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Equally Matched
By, T.W

Part Two

Volt slipped in and out of consciousness rapidly for the next few minutes. When not unconscious he heard the battles between Wraith and Vindea with the Warrior. Now there was complete silence. Never had he felt so much pain, his electrical power was taken from him and fed back into him very, very, painfully.

He couldn’t believe this was even happening to him, he thought he was stronger than this. Thunder shook the house as he felt the wind making the perched structure they were in sway. He wanted more power, he was stronger than any blapper he was better than any tanker or scrapper he had so much power in his hands but it wasn’t enough.

Slowly Volt picked himself off the ground, he was thoroughly pissed that he had been humiliated by this un-gifted Warrior. The gauntleted Warrior noted his stand with mostly amusement but Volt saw a hint of surprise.

Volt knew he had been losing his range ability, slowly but surely. Well, he thought might as well have it go with a big bang! Volt released a powerful bolt of electricity from his outstretched palm. The Warrior wasn’t quick enough to face his palm to it but instead put his arm up in defense. The bolt reflected and shot back at volt but missed, it flew over his head destroying the ceiling above him.

That was the last of his range; he could feel the ability to fire his electric power drop away from him. He charged his fists and ran at the Warrior. He never landed a hit, the Warrior’s palms caught the electrical power of every punch, and it seemed as if the gauntlets were doing the work not the Warrior.

With his absorbed electrical power the Warrior punched Volt sending him sailing back to his place beneath the open ceiling. Volt had an unlimited supply of energy; the electricity he lost came back in a flash but from all his electrical punches that only contained little of his power was delivered a single concentrated punch from the Warrior. Volt wanted that kind of power.

Volt charged again, this time he tackled the Warrior sending them both sprawling into the wall. With a touch the Warrior got the energy needed to electrically hurl Volt off of him. Wraith moaned, his rejuvenation kicking in. In a few moments Wraith was on his feet, swaying slightly but alive, blood still dripping off him. Instead of helping Volt, who was struggling to keep the gauntlets of the Warrior from touching him, he went to the aid of Vindea.

Volt couldn’t blame him, Vindea had just been thrown threw a wall and didn’t recover nearly as quickly as most heroes. Suddenly the Warrior’s knee met Volt in the stomach, he gasped for air, and The Warrior elbowed him in the forehead sending him sprawling on the floor.

Volt’s mind was swimming from the head shot. He looked up at the swirling; stormy sky threw the ceiling hole. Finally he shakily went to his feet; The Warrior stared at him with anger. “Why won’t you just die!” he screamed, Vindea was up finally and watched with Wraith as the Warrior and Volt stared each other down.

“I’m a bad memory,” Volt said “I always come back.” He charged his hands with electrical energy. Volt’s fists were lost in the white lightning spheres covering them. Then Volt lifted his fists above his head so that they could share their voltage.

Suddenly Volt conducted. Several bolts of lightning from the storm gathered together in one large bolt of electricity and hit him. Fireballs of pain went into Volt’s brain; he became blind for a brief second as his body absorbed the electricity. Volt convulsed and crouched into a ball. Quick fact about electricity once it enters a human body, it will find a way out somehow, such wasn’t the case with Volt.

The electrical energy already in Volts body, mutated into him after the Rikti attack, acted as a barrier keeping the electricity in and his body tried to absorb it no matter how long it would take.

Wraith and Vindea watched in horror as Volt howled in pain, lightning bolts coming down repeatedly on him from the hole in the ceiling, his whole body wracked with pain and electricity wrapped itself around his convulsing form.

Then everything stopped, for Volt anyway. Though the lightning bolts still hit him repeatedly his body was absorbing the power at the same rate. Finally he was full, all the energy inside him was complete, the Dark energy deep inside him from the Skull temple wrapped around his body in dark tendrils.

Volt stood up straight, The Warriors smile faded as he saw Volt was unharmed, though his clothes were shredded. Electricity surrounded his body, mostly on his arms and almost invisible dark tendrils with that electricity. Volt’s eyes were almost completely white, electricity flowing from them almost hiding his pupils.

With inhuman speed he came right up to the Warrior and grabbed his throat. He feebly grabbed Volt’s arms and the gauntlets tried to their job but it was like trying to absorb a nuclear warhead’s blast all at once. The touch of Volt, even being close to him was too much voltage for the un-gifted Warrior to take and as he died the dark tendrils sapped the last remnants of life from him.

The gauntlets released the Warriors arms and fell to the floor, smoking from the inside. Volt dropped the smoking, dead Warrior. He turned to look at Vindea and Wraith who stared at him open-mouthed. Then he was gone, a lightning bolt broke threw the ceiling above him and in the flash Volt was no longer there.
Vindea and Wraith knew what had happened, the intense electrical energy was too much for Volt. He was dead for sure, there was no way anyone could have survived being hit with so much electrical power. For a brief moment they mourned, and when they returned to the base they made sure to tell the Onami of Volt’s tragic death.


A Lightning bolt crashed down from the clear blew sky to Volt’s desired position. That he thought was power. He had used the lightning bolt to “teleport” to his desired position. He soaked it all in, all of his power, he could take it in but he couldn’t control it. The electricity went uncontrollably around his body flicking off in different directions like live wires.

After a long while of waiting, a soft hum was heard and then the whistling of jets as an Arachnos spider vehicle lowered itself from the sky. All this Volt sensed without even turning around, the vehicle was barely in range of his electron sense though it was only about 8 feet away but now he could make out tiny details which he couldn’t seen in his larger radius sense.

The rogue Isles Protector walked out from the jet and headed towards him. He stopped about 5 feet away. “I knew you would come.” He said, Volt replied by whistling the Twilight Zone tune. He still had not turned around.

R.I.P moved forward and began to put his hand on Volts shoulder, but when he got close to touching him the electricity from his body shot out at his hand. The Protector convulsed slightly from the extreme voltage from even being near Volt. “I can help you” he said.

“That’s why I’m here” Volt said.

“Then we have an agreement, you give me your talents and service and you get unlimited funds and technology.”

“No” Volt said.  Even threw the Protectors helm he could tell he was surprised.

“No?” he asked.

“I don’t care about the technology or funds, I willingly offer my services for the power, I want to control all this power I now have.”

“Of course” said the R.I.P smoothly, he led the way to the waiting transport. Volt didn’t hesitate but followed after.

“Stop!” shouted a cold voice from behind, Volt turned around to see Forbode standing not far away. Volt said nothing.

“I can’t let you do this Voltech” he said. Volts eyes narrowed in anger.

“And since when, Forbode, were you elected to Supreme Controller of My Life?” he replied threw gritted teeth. “I am going to do this and you won’t stop me.”

“I can and will,” Forbode replied in a hard voice, he crouched in a fighting stance as tendrils of power wrapped around his ebony arms.

“I don’t want to hurt any part of the Onami, but since you are so set on stopping me, then I will do what I must.” Volt stood facing Forbode, electricity and darkness coming from his body at uncontrolled levels.

Forbode was the first to attack. Volt closed the gap between Forbode’s charge and himself at super speed. The fight was over quickly and cleanly. Though Volt’s fists weren’t nearly as fast as his feet the uncontrolled power and the faster-than-human speed his fists did possess made quick work.

Forbode slumped to his knees after a few minutes of intense fighting, he had barely got a shot in, Volt was to fast and way too powerful the Forbode had expected. He feebly tried to continue fighting. Volt’s hand grabbed Forbode and hoisted him up until the eight foot ex-dark master’s feet were off the ground.

 He walked to the edge of the pier on which they stood hanging the weak and beaten Forbode over the water. “Sorry Forbode” he said. “But I can’t let you get in my way.” Forbode said nothing but just looked at Volt’s almost pupil less eyes. Volt sent a tremor of electricity threw his arm that launched Forbode from his grasp, electricity wrapped around him as he flew out into the sea.

It was his first professional hero kill, he had done it with tolerance, not losing his temper or acting in aggression. He walked past the Protector “shall we?” he said lifting his eyebrows.

R.I.P followed but not close enough that Volts unstable electrical power would hit him again. “We got a lot of work ahead of us.” He said under his breath, and then allowed himself a smile before stepping in. Moments later the spider-like vehicle streaked threw the sky towards the Rogue Isles where they would change Volt into a Rogue Isles Protector…….or have him die trying.

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