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“Supernatural Assault Unit: Bounty”
By: Nelson Carrasquillo AKA Big Puerto Rico
An Ultimate COH adventure

**In a universe where Paragon City’s biggest protectorate group, the Hero Corps, is corrupt and filled with ignorant heroes following the commands of the corrupt leaders, few heroes know the truth. Most of them are forced into a life of hiding or forced to put on a show and agree with the corrupt to keep their lives. Few actually fight back, and few keep their will to fight on. Some of those few have come together and formed the Supernatural Assault Unit. **

Chapter Seven


    Boriqua Soldier decided to make sure things went different this time and took the initiative; he went after the handicapped superhero Vent Sol. They kidnapped him but not with out a struggle. When Big PR returned to the base he found out that Boriqua Soldier had kidnapped and tortured him. Boriqua proposed a tournament style battle between SAU and Hollow Society and SAU accepted.

Atlas Park

    “Sir, we have some…special guests here for you,” a Longbow agent said to Night Trojan.

    “Ok…let them in,” he responded.

    Boriqua Soldier, Limerick, and Gibu walked through the door of Night Trojan’s office.

    “Hello, Night Trojan,” Boriqua Soldier said.

    “What’s goin down?” Night Trojan asked.

    “We are moving in on SAU we are gonna have a tournament style battle and you are gonna help us,” Boriqua smirked.

    “Sure, how can I help?”

    “Well, we want the hero zombies to be on our side, we are making sure that we will win, take us to Dr. Vahzilok.”

    “Well, this is gonna be good.”

Atlas Park Sewers

    “Hello, Boriqua Soldier, long time no see. So, Trojan I see you have surrounded yourself with some different people,” Dr. Vahzilok paced back and forth between different hero zombies on tables.

    “Yeah I have,” Night Trojan said.

    “Are all of these heroes young and dumb?” Gibu asked. He noticed that the heroes on the table were young heroes, none really that experienced.

    “Yes, because the younger ones are easier to get control of.”

    “Do you have any zombie that is more experienced?” Boriqua asked.

    “Yes a couple, would like more but its too much work, I’m thinking that the sure size of the group will make it up.”

    Boriqua Soldier stepped back from near Night Trojan and Gibu moved up. Boriqua Soldier looked at Dr. Vahzilok with a suspicious look.

    “Well, maybe if Trojan here actually trained these kids better you wouldn’t have to worry about their will; they would just be better fighters and good soldiers. You know what I mean?” Gibu patted Trojan on his shoulder and smirked at him.

    Night Trojan looked at Gibu with a sour face. When he went to brush the hand off of his shoulder Boriqua Soldier struck Night Trojan through his right rib cage and pierced his lung. Night Trojan looked at Boriqua Soldier while his life was slowly escaping his grasps. He fell on the ground and fought to bring air into his lungs, but they only thing that entered was blood.

    “Good bye, Night Trojan, you will be a good super zombie, ha, ha, ha” Limerick said.

    “Good deal, ha, ha. Get to work on him minions!” Dr. Vahzilok ordered.

    “Just send them to Warburg; a fitting place for our victory.”

Meanwhile at the Supernatural Assault Unit base

    “I can’t believe that they got Vent Sol, he sure as hell looked like been through hell,” War-Lord commented.

    “It sure did, we better get goin to Warburg, I want to take this punk down!” Martian Banshee said; the hero wore a suit similar to Rey Tormentor except he had no helmet and he was older than the rest of the SG.

    “Ok old man, calm down we need a plan,” Sir. Joshua said jokingly.

    Martian Banshee smacked Joshua on the head, seemed like the younger hero always got on Banshee’s nerves even when he didn’t want to get on his nerves.

    “There is no real plan, just fight with all our hearts. We have to just be ready for anything, that’s the only thing,” Kid Aux said.

    “He’s right, so let’s go,” Big PR made his way for the teleporter that headed to Warburg.


    “Seems as if we are here early,” Small-Soldier said. “Are you sure they will show up?”

    “They will, there is no way that they will not, we have one of their own,” Boriqua Soldier answered.

    “Well you know your brother pretty well, I see him and his flunkies coming now,” Mr. Chang, a corruptor from China, said.

    Big PR stopped thirty yards away from the villain group and stared down his brother, “Where is Venty, we want him back, now!” Big PR demanded.

    “Not so soon, brother, it’s not like you’re gonna win anyway, but if you do that’s when he will be returned. In the mean time, we will keep him,” Boriqua yelled back.

    “Damn it this is not a game, look at him, you guys nearly beat him to death!”

    “Don’t worry he is ok, for now.”

    Big PR paced back and forth, he never took his eyes off of his opponents. “How do you propose we do this then?”

    “You chose one of your guys, not you yourself, one of them…then I’ll choose one of mine until you and I meet.”

    Big PR looked at his group and evaluated which he was going to choose, he decided to have Kid Aux go first. He motioned for Kid to approach, “I have faith in you, Austin, you can do this…just remember what I taught you.”

    “So, you have chosen one of the kids huh?” Boriqua chuckled, “I got the perfect opponent for him…Gibu!”

    The stone brute stepped forward and approached his opponent Kid Aux. Kid Aux looked at the big-tall man in front of him and looked back at Big PR.

    “You look worried squirt,” Gibu commented. “Does my size make you scared?”

    “No, not your size…your smell is what’s got me reeling,” Kid Aux covered his mouth and nose.

    Gibu smiled and swung a punch, Kid Aux ducked under and gave Gibu a strong mule-like kick, making the big villain stumble backward. Kid Aux stood up and took a stance. Gibu shook off the slight pain that the kick had inflicted and gave the hero a vicious glare. Gibu quickly surrounded his fist in stone and charged at the young hero. Aux jumped up and threw a spinning back kick, which landed and smashed Gibu’s face. The kick caused the villain to stumble and fall to the ground. Blood started to pour from the mouth and nose of the villain, Gibu wiped it off and stood back up, Kid Aux didn’t hesitate and continued the onslaught. Aux threw an upper cut to the taller villain, then a knee to the ribs, after the knee Aux did a back flip kick; kicking the jaw of the villain and sending him stumbling backward.

    Gibu shook his head and wiped more blood from his nose and mouth, “No more of this shit, I’m done toying with you!”

    Kid Aux didn’t let the comment get to his head; he ran to him and performed a jump kick. Before Aux’s foot could hit the villain’s chest, Gibu summoned his stone armor. The armor was very hard and caused Aux’s kick to have almost no effect.

    “Knew you were weak,” Gibu taunted.

    “You only got lucky, now that I know how hard your armor is I won’t make that mistake again, I’ll hit a lot harder now,” Kid Aux replied.

    “Sure you will, Kid!” Gibu lifted his foot and thrusted it through the ground causing a small earth quake and a split in the ground.

    Kid’s stance was disrupted and that threw him off balance, Kid put a hand on the ground to prevent him from fully falling to the ground and recollected himself. When he looked again towards his opponent he saw a huge bolder in the place of the villain himself. The bolder was thrown to quickly after Aux had lost his balance for him to be able to see it coming. The bolder smashed into both his abdomen and his head. The impact fractured one of Aux’s ribs. The momentum carried the young hero into a wall located under a bridge. The bolder fell to the ground and Kid Aux shook his head.

    “Damn it that hurt,” Kid said quietly.

    Gibu, while in his full armor, was only able to move at a slow pace and Kid Aux noticed that. Although he was in pain, Kid Aux blocked it out and focused on the fight. Gibu figured he was going too slowly so he teleported Kid to him.

    “Holy shit,” Aux exclaimed.

    Gibu threw a right hook, and then a double fist punch across the face of Kid Aux. Kid Aux did a 360 degree turn into the wall. “Face it, Kid; I’m stronger than you… just give up.”

    Kid Aux stared through the visor that he wore and directly at his opponent. “Your strength maybe a lil better than mine, but I’m not weak…or slow,” Aux quickly wiped the blood from his mouth and ran in circles around Gibu.

    Gibu was distraught and couldn’t focus on the hero. Kid Aux kept up his pace and started an onslaught of shoulder blocks, punches, and kicks at over 100 miles an hour. Back and forth the hero hit the villain. The combination of the momentum of Kid’s speed and his own power started to rock the stone brute. The only thing Gibu could see was green streaks; too fast for him to predict. Kid Aux stopped for 4 seconds to catch his breath then continued his attack. Gibu had decided, then, to make the ground around him into something like quick sand to slow the super-speeding hero and finally even the field. Gibu made the ground soft and able to stop something fast in its tracks. Kid Aux saw what the villain did and jumped in the air while he ran toward him. Kid Aux grabbed the head of the villain as he somersaulted and threw both of his knees into the upper back near the neck. The momentum swayed the huge villain but didn’t make him fall.

The knee strike put a dent in the armor and fractured Gibu’s shoulder blade. Aux kept his position and struck the back of the head of Gibu over and over again. The blows to the back of the head were even too much for the brute; Gibu’s consciousness almost slipped from his grasp. Gibu grabbed the hero and threw him up against the wall. The wall cracked and Kid Aux’s body left an imprint. Kid Aux held his rib cage, the exhaustion was getting to him and he couldn’t block out the pain or seem to focus as well.

“Innamorata, get into his head and tell him to keep focusing, tell him to breathe and go for the last blow while Gibu is out of his armor,” Big PR said to the psychic defender.

C’mon, Kid, Remember your training. Gather up your strength, breathe, deliver your power blow while Gibu is out of his stone armor…you can do it we know you can,” Innamorata said to Kid Aux in his mind.

Kid Aux stood up and took a deep breathe, he crouched down and sprung himself into the air. Gibu, on the other hand, had summoned a mallet of stone and was getting read to strike Kid Aux. Kid’s blow landed but Gibu’s momentum was still going. Kid was hit with the heavy mallet and was instantly lifted off of his feet and into the bridge above. Gibu hit the ground and then Kid Aux came down with a thunderous smack. Both sides of the battle were waiting to see who would arise. After a couple of seconds Kid Aux struggled to his feet and stood over the fallen villain.     


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