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An Oath of Blood & Thunder
Part 2/4

Well, let me continue telling you my little soap opera...where the hell was I...oh ya, spooky metal feet...right then.

As the Rikti who called himself Sobek watched, a massive mechanical arm reached down from the ceiling of the room. At the end of it was a large injection needle. Did I tell you I’m afraid of needles? When I was nine, I accidently stabbed my cousin Philip in the thigh with one I found on the street. Next thing we know, he has syphilis. Don’t worry, I got grounded for a month and he got penicillin. So, this huge ass needle was coming down at me and all of the sudden, I blurted out

“I hope this isn’t gonna be an anal probe, cause I don’t swing that way, ET!”

I dunno, it just felt natural. Cracking jokes in the face of evil. I do it all the time now, but then it was new to me and felt so right. Well, it was the right thing to do cause it confused the hell out of that Rikti. I don’t think the Rikti actually have a sense of humor, even non-solider Rikti. “Face evil with a madcap grin on your face, and ye’ll always win”. Another saying of Uncle Pat. So, that Rikti freak is lookin’ at me all confused and then outta nowhere, the door blasts open.

This memory, I think, is burned into my brain. Out of the smoke of the blasted door flies out the guy who would become my role model. On his face, a madcap grin and lightning in his fists. His colors were blue and black with electricity flying around him. Sobek and this hero locked eyes for a minute and did sort of a cowboy, John Wayne stand off. Sobek had his blaster in his left hand and this hero had electricity in his right fist. As they prepared to draw-


The needle had met its mark. It had peirced my right shoulder, injecting into it a blue
fluid that felt cold but powerful. I love speaking all poetic. Anyways, all I could thing about
(besides where my Uncle Pat was) was “Oh my god, they’re gonna turn me into a lost monster!”. oh, another phobia I have is one of monsters like the Lost. By the by, the hero and Sobek were fighting at this point, the hero trying to get to me, but Sobek was blocking his every move with his laser blaster. Now, the pain from the needle had woken me up. Using the strength I got from my natural instincts helped me slip out of the straps holding me down to the table. I took the needle out of my arm with a grunt and looked at it. Now, I’m no great shakes at understanding the Rikti writing, but the words looked sorta like the word “Sparky”.

Back to the fight. Sobek was gaining the upper hand at this point and this hero needed some help. So, I decided to give this Rikti scum payback, drunk bar fighting style. So, I grabbed a metal equipment table with syringes and saws and stuff and smashed it over Sobeks head. And...IT WORKED! That alien piece of trash was out like a light. The hero looked down at Sobek, up to me, then back to Sobek.

Hero: Kid, I gotta tell ya, most civies would back down and let the hero be beat, then escape, but you got some spirit on ya.

Kenny: uh, thanks...what’s your name anyway?

Hero: Sparky. You?

Kenny: Kenny...wait, where’s my uncle Pat?!

Sparky: Relax, he went to the cops after he came to and told them what happened. They new about a possible Rikti lab nearby and sent me to rescue ya. So, you wanna leave?

It had just occurred to me that we were standing over an deceased alien(he looked dead. Smelled it too) in a massive and terrifying laboratory. So we left and he dropped me off at Paragon Police Department. Oh, I forgot something! I have a cop uncle! Weird huh, cop uncle and gangster uncle? Alex McClog, PPD detective. He works in the Meta-human Criminal Investigation Department. Basically, he hunts down heroes who go rouge and commit a crime. He’s a mutant too, Super Strength. Never wanted to be a hero though. Crap, I’m getting side tracked, lemme just bring you to our parting

Sparky: you know, you shouldn’t have been out this late. For Christ’s sake, it’s 4:00 AM.

Kenny: what?! Oh man, my moms gonna kick my ass!

Sparky: Don’t worry, I talked to Mrs. Harkenson 3 hours ago and she just wants you home and safe. Well, I gotta fly.

And with that he was gone, leaving me in front of PPD. I watched him fly off while talking on a cell phone. Probably to his contact I thought. I then looked at my should were the needle had stuck me. And my blood went cold. What if they injected me with a Lost mutagen? What if I’ll turn into a monster, like all those homeless guys? What if that vial had something to do with Spa-


Uncle Alex. “Now I’m screwed” I thought. I looked at him rushing out of PPD putting on his coat. Oh, he live in his office once in a while, when he’s working on tough cases. He has a hammock in there with a small dresser. Anyways, when I saw him running too wards me, he looked scared as hell.

Kenny: Uncle Alex, what’s wrong?

Uncle Alex: Kenny, it’s your apartment. Somebody set it on fire. Kenny, they said something on the dispatcher about a fatality on the 4th floor.

“God doth loveth his little jokeths”


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