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Woe's Child
By Jared Higgins

On a cold and dreary night,
Was born a child cold and lonely,
No Father to call his own
No mother there to hold him tightly,
A single jewel on his breast did rest
To protect, to love, and guide him,
Luminous in a wondrous black,
The rain now seemed did hide him.

As time went on, and on
The stone became his father,
For it was his, and his alone.
This jewel now was his mother,
The cold it wrought was home.
For now it was his teacher.
Of rain, of lightning, of wind, of hail, of snow,
Soon he would be their preacher.

On a cold and dreary night,
Walked a boy who seemed a terror,
This city is not his domain
The people are not his either.
A single jewel he will be
To protect and love and guide them
Horrible are the Storms he brings
Though it seems the rain does hide them.

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