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Crossover (Part 4) – A Sort of Homecoming

By: Soboscribe:
Protector: server home of the various characters in this story

    The two blasters are shocked by the revelation just delivered to them by their stocky teammate. NewBeee has just informed the group that their latest stop on the inter-dimensional tour the team has taken has landed them on his home world. The surrounding area is nothing more than piles of rubble and shattered foundations of buildings. In contrast, a gleaming tower can be seen in the distance.

    “Beee I never knew you were from another world. I just thought your appearance is just a more physical manifestation of your mutation,” states Surge Pack.

    NewBeee takes a seat on an outcropping of stone and looks up at the electrical blaster.

    “What can I say, you never asked. One thing I always liked about you Surge, you never judged anyone. Always accepted the group members as they are with no questions asked,” replies the stoic hero.

    “So care to explain what happened here, how do you know this is your home?” questions Uber Woman, the team leader.

    NewBeee starts to explain the surrounding area through a quick history lesson. The name given to his planet is Gialla and is the third planet from their sun. The planet is thousands of years older than the Earth of Paragon City. Many advances in the fields of medical science and technology were achieved but almost lost through a huge long world war that lasted approximately one hundred and thirty seven years. As the human population was recuperating from the war the next generation in the evolution of the species started to appear. Classified as Homo Superian, these beings exhibited extra special abilities in both physical and mental areas. Slowly the two groups of Homo Superian and Homo Sapiens learned to work together and rebuild their civilization.

    “My society built itself six great city-states that are self sufficient and allowed the planet to heal itself. Some areas were hit harder than others and to this day are yet to be reclaimed,” continues NewBeee as he indicates the structures on the horizon.

    “If I’m correct in identifying the landscape that is Alpha City over there. We should get there before dark,” commands the short blaster taking flight.

    The other two take off after NewBeee. Uber Woman is shocked by the massive devastation still left over from the war. Surge Pack is still in awe over the fact that his good friend and co-founder of their super group is actually a visitor from another plain of existence.

    “So Beee you were saying that the Superians are the next step in evolution to the human race?”

    “Our race at least Surge. Don’t know if it was caused by fallout of bio-weapons or just a natural progression but we did evolve,” says NewBeee.

    The blaster goes into more detail on how with all the new abilities and the physical changes occurring in the population some unrest did arise but was contained to very small isolated areas.

    The team approaches the city and is amazed on how modern and clean the huge city-state is. NewBeee explains that the city-state is roughly the size of Delaware and is home to about five hundred million people. The great advances in technology that have been saved through the war and expanded upon have lead to clean unlimited power and very affordable care.

    “So NewBeee where are we heading?” asks Uber Woman

    “The Judicial Council building, they have the portal technology there to send us back to our Paragon City,” answers the stocky blaster pointing to on the central towers.

    “Our, so assume your coming with us?” queries the electrical blaster.

    “Yeah, I have a mission to complete there, plus all my friends are there,” replies NewBeee turning and smiling at his team mates.

    Something the stoic hero seems to do rarely. Surge Pack notices as they fly through the city much similar hustle and bustle is taking place below in the city. Many citizens resemble the humans of Paragon while most of the Protectors, the local law enforcement, fall into the more exotic appearance of NewBeee. There are also those with combined features of both in varying degrees. An occasional person would fly past underneath the team and it seems that the local heroes serve as the police force here. There are plenty that fall on the other side of the law.

    “The government here is a global democracy that is similar to the way the Unites States government is set up. Each city-state has its own governing council that oversees the city and answers to the Oversight Council that makes the blanket decisions concerning the entire world. Of course as in all government the temptation for corruption is there and some areas of the world have suffered for it,” explains NewBeee with his quick lesson on local government.

    The heroes land and enter the gleaming skyscraper that is the judicial building. They approach the main desk and Uber Woman makes a quick comparison of the place to that of a Paragon Police precinct house.

    “Hope my clearance is still good,” tells NewBeee to his two confused partners.

The automated clerk checks through NewBeee and issues the command that the high command protector wishes to see him. The team passes through a scanning tunnel.

“Don’t worry this maps your DNA for referencing and cross checking against possible enemies,” explains the stoic hero as energy beams are projected onto the team members.

NewBeee then escorts his partners to a bank of elevators past crowds of uniformed protectors busy doing their jobs.

“So you’re a protector back home Beee?” asks the raven-haired heroine noticing the similarities of the stocky blaster’s costume and the uniforms of the protectors. The stoic hero just nods in reply.

The team enters a large office that has large monitors positioned around the room. Behind the centrally located desk is a window that runs the length and width of the wall, giving an impressive view of the city. Seated at the desk is an average looking middle age man. He is dressed in the uniform of a protector.

“So it seems that our temporal scanning system was not wrong. Welcome home Protector Nu’Bei,” states the man behind the desk as he rises to greet the heroes.

“High Commander Sur’Chek allow me to introduce you to my friends and allies Uber Woman and Surge Pack ,” says NewBeee gesturing to his teammates. Acquaintances are made and the team is settled into chairs that seem to unfold out of the floor. The high commander prompts NewBeee into filling him on his past exploits. The stocky blaster tells the commander of all his adventures and experiences he has had in Paragon City. In turn each of the other team mates gives a brief history of themselves and as to how they arrived on the planet.

“The Rikti that are stranded in the Paragon dimension have deeply entrenched themselves there and have found a way to expand their ranks by converting the humans of the at dimension to their cause,” finishes NewBeee.

“I can’t believe they are still at it. Is there no end to those religious maniacs,” comments the Commander.

“Wait, you mean the Rikti have been here too. Do you know where they come from?” inquires Surge Pack.

The high commander sighs and slumps back into his chair. “Please continue commander, I’ve given them a quick history on the world. They deserve to hear more. Especially dealing with the Rikti,” prompts the stocky hero.

The commander recounts on the rise of their society to the team. “There are a lot of discrepancies in our history towards the end of the war due to the devastating use of temporal bombs that played havoc with the time/space continuum in various areas. According to what has been found through research and investigations, the Research Institute of Kinetic Technology Interface first started.”

The commander goes into detail on how a small group of Superian separatists were working a process to grant special abilities to the Sapien population of a small city in the south western hemisphere. The group wanted a super powered army to maintain their power base in the area and use the process to lure disenchanted humans to their cause.

“We are not sure if the technology for the process was developed naturally or influenced by off world aliens, but the underground movement morphed into a pseudo religious cult following calling itself the Rikti,” continues the elder protector. The story continues on as gorilla attacks and raids on research facilities done by misshaped soldiers took place around the world.

“The Rikti movement was thought to be localized to the planet at first but the Oversight Council soon realized that a potential war could occur with the discovery of a ship on our moon,” adds NewBeee. The energy blaster picks up the tale of how a world task force was organized to hunt down and stop the Rikti.

“Wait, wait, wait. You man to tell me this is the Rikti homeworld!” shouts Surge Pack at the startling information.

“We are not sure. S the commander stated history is sketchy at best. The Rikti that invaded Paragon City are from this dimension but we don’t know if they originated here as a race or are a colony set up here. What we do know is that much of their technologies, including the portal generators, were stolen,” informs NewBeee.

“So you were part of the Task Force to, what, capture the Rikti?” guesses Uber Woman.

NewBeee relates how the battle on the Rikti stronghold took place and how four Rikti Drop ships escaped the raid. He also reveals how he tracked one to the drop ships to Earth and was able to teleport to the Crash Site. There he engaged the Rikti invasion with the resident heroes, to help turn the tide of that war.

“Wow! I can’t believe this!” shouts the electrical blaster as he tries to comprehend all the now found information on his friend and team mate.

“Unfortunately my mission in Paragon City with the Rikti is far from complete. Commander we need to get back to the Paragon dimension.”

“I’m sorry Nu’Bei but those coordinates were lost in an explosion during an attack by the remaining Rikti here. We have never been able to locate the correct frequency to access it,” confesses the commander.

In a high tech lab Earth Quaker and Sunshine have just completed telling their adventure at the Crey facility and the loss of their team mates to the tanker’s friend the technomorph named Techtronix. Techtronix is a freelance contractor that works for the Portal Corporation as well as various super groups. The scientist has the super ability to intuitively combine unrelated technologies to construct devices.

“So Tech, you think you can use this chunk of crystal and find our long lost team mates?” asks the magic tanker handing the crystal shard over to his friend.

“I believe I can. I just need to get a harmonic reading off the crystal and I should be able to locate them. This may take some time though,” states the technomorph, studying the shard. The two heroes leave the inventive genius to his work as the head to the cafeteria for a bite to eat.

“If anyone can bring back Uber and the guys, it’s Techtronix.”

“How long have known him Quake?” asks the mystic defender. Earth Quaker explains that Techtronix is the provider of some of his super group’s equipment and just sort of gravitated to tech support for the team.

“Seems that the Rikti has gotten wind of Tech’s abilities with portal generation and have tried to capture him on at least a dozen times. The Super Group has always been there to protect him though,” comments Earth Quaker. Hours roll by as the two heroes exchange tales of personal interest and adventures when on another visit to Techtronix they find the technomorph skipping around with glee.

“I did it! I did it! It was a tricky on by I did it!”

“You mean you found them Tech?” questions Sunshine.

“Oh I did, your three friends haven’t been staying still since they were teleported. No, I traced their signals through three alternate dimensions!” exclaims the scientist. Techtronix goes into great detail on what he as discovered of each dimension and the world the heroes were on. He further explains on how he finally located the wayward heroes.

“The last stop seems to have more advanced technology than even ours. I believe that I can contact the planet and open a gateway to get the blasters home,” explains the technomorph joyfully.

The heroes of Paragon are escorted to a lounge area where a quick meal is prepared for them.

“I still can’t believe all this Beee,” blurts out the electrical blaster.

“I apologize if this disturbs you Surge, I never meant for any deception,” comments NewBeee.

“No man it just the coolest thing ever, my friend is a war veteran as well as being from another world,” exclaims Surge Pack. “Just not sure about the whole ‘stuck here’ thing though,” adds the electrical blaster.

“As I said before, we’ll find a way home. They did it her once, they can do it again and open a portal to Paragon City. I wish they’d let me take a look at some of the technology though,” says Uber Woman.

“Oh I think I can arrange for that,” says Commander Sur’Chek as he enters the lounge. The group is given a tour of first the city in general and then of the Judicial Hall itself. The heroes are informed that many of the discoveries and inventions that are deemed critical are placed in the care of the Judicial Council. As the tour progresses, the raven-haired heroine’s scientific curiosity is piqued by many of the great advances NewBeee’s world has to offer.

The high commander gets a call on the communication panel. “Sur’Chek here.” “Commander we have just received a video link from an unknown source,” relays the technician.

“On my way,” responds High Commander Sur’Chek. He signals the group to follow him to the portal monitoring station. When they arrive at the station, Uber Woman and Surge Pack are surprised by the figures they see on the monitor. Staring from the screen Earth Quaker, Sunshine and a shades wearing, slicked back haired man are smiling. A great relief crosses the faces of the two mystic heroes as on their screen they see the faces of their missing team mates.

Earth Quaker blurts out, “Man are you guys a sight for sore eyes.”

“Yeah, we thought we were lost for sure,” replies Surge Pack.

Sunshine pipes in “We never gave up hope on finding you guys.”

Techtronix communicates with the portal technicians on Gialla as to what the plan is. Through the crystal shard that Earth Quaker recovered, Techtronix will be able to open a one way portal to the Gialleian dimension.

“All I need is a set of coordinates that will allow us transmit into your stabilizer and then we can get our missing heroes home,” concludes the technomorph.

Commander Sur’Chek repies, “Sending you the coordinates now sir. Give us a moment to get a fix on your position.” The commander enters a code into the computer system and a green indicator light illuminates on the portal stabilizer in the lab back on Earth. The generator is activated ad a blue swirling field of energy fills the huge metallic ring of the stabilizer on Earth. A few seconds later the portal equipment comes to like on the Gialleian counterpart. The blaster team makes their farewells and head for the portal. Right before NewBeee enters the gateway his commanding officer salutes and informs him that is a hero of outstanding valor of this world s well as his adopted one.

“We have the coordinates to the Paragon dimension now Protector Nu’Bei. When your mission is complete we will be able to return you to your home.”

“Thank you High Commander but I am returning home,” NewBeee returns the salute and enters the dimensional portal.

Slowly the images of the blasters appear and takes on depth as the heroes emerge through the inter-dimensional doorway. Earth Quaker rushes them and wraps the group in a huge bear hug.

“Your back!” the mystic tanker yells lifting the three off the ground. Sunshine sneaks in and shows her relief and happiness on the return of her team mates.  Techtronix activates the comm unit. “They have made it back safely Commander Sur’Chek.” The Gialleian commander signals his response.

Before the technomorph can power down the portal field, the lab doors are blown off its hinges. A group of Rikti charge through the door. The attack unit consists of four Infantry, two Conscripts and a Chief Soldier. The Rikti unit freezes in surprise at the sight of the heroes staring at their unsuspected entrance.

“Oh great he we go again,” mutters Techtronix as the heroes break into a fighting formation. Earth Quaker let out a roar, materializes his stone hammer and rushes forward. Surge Pack and NewBeee each releases a blast of their respective energies hitting the Conscripts. The Chief Soldier gestures and two of the Infantry peal off after the scientist while the others take a few shots at the heroes. Surge Pack takes a stunning energy shot and is knocked back. Uber Woman quickly presses an attack on the Conscript that the electrical blaster was battling and makes short work of the Rikti. The tanker charges in and lands a crippling blow with his hammer stunning an Infantry Rikti. NewBeee has dropped out of range of the Conscript’s energy weapon, who has unfolded its huge blade weapon. The stocky blaster catches the charging Rikti in an energy emission which sends the attacker crashing into the portal equipment.

“Oh no! Not the computer! I didn’t back up the hard drive!” cries Techtronix as sparks and small explosions erupt from the equipment. Sunshine has cast a healing spell to improve Surge Pack’s health. The two teammates see the two Rikti Infantry make a grab for the technomorphic scientist. Sunshine projects a concussive force at the invaders but only catches one, knocking it off its feet. The electrical blaster releases an arc of electricity but misses, striking the portal generator instead. The one Infantry that the mystic defender struck lands at the feet of Uber Woman and is rendered unconscious by a punch to its malformed head. The Chief Soldier open fires with his weapon and tries to clear a path for the captured scientist and his Infantry captor. Sunshine and Surge Pack are stunned as Uber Woman releases an energy blast taking out the remaining Conscript who has picked itself off the destroyed computer. Earth Quaker has made short work of the two Infantry and actually uses one as a weapon. The tanker hurls the Rikti at it commander. The Chief Soldier tries to duck but is not fast enough and the two Rikti crash to the floor in a tangled mess. The remaining Infantry makes a break for it with its prisoner in tow. Earth Quaker casts his ‘rooted’ spell.

“Oh you’re not goin’ anywhere!” yells the magical tanker nearly freezing the fleeing figures in place.

Surge Pack and Uber Woman alternate blasts of energy and take out the Chief Soldier leaving him a smoking body on the floor. The remaining heroes surround the last Rikti who suddenly realizes that it is all alone. NewBeee and Earth Quaker are both rubbing their fists as the binding spell wears off. Sunshine yanks Techtronix back as first the blaster then the tanker land their blows. Quaker’s punch takes the Rikti off its feet and is sent sailing through the lab. The Infantry Rikti crash lands in a heap in the far corner. The Rikti are quickly secured and transported to a government holding facility.

The scientist surveys the lab after the battle “Awe man, all that work for nothing,” cries the technomorph. “Even the crystal is nothing but dust.”

    Earth Quaker puts a large hand on his friend’s shoulder, “Hey you did great. You brought home three of Paragon’s best.” A smile crosses the face of Techtronix after hearing those words. The heroes are invited back to Earth Quakers base after a great thank you is given to Techtronix.

The team relaxes and the adventures of the three blasters are told to the magic heroes. “Wow that had to be something.” States the tanker.

“I would have been scared out there in such strange places,” comments Sunshine.

“Just an average day for us in this City of Heroes,” replies Surge Pack.

“Yes, but I’m just glad to be back home,” NewBeee follows up.

The End

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