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“Supernatural Assault Unit: Bounty”
By: Nelson Carrasquillo AKA Big Puerto Rico
An Ultimate COH adventure

**In a universe where Paragon City’s biggest protectorate group, the Hero Corps, is corrupt and filled with ignorant heroes following the commands of the corrupt leaders, few heroes know the truth. Most of them are forced into a life of hiding or forced to put on a show and agree with the corrupt to keep their lives. Few actually fight back, and few keep their will to fight on. Some of those few have come together and formed the Supernatural Assault Unit. **

Chapter Six


    Big PR and Rey helped the group in training. Big PR solved Pobre’s problem by introducing her to a bow and arrow kit. Big PR also re-taught breathing techniques to Kid Aux. Mirafox discovered that Innamorata wants to be more than just friends with Big PR. Vent Sol, an original member of the SAU, returned and has brought some old time friends and possibly some new ones.

St. Martial

    “Again!” Boriqua Soldier yelled at the army fatigued training partner Small-Soldier.

    “Come on, Boriqua, we have been through this so many times already,” he replied with hardly any breath. “Don’t you need a break to catch your breath?”

    Boriqua Soldier rushed his tired sparing partner and grabbed him by the neck. “I am the undead, I don’t need oxygen. Breathing, for me, is just like an old habit.” Boriqua let his grip loose from the corruptor’s neck. “You may not have rust, but you are still inexperienced, you need to drain your opponent faster than you do, catch them when they don’t expect it. If you do that you will be better.”

    “O…Ok, Boriqua, I’m sorry I couldn’t keep up with you, want me to send in Gibu?”

    “No, I guess that will be enough for now, we need to take the initiative, we were too laid back when I was alive, that’s why they always beat us. It will not be like the old times. Tell Night Trojan to send one of his cronies to spy on those fools at the SAU headquarters at Peregrine Island. Make sure I know exactly what they are doing, we will find an opening and we will attack it!”

    “Yes, Sir!”

Atlas Park

    “Ha, ha. I’m one step ahead of him, I couldn’t just sit here so, I sent out agents to sweep everywhere around here, by luck one of my men found the hidden base, I still have one right now staking out the place,” Night Trojan said to Small-Soldier over the phone. “Yeah ok, I’ll keep you guys updated.” Night Trojan hung up the phone.

    “Sir, I have some news from Vahzilok,” a Long Bow agent said as he walked into the office of Night Trojan.

    “Ok, so what’s goin down?”

    “The zombies are ready when ever you are; he said he even has some surprises for you. He said that you will definitely like them.”

    “Ha, ha, good, I’m glad to hear that. Big PR and his crew will die for sure! I can sleep now that I heard that news, what time is it?”

    “Midnight, Sir.”

    “Ok good night,” Night Trojan shut his lights off and headed to his quarters.

Next day

    The day seemed so beautiful to all of SAU it was ironic to them that the day of battle may be today.

    “So, Vent where's the rest of the gang?” Kid Aux asked the well dressed man in the wheel chair.

    “They are on their way. Well I have to check up on things at home I’ll see you guys a little later.”

    The group said good bye to Vent Sol and continued with their breakfast before training.


    “Sir, we have a wheel chaired man coming out of the base,” the look out said.

    “Ok, we’ll see what Boriqua wants to do,” Night Trojan responded. “Keep following him in the mean time.”


    “So, what’s gonna go down today, Big PR?” Mirafox questioned.

    “Well, I think we need some action so go out there, do some good in the city. Keep an eye out for Boriqua or one of his people. The only thing is that we have to stay in groups, maybe groups of two.”

    “That sounds good, I got the big lug,” Innamorata said patting Big PR on the shoulder.

    “Ok then I got the munchkin over here,” Pobre Diabla said about Kid Aux, although she was only an inch taller.

    “Well that leaves me and the handsome bald guy over there! Come on Rey lets go kick some ass,” Mirafox said. She grabbed the blaster and quickly headed out.

    “Be careful out there guys,” Big PR said after them.


    “Take him,” Night Trojan ordered of his look out. “But not alone, he may be handicapped but he is still dangerous.

    “Aye, Sir.”

    The Long Bow agent stalked the hero like a lion stalking its prey. The agent flew in the air and watched Vent Sol, in what seemed to be just minutes the hero was unknowingly surrounded. The Long Bow agent flew in behind Vent Sol and grabbed him on the shoulder. Vent Sol stopped his automated wheel chair and turned to face the man who stopped him

    “Hi, can I help you?” he asked.

    “Your coming with me, Vent Sol, and don’t make this difficult.”

    “Ha, ha. Let me get this straight, you’re tryin to kidnap me right now? That ain’t gonna happen.”

    “We have you surrounded, Vent, you’re not going anywhere.”

    Vent Sol smirked, “You go ahead and believe that!” Vent waved his hand and a dozen fire imps come out and sweep the area. Vent Sol quickly turned around and bolted away from the area.

    “Holy crap he is going at least 60 miles an hour! Get the eyes in the sky on him, quick!” one of the Long Bow said into his communicator. “Don’t worry we will catch up to him, Peregrine Island isn’t that big, he will run out of land to run on.”

    “Shit he is heading towards the ferry!” another Long Bow said.

    “Damn it what a time to not have a communicator,” Vent Sol said as he raced his way to the ferry down Nelson’s Borough.

    Vent was lucky enough to catch the ferry to Talos Island; the Long Bow didn’t want to board the vessel so that they wouldn’t alarm any one to what was happening. Any wrong action and the rest of SAU may be alerted to what was going down. The ferry landed in Talos and Vent Sol bolted out of the boat and tried to get to the train. He was greeted by what seemed to be an army of Long Bow.

    “Shit,” Vent proclaimed

    Vent summoned his fire imps and engulfed as much of the Long Bow as he could with heavy smoke, but he was soon defeated. They kicked him repeatedly until he lost his consciousness.

    “We’ve got him boss; we’ll drop him off in St. Martial,” a Long Bow agent reported.

SAU Headquarters: Peregrine Island

    “Come one, Austin, that thing is gross get it out of here!” Pobre said to Kid Aux.

    “What? It’s just a little white mouse! I bought it at the pet store in Steel,” he replied.

    “I don’t care its creeps me out!”

    “Well, is this what the new SAU is? Filled with pre-pubescent pussies?” Boriqua Soldier said through the SAU’s huge computer screen. “Sounds like you guys are teens,” Boriqua pointed out.

    “That’s cause we are, BS,” Kid Aux mocked Boriqua Soldier’s initials.

    “Ha, you have balls there, Austin. That’s right I know who you are. I got everything on you and your girlfriend there.”

    “Hey body me and my ‘girlfriend’ are gonna kick you and your thug’s ass.”

    “Ha, Ha, Kid, you remind me of your father, you’ll probably die young just like him to. But I’m not here for the past, junior; I’m here for the present. I’ve got something that you guys may be interested in.”

    “Oh yeah and what is that?”

    “Vent Sol,” Boriqua Soldier stepped out of the way of the camera to reveal Vent Sol stretched out on a torture table. His body was stained with blood, new and dried. His face was barely recognizable.

    “What the hell is going on?” Big PR walked in with Sir Joshua, Martian Banshee, and War-Lord, the reinforcements that Vent Sol told him about, and approached the screen.

    “Hello, brother, see I realized the weakness that we had when I was alive so I decided to shake things up a little bit, there won’t be a ‘just like old times’ situation today.”

    “What the hell are you gonna do?” the armor clad hero Sir Joshua yelled.

    “I will kill him, what else would there be? Although, I have a little idea, brother, and you have twenty four hours to tell me your decision or Vent here will die a torturous death. I propose a…tournament ha, ha; we have to keep things interesting. Don’t you agree? Anyway I purpose we meet at Warburg and one by one, your team versus mine…until it comes down to me and you.”

    “Well, I don’t need twenty four hours to tell you my decision, brother, you’re on!”


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