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“Supernatural Assault Unit: Bounty”
By: Nelson Carrasquillo AKA Big Puerto Rico
Un Ultimate COH adventure

**In a universe where Paragon City’s biggest protectorate group, the Hero Corps, is corrupt and filled with ignorant heroes following the commands of the corrupt leaders, few heroes know the truth. Most of them are forced into a life of hiding or forced to put on a show and agree with the corrupt to keep their lives. Few actually fight back, and few keep their will to fight on. Some of those few have come together and formed the Supernatural Assault Unit. **

Chapter Three

    Limerick had found out the location of the Tome of Tormvodel, a book that had spells that can resurrect the dead. He also had his friend, Lady Sinsation, freed from the prison in Brickstown and proceeded to get the Tome of Tormvodel, which was located under a Longbow base in St. Martial.  Pobre Diabla and Kid Aux were introduced to the insider that Big PR and Rey Tormentor had in the Hero Corps, named Innamorata. The heroes had decided to go to the old SG base and take it over for their use. There they had a run in with an original member of the SAU, Mirafox, who had protected the SG base for over ten years.

Peregrine Island: Supernatural Assault Unit base

    Big PR, Rey, Mirafox, Pobre Diabla, Kid Aux, and Innamorata sat at the SG round table just talking about the glory times of the old SG and Paragon City.

    “I can’t believe it has already been eleven years since my parents died. I still have restless nights about the last day I saw them, they protected me from the Rikti in the park. The next day they both went into battle and they never came back. Yesterday was the official day, which is crazy because I almost died yesterday, boy would that have been irony,” Kid Aux said.

    “But you didn’t die, Kid, you’re still here and you’re following in the foot steps of your parents. They would be proud of you,” Mirafox commented.

    “Yeah it was the five year anniversary of the death of my grandparents, which oddly is the same day my parents died, but five years later,” Pobre Diabla added.

    “I feel sorry for you guys, my parents died of natural causes on my home planet, so I can only understand a little of what you feel,” Mirafox put her hand on Pobre Diabla, who was sitting to her right. “Well, let’s get off this subject. I know that you guys didn’t come here just to show off the old place, so what’s going down that SAU would be coming back together, in a way?”

    “Night Trojan’s brother was planning with Dr. Vahzilok, they tried to kill Kid Aux and his squad, they succeeded with his squad, but not with him. We didn’t get there in time to safe the rest of them,” Big PR hung his head for a little bit then continued, “After Rey and I saved Kid from Vahzilok we had to save him from Tim himself, I had to kill Tim. After that Night Trojan put a bounty on my head…he sent his little misguided teen heroes, and of course they didn’t finish their mission. I don’t know what’s goin to happen now, but all I know is that I need to take care of this then get away from the SG, I have a lot of powerful people after me and I don’t want to put you guys in anymore trouble. I already got you apart of the bounty that was originally for me.”

    “It wasn’t just you, it was me as well…gotta remember we are a duo, Cris,” Rey said.

    “Yeah, like Axe said before, it’s hard to look after other people. Rey is different though, he is strong enough for me to not have to worry about him. With you guys, it’s different, especially with you, Austin; you are my godson, so I don’t want you around this degree of danger.”

    “I’m not a baby, Cris. Plus, how else can I get stronger? If I fight people who are under me, I will never learn anything new,” Kid said.

    “Yeah, but these kids are as good as or even better than you, I saw how you handled some of those kids, you still need work. I already lost your parents, they were like family, I’m not gonna lose you too. So, I trust that you guys as a team will watch each other’s back and if you put your minds to it, you guys can do almost anything.”

    “If we can do almost anything then why won’t you stay with the SG?” Kid asked.

    “I told you once, Austin,” Big PR stood up and walked over to the computer room; located across of the room that they were in.

    “Look guys we probably have to get on the ball again here, what exactly were Tim and Vahzilok doing?” Pobre asked.

    “Making zombies,” Rey answered.

    “Big whoop, he does that all the time!”

    “Not his regular zombies…hero zombies.”

    “What?” Pobre stood up in surprise.

    “They are having heroes killed and then turned into super powered zombies, mindless and dangerous.”

    “This isn’t good!” Innamorata said and stood up from her chair.

    “Yeah I know,” Rey said.

    “No, not that; that’s bad but it has to do with Night Trojan. I was sitting tryin to scan for what he was doing…he has brought the villain named Limerick over, he along with Lady Sinsation, plan to resurrect some one.”

    “Who, Innamorata?” they all asked.

    “I can’t tell damnit, I hate when it does this. They… well it looks like they are in Sharkhead Isle it’s not coming in clearly.

Sharkhead Isle

    Limerick, Lady Sinsation, Night Trojan, and a Longbow agent stood around a grave on a hill in Sharkhead Isle, Lady Sinsation was reading out of the Tome of Tormvodel.

    “How long is this gonna take, Limerick?” Night Trojan asked.

    “Why do you ask?” Limerick replied.

    “Well, I ain’t in friendly territory here in Sharkhead.”

    “I see, so you’re scared huh? Ha, ha, ha, what a wussy! Don’t worry Night Newbie you’re around me so everything will be ok.”

    “Fucker,” Night Trojan said under his breath.

    “Ha, ha, I will pretend that I didn’t hear that condom boy.”

    “Are you boys done?” Lady Sinsation asked. She closed the book and turned toward the guys, “'Cause I know I am.”

    “Well where is he?” Night Trojan said.

    The Longbow agent walked over to the open casket and looked at the dead villain. The villain had a long ponytail and was dressed in a nice suit.

    “He looks pretty dead to me still, I think that book is fake,” the Longbow said.

    “Just wait,” Lady Sinsation said.

    The whole crowd continued to look at the dead body. A twitch went into the crossed arm of the villain. In a motion that was as fast as lighting the villain sat up stuck out his three claws, which came out from between his knuckles, and stabbed the Longbow in the stomach.

    “CRIS!” he yelled and dragged his claws out of the side of the Longbow, which killed him. “Ahh, where am I?”

    “Hey, Baby, it’s been a long time! We found the Tome of Tormvodel, you’re resurrected, and you’re in Sharkhead,” Lady Sinsation said.

    “The last think I remember is Cris standing over me…I was dying.”

    “Yes, Boriqua Soldier, that’s because he killed you!” Limerick said. He hoped that his lie would work.

    “What? No, Cris wouldn’t do that,” Boriqua Soldier said.

    “He killed you, Hon, he said it was for your actions, said you were getting too out of hand. That’s why you remember seeing him over you as you were dying,” Lady Sinsation.

    “It’s true, I remember him saying that! He will pay, my own blood betrayed me and the only verdict for that is death by my own hands!”

    “Good to hear that, my man, cause there is an extra incentive; there is a bounty on your brother’s head and on the people he runs with,” Limerick said, he walked over to Boriqua Soldier and helped him out of his coffin.

    “A bounty, huh, what did he do?”

    “He killed my brother,” Night Trojan stepped forward and said.

    Boriqua Soldier looked over the corrupt hero, “Aren’t you a hero?”


    “Your brother probably deserved it, but I’ll take that bounty…not for you but for revenge.”

    “Ah revenge, a sweet word to my ear!” Limerick proclaimed.

Peregrine Island: Supernatural Assault Unit headquarters

    “The guy they resurrected has a ponytail, hold on, I can make out what they are saying, something like ‘He killed you…something Soldier,’ I don’t know,” Innamorata said.

    “What?” Big PR questioned with a heightened tone. “It can’t be…”

    “What is it, Cris?” Innamorata walked up to him.

    “I think I know who they resurrected, they brought my brother back.”

    “Whoa, you have a brother? I never knew,” Kid Aux said.

    “Yes I remember Boriqua Soldier very well. We had many battles with him and his villain group. He was a good adversary,” Mirafox recollected.

    “Yes, we know each other’s weaknesses; I had a feeling it was gonna be my brother when u said u saw Limerick and Lady Sinsation trying the resurrection, I just hoped I was thinking wrong. That woman was the down fall of my brother. She played off his hatred and turned him against me, and what were his beliefs.”

    “How do you mean? What hatred?” Kid questioned Big PR.

    “Well after my mother died from cancer when he and I were just kids, my father was the only parent that we had. He was killed in action, he too was a hero, my siblings and I were all born mutants, my brother and I came to Paragon in search of his killers, my sister went off into the sunset, and I don’t know where she is. We searched for years, our adventures led to Lady Sinsation, she caught the eye of my brother…from then on I could tell the difference in him, she made him go against everything that our father taught us, she was a villain in the making, and she turned my brother into the same person she was. Let me tell you something that my father used to tell us, ‘The great tragedy of life is not death, but what dies in a person as they live,’ I saw that great tragedy occur in my brother. He went from saving people’s lives, to endangering them if they got in his way. He and I went our separate ways. She eventually took him off track and he just became obsessed with power and greed. We didn’t find out the killer until the day of his death eleven years ago, that day wasn’t just the end for my brother but also for, Lady and Capt. Aux, Venty Sol, and the original Little Axe, the Little Axe that you know of now is the daughter of the original. We were here for two freakin years before we even found that guy, and on that day, I couldn’t avenge my father’s death, instead I lost even more people who were close to me. I couldn’t take it anymore; I left the SG, hell I left the country, along with Rey here. The SG disbanded. I came back here five years later. I killed the man who did it. They say killing doesn’t make you feel better, but it did for me. I felt that my father could rest now that such a person was gone from the world.” Big PR paused. Kid, and Pobre, and Innamorata stood there in aw of the story.

    “Don’t stop. What happened after that?” Kid asked.

    “I joined the hero corps, I met up with Innamorata; I served for HC until I found out the corruption, which was two years in. Innamorata opted to say within HC to help me bring down their drug rings, and other corrupt projects they had out there. That’s how Rey and I got on the “Dangerous Villain” list. We’ve been on the down low ever since.”

    “Damn. What will we do now, Cris?” Pobre Diabla asked.

    “Well, we have to see what their next move is. Layla, keep track of them, see where they are heading,” Big PR ordered.

    “Ha, ha, this is like the good old days!” Mirafox exclaimed, excited and ready for a fight.  

    “Heh yeah, ‘cept we don’t have as many people,” Rey stated.

    “Which is why we need to pull some people in, Mira see what you can do, Kid and Pobre do the same, we can probably use as much help as we can get,” Big PR said.


Sharkhead Isle

    “How many people are running with my brother?” Boriqua Soldier asked Limerick.

    “I’m not sure, boss,” Limerick replied.

    “I think it’s about three other people. Who knows if he will get more,” Night Trojan said.

    “Well then it looks like we need to call in some old friends!” Boriqua Soldier snickered.


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