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“Supernatural Assault Unit: Bounty”
By: Nelson Carrasquillo AKA Big Puerto Rico
An Ultimate COH adventure

      **In a universe where Paragon City’s biggest protectorate group, the Hero Corps, is corrupt and filled with ignorant heroes following the commands of the corrupt leaders, few heroes know the truth. Most of them are forced into a life of hiding or forced to put on a show and agree with the corrupt to keep their lives. Few actually fight back, and few keep their will to fight on. Some of those few have come together and formed the Supernatural Assault Unit. **

Chapter Two

    After Kid Aux had found out about the corrupt plan of a hero named Tim from Hero Corps, he was told  that the corruption didn’t stop at Tim, but existed in the entire entity of HC by men who he was led to believe as villains; Big Puerto Rico and Rey Tormentor. He returned to headquarters and found out for himself. In a battle that ended in the death of Tim by Big PR; Kid Aux, along with friend Pobre Diabla, fled with Big PR and Rey Tormentor. Now, a bounty is out on Big PR and Rey by a man named Night Trojan, an elite member of HC. The teams that were sent by Night Trojan where mowed through by the team of “rogue” heroes and Night Trojan has turned for help from the other side of the yard. He searched for help from a villain named Limerick.  

Founder’s Falls

    The sun arose across the horizon of the beautiful city of Founder’s Falls. The sun light had fallen across the face of the female blaster known as Pobre Diabla. The sun kiss had softly woken her up. She slowly opened her eyes and looked around.

    “Where am I?” she asked.

    The young slender scrapper named Kid Aux came into the medium sized room; quickly he noticed his companion was awake. “Hey, Karla, did you sleep well?”

    She quickly regained her sense of where she was and remembered that the summer home of a friend of Big PR was where they were. “Yeah, so good that I forgot where I was for a second there.”

    “C’mon kids, I made breakfast for ya, can’t fight on an empty stomach. Also, we have to hurry; can’t risk anything now that we have a bounty on us,” Big PR yelled.

    “What do you mean us?” Kid Aux questioned, he led the barely awake Pobre Diabla to the kitchen.

    The big tank was at an island that divided the kitchen from the dining room, the plates of food were located in a half circle on the island. He wore shades and a black pinstriped long-sleeved shirt with blue jeans and white shoes, something that both of the young heroes were not used to seeing such a person in. Soon after the young heroes grabbed their plates and sat at a table located in front of the island, Rey Tormentor came and joined them. He too was in plain clothing.

    “Wow,” Kid Aux exclaimed, “you’re just as big without the suit. You know with a name like Ray Tormentor, I would have never thought you were black.”

    The blaster had let go of a hearty laugh at the remark the kid just made. “Well I know that the name isn’t the most common one, but I got it.”

    “So, why do you have the arm armor on still? I mean it’s cool and all but, come on,” Pobre Diabla said while she attacked her plate.

    “Well the reason for that is because this isn’t just armor, it’s my actual arm. I lost it in the Rikti war. So, this is my arm,” he answered.

    “Ah ok that explains it all,” Pobre Smiled and brought her plate to the dishwasher in the kitchen.

    “So, as you kids can see Rey and I are in street clothes and you need to do the same,” Big PR said.

    “Well you know with the excitement and all we forgot to pack our bags, we where all too excited to stay with godfather Cris to remember, can you forgive us?” Kid said with an obvious sarcastic voice.

    “You don’t have to get smart ass with me boy, I know u didn’t pack, I’m not as dumb as you look. There some clothes for both of you in the bed room over there,” he pointed to a hall way located across from the kitchen. “Some of my old clothes for you, Kid, and for you Pobre some of my friend’s old clothes.”

    “Ooo, so this is your girlfriend’s pad huh, Cris?” Kid asked while he pranced around like a ballerina.

    “No, it’s not like that, she is a long time friend. You know I was a lot more muscular when I was your age, Kid, not sure if my clothes will fit you, try some of my friend’s clothes there, you and Pobre can match, it’ll be sweet…like twins.”

    “Ha, ha, funny, I have muscles too; just not as big as yours.”

    “So, who is this friend of yours, Cris?” Pobre yelled and closed the door on Kid Aux’s face while she said ladies first.

    “Well, Pobre,”

    “Call me Karla, we know each other now,” she interrupted.

    “Ok, Karla, her name is Layla.”

    “That, nff, sounds familiar,” she yelled, tryin on a pair of tight fit jeans. “Cool it fits.”

    “Yeah, it should she is HC’s resident psychic. She is also our insider. She sent her message of warning directly to my head. They don’t know that she is our insider.”

    “Now they do…I’m just kidding,” the blonde haired women said, as she closed the door behind her.

    Kid Aux got one look at her and his jaw dropped, “Man, she is beautiful, I would like to have some alone time with her!” he thought to himself.

    “Watch it, Kid, I can hear you. You should have stopped at ‘Man, she is beautiful.’ Any ways as I was saying,”

    “Whoa, how did you just hear my thought?” Kid questioned.

    “When there is a certain extreme in a mood, like real love, strong joy, fear, anguish and even lust, a person’s thoughts become loud and clear to anyone who can hear them,” she replied. “Ok back on track; even though they don’t know what I am doing I’m getting a bad hunch, I can’t see anything for my future or anyone else who is close to me, as you know, Cris, but I still do get hunches about myself. I need to leave that place and I need to leave it now.”

    “Cool, you can roll with Kid Aux and Pobre Diabla, they need more team members for their SG; the Supernatural Assault Unit,” Rey said, as he finished his meal.

    “Ha, ha, that name still makes me giggle. Even so, I don’t think it’s a good idea, lover boy over here probably won’t be able to concentrate on his job cause he keeps concentrating on me,” Layla said.

    “Not true, isn’t that right, Kid…Kid!” Big PR yelled at the distracted teen.

    “Huh, sorry, Cris, I was um…yeah,” he looked around to try to buy time, but it didn’t work.

    “Well, no one knows more about concentration than you, Innamorata, so you can teach him,” Big PR said. “Just go and put on some street clothes, Austin.”

    “You know, since we are gonna be ‘partners in crime’ how bout a proper introduction? My name is Layla Martin, AKA Innamorata. I have already been introduced to Austin over there,” she pointed to the young man while he made his way to change clothes, “and what is your name?” she asked of the teen girl.

    “Hi my name is Karla Espinoza, and Austin’s last name is Aux, but I think you pretty much figured that out. It’ll be cool to work with you,” the two shook hands and sat at the table.

    Some time had passed and Kid Aux finally came out of the bedroom with a black shirt and green jogging pants; black and green was his favorite color scheme.

    “Well, I’m ready now so what’s the plan?” Kid asked.

    “We need to get you to a safe place; you guys need a base of operations. The problem is where,” Big PR paced back and forth stroking his freshly shaven chin.

    “How bout the old SAU headquarters at Peregrine Island?” Innamorata added.

    “Good call I nearly forgot about that place…it’s been a long time since I last went there,” Big PR said. “Let’s go guys, get your stuff. We have some summer cleaning to do.”

    The heroes gathered their things and started for the door. The teens were the first out of the door. They had only stepped a few steps when a voice yelled at them.

    “Don’t move another inch, outlaws. I have come to collect a bounty!” the voice had come from the trees. In the split second that the person finished the sentence and the heroes looked up, the person threw a huge axe; that barely missed Pobre Diabla.


HC headquarters: Atlas Park

    “Where’s the potion?” the green and black clad villain named Limerick asked, making his way to the HC headquarters, in the middle of the night.

    “It’s in the vault located down stairs,” the Longbow agent said escorting the villain to the vault.

    They reached the vault and the Longbow agent retrieved the potion. The villain grabbed the cylinder and stared at it for a little bit. He then proceeded to guzzle down the elixir.

    “W…what are you doing? Didn’t you need that to resurrect someone?” the Long Bow asked.

    “Ha, ha, ha, no, shut up now,” Limerick started to say some words that were taught to him long ago. He glowed with a green aura. “Good, I can see it. Longbow crony, I need you to do something else. You need to let my friend, Lady Sinsation, out of prison; we are going after the Tome of Tormvodel!”

    “I don’t know about that, Mr. Limerick,” the Longbow said.

    “Do it, Lieutenant. I want this to be done the right way,” Night Trojan said as he entered the Vault.

    “Yes, Sir,” the agent replied.

    Night Trojan stared at the glowing villain, and the villain looked at him. “Nice to see you again, Irish Defender,” Night Trojan snickered.

    “You enjoy bringing up the past don’t you? Lemme guess you still look up to Statesman?”

    “Shut your mouth, have respect for the dead!”

    “Ha, ha, ha, ha, and you have respect for em? Your corruption wouldn’t have flown with any of the dead members of Freedom Phalanx. You and I are the same, ‘cept you hide it better.”

    Night Trojan didn’t really react, he stood there motionless. He just looked down at the ground.

    “Ha, you can’t deny it.” Limerick grinned; even though he had a gas mask looking mask on, Night Trojan can see the shift on his face.

    Night Trojan looked up at the villain and threw an open fist punch at Limerick’s head, Limerick snapped his head back, but Night Trojan ended up grabbing Limerick’s mask and ripped it off.

    “Ah, you son of a bitch, give it back now, I can’t handle so many germs!” Limerick screamed as he snatched his mask back. He put the mask back on and threw an ice blast that made Night Trojan fall on his butt. “Ass hole, you need me more than I need you. Just remember that…eek germs of Paragon, I can’t stand the shit. He, he, it’s a good thing I’m off my rocker, or I would give more of a shit. But, still, don’t ever do that again. I will kill you. Remember your place.” Limerick stepped over the fallen Night Trojan. “Bitch,” he said as he walked out the door that led to the vault area.

    “Damn bastard,” Night Trojan replied under his breath.


Mean time in Founder’s Falls

    “Hot damn, Little Axe, you scared the hell out of me!” Pobre Diabla said as the heroine came down from the trees.

    Little Axe was short with long black hair and a red and white cowgirl outfit: topped off with a Cowboy hat and glasses. “Ha, ha, thought I would give you a lil scare there, darlin, no harm I hope.”

    “No, you just scared me shitless that is all,” Kid Aux said, returning to a relaxed stance. “You could have ended up with my boot smacking you across your face.”

    “Ha, no need to worry about that, it probably wouldn’t hurt me anyways,” Little Axe replied.

    “I thought I recognized that axe, it’s been a long time,” Big PR said as he hugged the long time friend.
    “You know Big PR? Why didn’t you tell me?” Pobre Asked.

    “You never asked,” Axe replied. “It was pure luck that I caught up with you, so where are you guys goin?”

    “To the old SAU base,” Big PR said.

    “Cool, I’ll tag along,” Axe replied.

    “Well if you want you can help us, permanently. Would you like to become the newest member of the Supernatural Assault Unit?” Kid Aux asked.

    “Yeah, come on, Axe, I would love for you to be our SG,” Pobre said.

    “Hmm, I will think about it as we go to the base. Hey, Rey, I didn’t recognize you with out your robotic arm and armor.”

    “Yeah, new tech on the arm I can hide it now, among other things,” Rey said, showing off his arm.

    “Let’s head off to the base now,” Big PR said flying away.


    “Get her! Don’t let her get away!” a guard screamed as the mastermind Lady Sinsation made her way to the door of the jail.

    “We can’t hit her, her freakin bubble is not letting anything we have in!” another guard yelled back.

    “Go after the zombies!”

    “We can’t do anything; if one goes down she brings up another one, damnit!”

    Lady Sinsation made her way out of the door and was greeted by Limerick, “Hey, good lookin, orange really isn’t your color lets get you home and have you change…villainy is a foot! Ha, ha, ha.” The beautiful brunette with hazel green eyes laughed along with her long time friend Limerick; she always found his insanity to be amusing.

    “So, what’s the plan, Boss?” Lady Sinsation asked.

    “Well, we’re brining him back,” Limerick replied.

    “You mean, you know where the Tome of Tormvodel is?”

    “I sure do, and the best thing, ha, ha, ha, is we’re getting help from Hero Corps.”

    “Ha, how the hell did you do that?”

    “Night Trojan, he wants Big Puerto Rico dead, ha, it’s perfect.”

    “Where is the Tome?”

    “A century ago the CoT hid it in a cave on a big chunk of rock which is now the Longbow base in St. Martial.”

    “St. Martial? Damn, that’s a little dangerous for me; there are a lot of powerful people there.” Lady Sinsation showed the fear in her face as they walked up to a helicopter.

    “That’s where this comes in…ah the ‘Ghetto Bird’ ha, ha, ha. We will be safely above St. Martial. The base has a holding cell so to cover our asses; we’ll pretend to be caught, once there, a door for a storage room is where we’ll go. We will blast our way through the wall and enter the cave made by the CoT all that time ago. It will be a cake walk.”

    “Sure sounds like it will be.”

    The Villains entered the helicopter and started their way to St. Martial.

    The heroes arrive at the base of the old Supernatural Assault Unit. The base was once kept nice with state of the art technology, and huge well lit rooms. The base had changed and looked dirty and broken on the outside.   

“Wow, it’s been a very long time since I have been here!” Kid Aux said reminiscing of the days when his parents were alive and ran the old SG.

“Yeah, not as kept up as it once was, but still looks sturdy,” Big PR said.

“Let’s go inside,” Pobre Diabla suggested.

“So, Karla, how do you know Little Axe, I never met her before and I’m your best damn friend,” Kid Aux asked Pobre Diabla in a whisper.

“Yeah, it was about three years ago, before I even came to HC and met you. She kicked my ass once, it was back when my grandparents were killed and I went berserk.”

“Ha, it still blows my mind how you went on a rampage, I just can’t see you as such a person.”

“I was really angry, I couldn’t help myself. I raised hell, all while crying. That’s how I got my name.”

“Well guys, looks like it’s time to help clean up,” Rey said while he showed them to the cleaning supplies.

“How the hell is there cleaning supplies in this place?” Kid asked.

“What, did you think, since we didn’t pack anything else, that we would pack the cleaning stuff? Sorry, Kid, but no luck for you. Besides you’re a super speeder, this shouldn’t be that much for ya.”

“Still,” Kid grunted and grabbed the broom, “I hate cleaning.”

“I sure know that, especially since I saw the way you kept your room,” Pobre added.

“Ok, so I have to give you guys assignments,” Big PR said, “Kid you got this room and the one with the statues and pillars in it, which is the next room, Pobre you have out side, and…” Big PR paused due to something grabbing his attention from the corner of his eye. “There’s something here,” he said.

The heroes immediately went into attention mode. The room that they were in was dark and had barely any light; the shadows filled eighty-five percent of the room. A growl arose from one side, then the other. It seemed to change from what sounded like a wolf to what sounded like a jaguar. A pounding could be felt in on the floor of the room and through the shadows a rhino barged into Big PR, the beast slammed the hero into the wall, then in a blink of an eye, the animal turned into a gorilla. The gorilla held Big PR against the wall then slammed him to the ground. The gorilla turned into the fallen heroine, Sister Psyche, and with her mind pushed Big PR into the next room.

The next room was filled with pillars and memorials to the heroes that once ran SAU. The sun light came through the open slits that were located on the roof of the base that created eerie rays of light. The being followed after Big PR. It picked him up as Sister Psyche and punched Big PR as the dead Statesman. Big PR flew back from the force and did a back flip and slid on his feet down the hall. Big PR charged the being and threw a hard two-handed hammer punch, knocking the being back into the other room and into the wall that caused some of the loose brick to fall on it. When the dust had settled the being slowly stood up and showed its true form; a short red-skinned female with pointy ears, piercing blue eyes, two blue slashes, which was war paint, under the right eye, deep crimson hair and she wore a deep blue body suit.

“Mirafox, is that you?” Big PR said to the being.

Peja liu si? Who are you?” She asked, half in her native alien tongue and half in English.

“It’s me, Big Puerto Rico…Cris,” Big PR took off the sunglasses that he had on.

“My goodness, it is you!” she hugged the hero. “I’m so sorry that I attacked you like that, but I had some run-ins with villains hearing about this place and Longbow finding this place. I didn’t recognize you; it’s been a while.”

“It sure has, your English is much better now, Mira. Have you been here since everyone left?”

“Yes, I just had a feeling that everyone would return…but it seems that you and Rey are the only ones from the original.”

“Well…we are not rejoining the SG, Capt. Aux’s son is remaking it,” Big PR pointed to Kid Aux.

Kid Aux waived and came closer, “Can I ask you a question, Mirafox?”

“Wow, you have grown. Sure, you can ask me a question.”

“If you were here the whole time, then why is this place a big mess?” Pobre Diabla smacked Kid on the back of the head. “Damn what was that for?” he said rubbing the back of his head

“Why did you ask that question, Austin?” Pobre asked

“Cause, I don’t wanna clean!”

Mirafox giggled, “This is just the front, I let it get this way in hopes to draw people away. In the next room there is a door that can be only accessed by the members of the original SAU beyond there it is in much better shape.”

“I have a serious question for you,” Pobre said, “how did you change into so many different things?”

“Well it’s a natural thing for my people, I am a Peace Bringer. I will tell you one thing though, I have trained myself hard to be able to transform to a higher degree then some of my fellow people. Let’s go inside more. I can trust that you will be happy that I kept up the main part of the base very well.”

“This is where I go,” Little Axe said.

“What do you mean go? Don’t you want to be apart of the SG?” Pobre asked.

“I never said I was going to in the first place. It just doesn’t fit me right now. I have enough trouble lookin after myself, I don’t think I am ready to be apart of a team and have to look after other people as well.”

“AWW, I wish you would join, Little Axe, but if you don’t want to I’m not gonna scold you for that. Just promise to be safe, okay?” Pobre said and gave Little Axe a hug.

“I will, good bye guys, and watch your backs as well.” Little axe waived and went off to what ever she needed to do.

The heroes walked into the other room and entered through the door that was there. On the other side of that door was the main part of the base. It was huge and filled with state of the art technology, even though it had been there for over ten years.

St. Martial

    “That mission went smoother than an elephant coming out of a mini copper,” Limerick said.

    “That’s actually probably not smooth or even physically possible,” Night Trojan said.

    “What?” Limerick followed. He was on one of his crazy streaks.

    “So, what gonna go down now?”

    “Well, Night Trojan, Lady Sinsation here is gonna go with me to the cemetery and perform a little ritual…the dead will rise!”


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