon, they had arrived at a tall tower, a place they had called “home”. As they neared the entrance, two security guards, both dressed for war as it seemed, yelled at them to freeze. The man, seeing this problem even before they were near the entrance, had pulled out a luger shaped weapon. 2 shots and both men were down, stunned. The pair ran into the entrance way of the tower and stormed into the elevator, pushing for the top floor. Nervously, the couple looked at each other.

“We’ll get her Evelyn...” said the man “they can’t have beat us here, they’re probably still struggling with the virus I implanted in the security system.”

“We shouldn’t have come here, Zane” said Evelyn in a tearful voice “we should have stayed at PCU...oh my god, what if they found Kit?!”

Zane didn’t have time to answer, as the elevator came to a sudden stop. The doors opened and thugs in suits stormed into the elevator. Evelyn clawed at their faces and Zane fired off a shot, but the largest of the men had grabbed Evelyn and Zane with one arm. A massive man known as Hopkins. He crushed the Laser-Luger with one fist while still holding the pair. Hopkins carried them both with ease into an apartment and dragged them into a little girls room. Plush toys adorned the walls and books were on every surface, ranging from Seuss to Salinger. In the room, a young man of 17 sat in a chair next to a small bed, holding the book “Where the Wild things are”. He wore a blue suit and red, slick glasses. On the lapel of his suit, “C” with a yellow outlining was proudly adorned. As the pair were carried in, he looked up, coldly.

“Hush...I just got her to sleep. Kit is a very smart little girl, very smart. She’ll be happy here, don’t worry. We’ll have her memory remade as soon as that damn virus of yours is erased. She won’t have to deal with the trauma of losing you two.”

“Erik...Erik for Christ’s sake” cried Evelyn, tears streaking her face “she’s our daughter...I raised her from the second she came out of me...p-please...”

“Goodbye, Evelyn. You won’t remember her, don’t worry. And she’ll be loved...”

Erik Von Crey, The Vicount De Crey, read “Where the Wild things are” to a small 6 year old, black furred cat-girl as her crying parents were taken away to god knows where.
3:40 PM, November 17th, 2006, Galaxy City, Paragon City

Teenager Tommy Pachowski, A.K.A. Back Yard Boom, worked on his car as thoughts raced through his brain. “I miss the gang, we haven’t done anything for a while” he thought as his finger was caught in the fan of the engine. Normally most would panic, but Tommy was different. After an accident, he had lost his arms and had later had them replaced with a robotic pair. Taking the name “Back Yard Boom”, he had become a hero and had founded the Young Phalanx, a team of teen super heroes, with the adult Freedom Phalanx’s blessing. Lately, things had been slow with the group. StatesLad was busy reconnecting with his girlfriend White Autumn after he had disappeared a while back, Necril and P-Tron were busy with some work in Striga Isle, Sublimina was busy with some work in Founders, & NatureBoy was at some protest in Talos Island. Sure, the group had an influx of new members, but they were all busy with separate work. He missed them all. “except that one future guy, guy with the whole monotone voice-”

“Hello Boom” he said right on cue.

“GAH! Scorpion, do you have to break into here? You can us the front door!”

“I know. It’s just more fun this way.”

Eduardo Rodriguez, A.K.A. The Silver Scorpion, had a though life. He was from the distant future, 2034, where Arachnos had taken over the world under new leadership. Eduardo was expected to be a villain, being the son of Black Scorpion and Silver mantis, likes his parents or his sister, Black Mantis, but he was an artistic soul who just loved plays and music. Sadly in this future, Arachnos had gone Nazi over any culture that didn’t support them. This included almost all culture. So, Eduardo had rebelled, stealing a copy of his fathers armor(Silver as it were) and joined other teenage heroes of the time to fight oppression. Brought to this time to gain information to help the resistance, Eduardo joined the Young Phalanx and had become friends with Back Yard Boom. Though he did tend to be annoying.

“I’ve found something interesting in Steel Canyon” Scorpion said. “You know the rumors of Crey Memory Modification?”

“Yeah” said Boom “what about it?”

“I just got a call from a certain Dr. Steve Sheriden. He says their’s an unregistered lab that could use investigating that may be a base for an M.M. lab and he requested us by name. Wanna round up the others?”

“Hell yeah” Boom said with a grin.

4:05 PM, same day in Atlas Park

Jack Cole, A.K.A. Stateslad, was flying thru the towers of Steel Canyon, glad to be home. “Hell, glad to be alive.” he thought. For the past year, Cole had been traveling between dimensions, trying to make his way home to his family and friends. “Huh, weird family.” he mused “Cloned from Statesman by Crey Industries with Countess Crey DNA mixed in like some weird genetic cocktail.” As he passed over the massive Platinum Lake, he heard a familiar noise. Jet boots from a cybernetic armor. As he spun around in the air with his heat vision armed, he came face to face with his friend P-Tron, Jamie Dell, a Positron fan girl turned into a cat-girl. “Weird, you’d thin she’d be a Mynx sidekick”.

“Hey, watch it there!” P-Tron said as she threw he hands up to cover her face. “I’ve seen what those eye can do to a Council robot!”

“Sorry Jamie” said StatesLad as his eyes stopped glowing red “I’ve just been a little jumpy since I came home...I was worried something followed me back...”

“Or are you worried Autumn might take this chance to take you outta the sky?” she joked while folding her arms.

“Not funny. So, what’s going on?”

“Nothing other than what can be a major gut punch to Crey Industries. You know that future kid, Silver Scorpion?”

“Yeah, Eduardo. I met him a while back. What about him?”

“He says he has a lead on one of Crey’s M.M. labs. Him, me, Necril, Boom, and Autumn are going to investigate. It’s actually right here in Steel Canyon. Are you in? Or are you busy looking over your shoulder?”

StatesLad looked around, making a quick sweep of the area. Why was he being paranoid? Nobody could have followed him back. The dimensional portal was sealed shut when he came back. Turning back to P-Tron with a grin, he said:

“You know I love pissing off my mother. Where is it at?”

With a laugh, P-tron waved for him to follow her, not taking care to watch the shadows.

Meanwhile, in nearby darkness...

“Rather strange, this new world.” thought a lone figure near a sewer entrance. “America winning the war, Hitler long dead, Russia a democracy along with Italy, things were sure as hell different”. But he could not let his internal xenophobia stop him. Il Duce was counting on Archon Spy-Master to watch the foreigner in his home world.

4:30 PM, same day, Crey Facility 414, Steel Canyon

“It’s good to be fighting with the guys again” though Back Yard Boom as he pummeled a Crey Agent. He watched as StatesLad threw a Voltaic Armor thug through a blast door, allowing Necril to blast into the next room and beat back any defense. Silver Scorpion was charging in as P-Tron blasted off any stragglers. White Autumn was in the fray too, more frequently than a healer should. “I just wish Jon was here” mused Boom. “Nature Boy would love seeing us fighting like this.”

As they neared the entrance, the sounds of men screaming reached their ears. Following the noise, the young heroes ran into a set of max security doors marked “M.M. Experimentation Zone: High Security Only”. Realizing their objective, StatesLad and Boom smashed into the doors into metal shards. Charging in, they came across a disturbing, if not hilarious sight. A Cat-Woman in a torn lab coat help a helpless Crey Agent in one fist while carrying an unconscious young man with clothes in a similar condition over her shoulders. She screamed at the guard, rage etched in her furry face:


6: 35 PM, Same day, Sheriden Labs, Independence Port, Paragon City

The Young Phalanx waited in the lobby of a branch of Sheriden Labs, waiting for new on the couple they rescued. Dr. Zane and Evelyn Masters, both former Crey employee’s. they were now waiting for word from Dr. Sheriden on what the two had to say, why they were in the M.M. lab. As Necril began to scream at the vending machine and Scorpion’s Soap Opera came back on, Dr. Steve Sheriden came in looking grim.

“Well, things are grim kiddies” he said, looking the part “Apparently, Mr. & Mrs. Masters were working in a think tank for Crey Industries called Crey City, somewhere near the New York-Canada border. They lived, worked, and married there, having a daughter named Kit Amanda Masters. Now, after 8 years of their service, Crey wanted their memory wiped and wanted their daughter as a part of their junior think tank.” he grinned and chuckled “sort of a grim copy of your group. Anyways, Zane planted a virus in Crey Cities security system, so they won’t be able to wipe Kits memory for the next few weeks. Feel like a trip to New York, kiddies?”

Boom looked to the others and looked back to Sheriden. StatesLad stood up and walked to Sheriden, crossing his arms.

“You say they’re more kids trapped their, Doc?”

“Indeed. We have coordinates to the general area & we have information on the city that should get you through. Mr. Masters also gave us all the codes to access the security. Well?”

Necril, P-Tron, Scorpion, & Autumn surrounded States and Boom. Putting her helmet on, Necril said:

“What the hell, if I don’t go, I’ll have nothing to do this weekend. I’m in.”

“Sounds fun, plus it’ll hurt Crey. I’m game.” Autumn said looking resolved.

“Ditto!” said P-Tron giddily.

“You know I’m in. Sides, I love Canada.” Scorpion said. “Plus I can get us a ride”

They all looked to Boom, who nodded in agreement. They all looked to StatesLad, who took the coordinates from Sheriden. Smiling, Sheriden said as he turned on his heel:

“I’ll tell the parents. God bless you kids, god bless.”
Leaving the lab ahead of the others, Silver Scorpion whistled a cheery rendition of “On the road again.”

To be continued...

Next: Take me down to Crey City.

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