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“Supernatural Assault Unit: Bounty”
By: Nelson Carrasquillo AKA Big Puerto Rico
An Ultimate COH adventure

**In a universe where Paragon City’s biggest protectorate group, the Hero Corps, is corrupt and filled with ignorant heroes following the commands of the corrupt leaders, few heroes know the truth. Most of them are forced into a life of hiding or forced to put on a show and agree with the corrupt to keep their lives. Few actually fight back, and few keep their will to fight on. Some of those few have come together and formed the Supernatural Assault Unit. **

Chapter five


    Boriqua Soldier was welcomed back home by his teammate Gibu. Big Puerto Rico and Boriqua Soldier talked for the first time in over eleven years. Boriqua warned that the war between them will be coming soon and that Big PR will die by his own hands.

Peregrine Island: SAU headquarters

    The sun had started to slowly set on the horizon of the ocean that surrounded Peregrine Island. Big PR and Rey Tormentor watched over Kid Aux, Mirafox, and Pobre Diabla as they practiced their powers.

    “Damn it! Why? Why can’t I hit the damn targets!?” Pobre yelled in frustration.

    Big PR approached her, “Well, it seems that you can’t control your fire balls…to a certain extent. You’re lacking the focus to improve.”

    “Huh, that really bites ass! We are probably on the dawn of death and I can’t freakin throw fire balls,” Pobre started to cry.

    “Hey, no need to think negatively, and definitely no need to break down at this moment. Be strong, girl, be strong,” Big PR replied. “I actually have an idea…let me see something,” Big PR pulled out the controller for the hologram that trained the inhabitants. He input information and a brutish man with a long beard appeared about two feet in front of the heroine. “Can you hit him?”

    “Most likely I can.”

    “Well then, hit him with a fire ball,” Big PR stood off to the side.

    Pobre conjured a ball of flame and threw it at the target, it hit it dead on. The image disappeared and Big PR stood in front of Pobre Diabla and handed her a set of arrows with a bow.

    “This is my set of bow and arrows. I believe it can help you better than it can me. All you have to do is concentrate your flame to the tip of that arrow and hit your target. Practice with it and you’ll do a whole lot more in battle than curse your ‘bad aim’” Big PR started up a situation for the squad to take on as a team.

    Pobre Diabla was defeating enemies left and right; the bow helped her immensely. While the team trained Big PR and Rey helped the others if they saw any flaws that hindered their technique. After two hours of training, the group decided to rest.

    “So,” Kid Aux paused to get some breath, “how did I do, Cris?”

    “You did well, Austin, all you need to do is learn how to control your breathing; I know you knew how to do it once. I will help you relearn how to do it. Come with me.”

    Kid Aux and Big PR left the training room and went into a room that looked as though to be a living room.

    “Well I guess Mirafox had to have some type of living quarters while everyone was gone,” Kid Aux remarked.

    Big PR moved a coffee table; that was located in the middle of the room, and placed it by the couches near by. “Ok, Austin, time to do some breathing techniques, they come from Tai Chi.” They started the smooth and fluid motions of Tai Chi, with every step Big PR helped Kid Aux with his breathing. They practice for some time and Kid Aux started to remember the techniques he once knew fluently. “I think we can stop now, seems like you found it again,” Big PR smiled. “I’m gonna show you a technique that puts an immense amount of power into one punch!”

    “Where are Austin and Cris?” Pobre asked, looking around in the main room of the base; which had the meeting table and the super computer.

    “They’re doing Tai Chi, if I remember the name correctly,” Mirafox answered.

    “Ah, cool. You know, I’m really glad Cris thought of the bow and arrow thing,” Pobre placed her hand on the said items that were located on the large round table that they used as the meeting table.

    “Yes, Cris is a great man, if I were able to love such a being I would have fallen for him,” Mirafox hung her head. “But I cannot love anything really…not any more.”

    “Why is that, Mira?” Pobre asked.

    “Because, I…believe I bring harm to the things I love…I loved the people that died the day that the original SAU disbanded, I loved Cris and look what happened to him. I loved a man named, Arrquon, or pronounced Aaron on this world.”

    “Did he die?”

    “Yes, it was my fault, so, I try to not love too much…because I fear for the consequences.”

    “None of those were your fault, Mira,” Innamorata interrupted. “You could have never seen that your friends would end up dying to save you or the city. You have to realize that, you can have love for someone…”

    “I sense that you are with holding feelings yourself, Layla,” Mirafox projected into the mind of the heroine.

    “Since when do you have the ability to talk with your mind, Mira?” Innamorata responded.

    “My people acquire the ability as we age…do you have feelings for Cris that you hide?

    “Why are you guys so quiet all of a sudden?” Pobre asked.

    Innamorata sighed in relief, she was happy to not answer the question that Mirafox had asked her. “I’m sorry, Karla…we were talking with our minds.” Innamorata couldn’t lie to the young heroine for some reason.

    “Ahh come on we are all friends here, we can talk without all of the fancy mind speak,” Pobre drew in close to Innamorata and Mirafox. “Come on spill it!”


    “She has feelings for Cris,” Mirafox interrupted Innamorata.

    “Hmm, I had a feeling about that,” Pobre commented.

    “You didn’t have to say that so loud, Mira,” Innamorata said in a lowered voice.

    “Hey! What are you girls still doing up? I would have thought you had fallen asleep. I mean look at Rey, he is out like a light and he wasn’t the one who had to train the hardest,” Big PR said, Kid Aux by his side.

    Innamorata’s eyes widened in surprise, “I hope he didn’t hear any of that,” she said to herself.

    “Well come to think of it…I am pretty dog tired. Where can we sleep?” Pobre yawned.

    “Austin will show where you two will be at, the rooms big so you don’t have to worry about hearing him snore up close and personal or anything like that,” Big PR replied.

    “Good night, Cris, Mira, and Layla. Come on Austin.” Pobre waved good night to every one and pushed Kid Aux in front of her.

    Big PR walked over to Innamorata, she was not facing him and she had her arms folded. He stopped at her side and put is arm around her, she almost melted in his arms, “So are you nervous or something about what my brother said?” Big PR seemed to not have any clue how Innamorata felt for him.

    “I guess you can say that, I just feel…uneasy,” Innamorata covered up her true feeling of anxiety for the fact that Big PR could have heard what she said. She didn’t want him to find out her feelings in a time like this, she was afraid it would hinder his concentration or something; adding to the possibility of mistake.

    “Well, a good rest will help, you have no need to worry I have your back. I’ll take care of you, and the rest…it will be hard but I will do it. Good night, Layla.” Big PR turned Innamorata toward him and gave her a hug. She hugged him back and went off to her quarters.

    Mirafox turned into a young version of herself, “You want to tuck me into bed, daddy?” she said mocking the way Big PR was telling everyone what to do.

    “Ha, ha, you look like a big red ball with red hair and clothes!” Big PR laughed at his alien friend.

    “Hey,” Mirafox returned to her actual size and age. “I was a little…chubby I guess is what you would say, when I was a kid. Don’t make fun!”

    “Ha, you started it,” Big PR smiled and gave her a hug as well. “Now go to sleep you’ll need to rest.”

    “Ok I cave in, good night,” Mirafox left to her room.

    Big Puerto Rico looked around in the main room and soaked in the situation. “God…give me the strength to endure my brother’s onslaught, when ever it comes,” he said to himself. He walked over to the light switch located at the door to get into the base. The darkness of the base was eerie, but Big PR wasn’t affected by it. He made his way to the hall, which was only illuminated by the small low lights located on the walls. Big PR entered his quarters; it was identical to all of the other ones, except for the arrangement. The room was dark, except for the moon light that had made its way into the room from the window located in front of him. He walked to his bed and sat down facing the window. “You know you’re not very good at hiding, even in the dark, it’s sad.”

    “No it’s not that, you’re just too good,” the voice of a man named Vent Sol said. The lights turned on when he finished his sentence.

Big PR stood and walked over to the one time hero. “How’s the wheel chair treatin’ you?”

“It’s good, no worries. I got some people to come down, we are ready for that battle we were told about, it’s gonna be like old times.”

“Heh, it sure will.”


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