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A young prodigy
By: Rui Rodrigues

They say that super-heroes don’t exist.
But do they know that for sure? In our world and reality super-heroes are nothing more than fiction. They are only characters that exist in comic books, movies and even games.
But what if mutants, magic users, genetic freaks or just enhanced humans, lived among and us worked along side us? Hiding themselves from us because they were waiting for something?

Chapter 2:
Ogre the green beast
Part- 1

What does truly set the difference between Man and Beast? I will tell you. It is Choice. As in choice to give up or keep going in the heat of battle, as in choice to be merciful or merciless in life. That is the case here, and here, is Perez Park, where two proverbial titans face-off in what could be dubbed as the fight of the decade. These “titans” are Ogre and Goblin King, both brothers in blood and enemies in heart, and the battle was jaw-dropping as the two beasts had equal strengths and weaknesses, as the battle ensued Ogre had almost no time to dodge Goblin King’s massive arm as it crossed the air in his direction, but he did, and quickly countered with a punch to King’s gut making him stagger for a second, and Ogre wasn’t done yet, as his leg sprung up, almost connecting with King’s jaw, but in so, unfortunately for Ogre he had already regained his feet, and right after evading Ogre’s high kick grabbed his leg and pulled, sending him flying into the lake, quickly following behind. Kai could only stand and watch that spectacle, but he knew that it was his mission as the hero Aven to put an end to this “brotherly” scurf. And so it was time for a choice: 1st– He would do nothing, letting them fight themselves out and risk the very fate of Paragon City. Or, 2nd- He would act, stepping between them, in turn risking his own life. Either way his chances weren’t that good. But doing nothing was against every fibre of his being and he couldn’t let fate decide whatever outcome. So, collecting every ounce of strength and courage he had left, he ran and dove into the tepid waters of Perez Park’s lake. But swimming wasn’t easy, especially when the water surrounding him had almost the same consistency as mud, but, to Kai it didn’t care, he had only one objective: To end the fight between Ogre and Goblin King. But at the same time other thoughts flooded his mind - “How did I end up like this?” – Said Kai to himself – “How did the mission take such a bad turn?”….

36 hours before:
As the thick veil of rain fell from the dark tempestuous clouds, a pair of hazelish green eyes peered into the shadows of an alley two blocks from Atlas Park. The vapours rose up from the sewers to the sky letting go of the rotten stench of Paragon City’s rejects.  Then moving forward into the light came Kai, the young boy had just become a hero and was ready to receive his very first mission: it would seem that some strange happenings had been occurring in Perez Park, mainly because of some Troll activity. Kai was supposed to meet his contact in that alley at that time, but no one  seemed to be there, and what was stranger was the choice of place, not only strange but also ironic. Ironic in the way that in the very place where he had found about his latent mutant powers, he would also receive his first assignment. It had been about one month since that faithful day, Kai still had burned in his brain the face of the Freakshow thug who assaulted him: the scar on his right eye covering the space between his left cheek and middle forehead, the three blades that replaced his right arm shining with the bright sun, and the most engraving attribute was his grin, that wicked grin, that toothless grin, that wickedly comic grin.

 Just remembering it brought a smile to Kai’s face. But then another set of faces came to Kai’s mind, his mom’s faces, her surprised look when her child came home with his t-shirt ripped off and bleeding from his mouth and nose. When he actually told her that he had super-powers, she, Paula, didn’t seem that much surprised, she actually seemed a bit relieved. But since Kai was too tired and a bit bloody didn’t ask any questions and just went straight to bed to rest. A few days later Kai was starting his Hero training thanks to his mother’s connections to the FBSA, he didn’t know how she had done it, but he wasn’t going to start asking anything since she was being so receptive to his change. He didn’t have a father, well at least not at the moment, his    father, Hannibal Vallant, had disappeared by the time of the Rikti Invasion, almost four years ago.  His training was being given by a veteran hero, one of the survivors of the initial Rikti assault, his name was Spirit Ronin a magic tanker, and during that time of training more powers came to emerge. Coming at Kai was S. Ronin’s fist, which almost hit him had he not moved to the side and quickly grabbed his arm bringing him down onto the ground hard enough to make a small crack on the concrete pavement.

 Not done yet with his attack Kai was coming down with his fists clenched together as if he were holding a sword or hammer, but was interrupted when Spirit Ronin slid with his legs on the floor knocking Kai’s feet and making lose balance, it took Kai two steps back to regain his balance and also to regain his fighting stance, he was about to strike at his mentor but suddenly a blur of white and green flashed at his left side, and his mentor was no where to be seen – Grasshopper? – Kai heard at the same time he felt something touch his left shoulder – I am right behind you – Then Kai turned and got stumped by a flashing fist, which lift him off the ground and sent him crashing into the rock solid cement  wall. Kai then felt the same as the day of his origin: at start the feeling of all his strength depleted, followed by the growing sensation of power, but this time it was different, it was as if something new was at the brink of appearing. The peak of this new power was close and Kai felt everything around him differently, his eyes were shut and yet he could see everything, but in a different way, there was a stillness in the air as if no one was present. . .

Hardly being able to see as far as two inches from his nose, Kai gave his best both to keep his breath and to quickly get to wherever the hell Ogre and Goblin King were. And, as a matter of fact they were about thirty feet below him battering themselves into nothing more that green and purple pulps.
Now not only struggling to keep his breath but also to keep his brother off his face Ogre really regretted his choice to accept Crey’s offer to employ him, but like in most cases money talks louder than reason and so he took it resulting in the current situation of him fighting his own brother to the death.

Realizing he had the upper hand Goblin King quickly stroke his brother in the chest with a rather clumsy roundhouse, it was like fighting covered in jelly, the water seemed to close on them as if it were a giant liquid arm. Ogre gasped swallowing water, and choking himself had only one choice, so he kicked Goblin King in the face and swam up trying to reach the surface and air. Getting hit in the face and sent down even more into the bottom of the lake Goblin King was a little stunned, with his vision a bit blurred and limbs dumb, he shook his head and headed straight and fast at Ogre feeling that he too was needing a bit of fresh air. Kai almost got trampled by two blurry shadows swimming straight at him, but because of his reflexes swam swiftly to the right and watched as the two brothers flashed up to the surface. Before Goblin king could swim past him Kai grabbed his leg with both hands and whirled him to the bottom, so that himself could follow Ogre to the surface if the muddy lake. He swam as fast as he could not to let Ogre out of his sight, but he had taken advantage of Kai’s stop to grab Goblin King and had already reached the surface, it was this that impelled Kai to reach deep within himself to reach his destination even faster. In expectation he swam never guessing for what waited for him right up there on land…

End of Part one


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