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Equally Matched

Part 1

Volt felt a little light headed after his teleporter trip. Vindea had taken the liberty of taking him to their base and introducing him to an almost mirror image of Wraith named Myth.

It was more of a job interview if anything; Myth was to give his thumbs-up approval to Voltech who really saw no point in this greeting whatsoever. Apparently, as Volt picked up pieces of information, he had interfered with an undercover mission in which Wraith and Vindea had been tracking the Warrior’s movement for some time, knowing that they would attack the bar but nothing above that.

The Warrior’s got away, or the only one who actually counted got away, and now the prime target was the contents of the chest. “Only something of great value could have made the Warriors bring so many men.” said Myth. Vindea guessed something of magical value which was agreed upon going off of the Warrior’s past involvement with smuggling magical things into the area.

So Volt was sworn into duty, he dropped the “Tech” part of his name just for simplicity sake and took on a new wardrobe. Being that his range was being slowly reduced to nothing he became more of melee fighter, he was mostly in black; he gave up the tough-guy leather for a lighter black trench coat that was easier to move in.

He looked like someone out of a secret agent movie; his hair was cut short and put behind his ears where it only reached to the nape of his neck. Vindea also wore black though (being a female) her outfit changed constantly. Volt was actually convinced that Wraith wore the same thing everyday, but after seeing a cleaner version of the civilian clothes we wore in the fight, Volt concluded he just bought stacks of the same thing.

Volt spent much his time alone, he barely ate and just sat and thought about what had happened to him since the collapse of the Dark Temple. One of these days he was brooding when Myth was looking for him, “there you are,” he said with only a slight trace of emotion, “we have a lead off the where the chest is going were sending Vindea and Wraith we want you to go to, it’ll be a low key operation so be careful.”


The rain fell steadily over the docking bay the Warriors had led them to. Volt kneeled on top of a building, non-responsive to the cold rain running down his neck and down his back; he stared at the appropriate boat crawling with Warriors. Myth’s leads were good, using night-vision goggles Volt was able to see several large crates being brought aboard the ship by armored and armed Warriors.

“Any sign of out friend?” came Vindea’s voice over the communicator in Volt’s ear.

“None,” came Wraith’s deep voice.

“Negative,” Volt answered in the same non-emotional voice in which Wraith had just spoken.

“Keep, yours eyes open they seem to be loading quite an amount of goods, so our target might be among them.” Vindea said.

“I’m going for a closer look and yes, I’ll be careful and no, I’m not sure what I’m doing and yes, I’m aware of the danger.”

“Well I guess there is nothing left to say,” responded Vindea though the there was a worried tone in her voice. A muffled chuckle was heard in the background.

Volt dropped from his five-story perch and descended into an alley way in the direction of the dock. He was soon met by a turn, and was forced to jump from wall to wall to get on top of the building and then descended again.

One Warrior was guarding the particular entry way. Volt waited for him to pace towards him, he reached out and grabbed the man’s collar yanking him into the next alley way, there was a flash of electricity, like the flash of a camera, and Volt walked out from the alley.

Sadly, Volt felt like a Skull again, which was good in its own special way because it gave him an alert and cunning that the invulnerable heroes lacked. Volt climbed half way up a fire escape and brought out the binoculars.

“Volt here, I see the shiny Warrior.” There was a sigh of relief from Vindea, and Wraith voice demanded where he was, “He’s just coming up the ramp, and he has something under his arm.”

Before Volt could get a good view of what it was the Warriors preceded in untying the boat from the dock, slowly the large vessel began to drift into water, Volt spoke fast “Thank you for your hospitality, I’m assuming he is holding the chest and gottagonowbye!”

Form where Wraith was sitting he saw the lean figure of Volt run and dive off the deck towards the boat and threw a circular window in the haul. Wraith shook his head at the stupidity of this Volt character, but he also had an admiration for the guy’s spirit.

“Well there he goes,” Wraith said to Vindea.

“Hurry we gotta catch that boat!” Vindea replied urgently.

“And probably save the guy’s life to” Wraith commented mildly.

“Ummm you know I can still hear you guys, right?” came Volt’s voice.


Voltech spent hours in whatever room of the boat he crashed into. The length of the trip was mostly because of the huge storm blowing overhead; Volt just hoped he wouldn’t be too sea sick to fight. Finally the boat stopped, the shouting of the Warriors above gave evidence they had arrived.

Volt squeezed himself threw the circular window he had crashed threw. Electromagnetically charging his palms he scaled the side of the boat and hit land undetected. They had arrived at a large ocean-side house owned by the shiny warrior. Apparently he himself had not opened the chest and instead was waiting to do so in his own private chambers.

Volt stealthily made his way into the house; the few Warriors that did see him were quickly disposed of. Voltech noticed during his sneaking that his electron sense had grown considerably stronger though he could no longer control them. Volt cursed at the fact he was losing power, or gaining, how ever you wanted to look at it.

Wraith and Vindea arrived at the island home. The manor swayed dangerously in the powerful wind of the increasing storm. It was obvious that Volt had already got off the ship which they were able to catch at the last minute and they immediately began to climb the hill to the house.

The brightly armored Warrior sat in his personal room, the chest sitting on the desk in front of him. He stared intently at the rune chest, thinking of whether to open and reveal the contents only he knew about, were their consequences? Was there also a curse on the item? These bothered him and he silently sat turning the thought over in his mind.

Voltech came to a large double-door. Leaning against it he listened for any movement on the other side: none. Volt rammed his weight against the doors.

The banging on the door brought the Warrior leaders head up quickly. He began to answer as if answering a knock but realized that it was no knock. Immediately he knew a hero was here, he had been having the suspicion he was being followed, he silently drew his sword.

The slamming against a door and the shuffling of many feet made Wraith and Vindea move quickly up the stairs to the sound.

Volt had the sneaking suspicion he was being watched. Pushing the thought from his mind he gave a final push into the door. It opened and Volt walked into an empty room. There on the desk was the chest, Volt headed toward that end of the room unaware of the Warrior in shining armor following close behind sword held high.

When Vindea and Wraith reached the top of the stairs they saw a small army of Warriors assembling in front of the double doors. The crept closer until they were just on top of them. With a fierce battle cry Wraith ripped his way into the lines of Warrior Vindea right behind him.

The disturbance of Volt’s electron sense was suddenly brought to Volt’s full attention. A sword swung downward Volt turned and caught the blade with his hand just as Wraiths battle-cry was heard outside the doors.

The blade bit into Volt’s palm and as soon as the metal made contact with his body, electricity wrapped itself around the sword, leaping onto the Warrior armor. When the Warrior’s body convulsed Voltech broke the sword it useless pieces of metal. He took the convulsing warrior by the corners of his breastplate and threw him over his head into the desk.

The Warrior regained his self-awareness after the electrical shock. With a start he stood and frantically opened the chest and grabbed the items, fitting them on he turned to receive the short blast of electricity from Volt.

The bolt seemed to gather into a ball in the newly gauntleted palm of the Warrior. The magical gloved he had just put on absorbed the attack and added it to himself. Volt launched himself at the Warrior grabbing the gauntlets.

A howl of pain came from Volt, Wraith turned to see Volt grasping the Warrior gauntlets. Wraith watched in horror as the electricity from Volt body was absorbed by the gauntlets and fed back into Volt painfully and powerfully. The lesser Warriors were all taken care of Wraith rushed to the aid of Volt.

It was a struggle against his own power, Volt and the gauntlets traded electricity, after a few minutes Volt was spent, with a punch surrounded in his own electric power, the Warrior sent Volt flying across the room into the far wall where his burned body smoked.

Wraith delivered a frenzy of shrouded punches to the Warrior. Quicker than the eye could follow the Warriors gauntlets intercepted every punch absorbing dark energy. Wraith never stopped his regeneration kept him going continually and with each punch the Warrior gathered more dark power.

He must have grown weary for he reached out and grabbed Wraith neck, but did not squeeze. The Warrior began to absorb his regeneration, wounds from the past began to erupt from Wraith’s skin, and slowly he became a bleeding form, gallons of blood dripping from his frame as wound after wound reopened no matter how fatal.

The Warrior tossed him aside as Vindea also charged. With the combined energy of all Wraith’s absorbed darkness he delivered a shrouded punch that sent Vindea threw the wall and into an opposite room where she collided with the floor unconscious.

The Warrior mused over his new power and the condition of his victims. The woman out cold, the large man bleeding to death and the lean one a smoldering untidy heap.


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