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Crossover (Part 3) - The Force of Freedom

By: Soboscribe:
Protector: server home of the various characters in this story

    In the center of a crowded city park a huge flash of blinding light appears. As the shocked and startled citizens stare in amazement, three human figures take shape, one female of statuesque beauty, one athletically slim male, and one stocky built stout male. As the three colorfully dressed people come into focus the crowds of people start reacting in a most extreme way.
    “Where are we now?” states NewBeee, the stocky built blaster.
    “Not sure, but I think we’ve just startled these people,” says Uber Woman observing the terror struck faces of the park goers.
“Maybe they never seen a group of superheroes just appear out of thin air,” replies Surge Pack.
As the three heroes watch, the citizens’ emotions seem to shift from that of terror to a raging anger.
“I don’t like the feel of this at all,” says the female blaster as she takes a defensive stance. The park goers are slowly surrounding the heroes.

Surge Pack is suddenly laid flat by some unseen force.
“You villains will not terrorize the good people of Patriot City,” is heard by the blasters. Out from behind the crowd an object rises that can only be described as a flying carpet. The carpet appears to have three passengers. The female, who seems to be the one controlling the unique form of transportation has green skin and is dressed in a yellow and red outfit of a genie. Standing to her right and crouched as if ready to fight is an average built man clad in a red form fitting armor with a full facial helmet that only has goggled eyes and antennae sprouting from where his ears are located. The third character is a fifteen year old boy dressed in a red, white, and blue colored colonial styled suit with a wrap around domino mask and a leather carrier bag.
“As our leader would say, For Freedom!” yells the boy as her tosses a grenade from his bag at the three newcomers to the park. The heroes narrowly miss being caught in the explosion.
“I’ll take the short one Liberty Lad, you and Green Genie get the girl.” “What about the blue one ant?” “Bullet can handle him,” commands the red covered hero while jumping from the carpet.

The Ant lands on front of NewBeee. “Hey pal, what’s the problem? Why are you attacking us, it sounds like we’re on the same side here, where ever here is,” says the stocky hero holding his hands up in a non-threatening way.
“Don’t try to cop out now villain!” yells the Ant taking a swing at the blaster. NewBeee ducks the blow and counters by knocking the insect themed hero back with an energy wave. NewBeee charges at the Ant who burrows underground. The blaster is surprised at the speed in which his opponent disappeared into the ground. As fast as he burrowed down, the Ant pops up out of the ground and lands a kick to the center of NewBeee’s back. NewBeee picks himself up off the ground with an angry look on his face. He turns and releases another energy bolt in the Ant’s direction.
Uber Woman takes flight as the Green Genie and the boy named Liberty Lad chase after her.
“This makes no sense. We don’t know why you think we did anything wrong,” shouts the female blaster at her pursuers.
“Don’t play dumb sister, we know you were trying to start a riot in the park!” snaps Green Genie while using her power to manipulate reality and conjures a brick wall in front of the team leader. Uber Woman summons up more speed and crashes through the brick wall. She snatches up a few of the fragments of the wall as she flies through.
“Let me have a go,” says Liberty Lad as he hurtles a few grenades at the flying woman. Uber Woman expertly dodges the exploding weapons and counters with a hail of brick chunks.
“Yikes!” peeps out the green skinned girl as she dives onto her carpet just missing being hit in the head.
Surge Pack gets to his feet slightly dazed to see his friends being attacked by the colorfully clad heroes of this city. The electrical blaster takes a stinging blow to the side of his face as a blur rushes past him. This quickly followed by another and then another. The next thing Surge Pack realizes is that he is flat on his back again.
“What just hit me?” queries the hero.
“That would be me, you evil doer, the Bullet,” says a blur that has taken on the shape of a man for a split second.  As the clash of the costumed titans continues the crowd of Patriot City citizens has taken on a cheering frenzy like something from the Coliseum of ancient Rome.

NewBeee and the Ant have fought to a stalemate. With the Ant’s burrowing ability and the blasters flight power, neither seems able to land a deciding blow, ending the battle. NewBeee has an idea and fakes a collision with a trash can that was hurled at him. The Ant watches as his adversary seems to crash to the ground. The red armored hero burrows towards NewBeee. As the ant breaks through the earth, he is met by the stocky blaster who is standing right in front of him.
“Surprise!” yells the blaster as he snatches the Ant out of the hole and blasts the bug themed hero square in the face with a burst of ionic energy. The close range direct hit takes the Ant out of the battle.
Surge Pack once again finds himself flat on his back as the whirlwind attack of the Bullet relentlessly continues. The electrical hero tries something new. By concentrating, Surge Pack super charges his senses in hoping to be able to track his attacker. The trick works.
“Gotcha,” murmurs the blaster as suddenly the world around him seems to come to a complete halt. Surge Pack sees a man dressed in a gleaming silver body suit with red stripes running down his sides. A blue circle with a white star inside is labeled on each shoulder as well as a large red circle with white star is plastered on his chest. A silver bullet shaped helmet completes the look.
“Let’s see if you’re fast as lightning,” comments the blaster at the charging figure. Bullet is suddenly immobilized as he runs straight into a field of electrical energy. The speedster looks on in surprise, convulsing in the field of electricity as the hunted has turned to the hunter. Surge Pack charges up a fist and lands a mean right cross across the exposed jaw of Bullet, snapping his head to the side. The electrical blaster quickly follows up with some combinations, taking the fight out of the silver clad runner.
Uber Woman is relentlessly chased through the city skyscape. She tries desperately to lose her pursuers by making quick turns and random changes to her flight pattern. Green Genie just refuses to give up and the occasional explosions from Liberty Lad’s seemingly endless supply of grenades don’t help.
“I don’t wish to fight you!” yells back Uber Woman. The only response to her comment is a hail of arrows conjured by the genie woman. Uber Woman slows her speed letting the carpet riding attackers to draw in close.
“We got her now Genie, she’s getting tired,” cheers Liberty Lad preparing another grenade. The team leader suddenly drops from the sky and loops underneath the carpet. Uber Woman catches the end of the carpet bringing it to a sudden stop. Green Genie and Liberty Lad are pitched forward by their momentum. The green skinned girl catches the edge of the rug and clings on for dear life. Liberty Lad is not so lucky and plummets towards the street below. Uber Woman jets through the sky and in a diving catch snatches up the young man inches from the concrete street.

The three Paragon heroes gather on a nearby roof with their respective opponents in tow. Liberty Lad is on his hand and knees slowly shacking off the shock of his near brush with death. Bullet is sitting propped up against the ledge of the building’s roof rubbing his aching jaw. The Ant is still out cold.
“What kind of crazy world are we in? Most of these guys are just kids,” states NewBeee.
“You’re on Earth, Patriot City more precisely. And we are members of Freedom Force,” comes the voice of the green skinned girl as she comes into a wobbly landing. Surge Pack catches Green Genie as she stumbles off her carpet and into his arms.
“I don’t know what came over us. We were responding to a call about a disturbance at the park and the next thing I know, I want to rip you guys limb from limb. Who are you anyway?” questions Green Genie. The Female blaster relates the team’s adventure to her explaining who they are and how they have ended up on this world.
“Wow, that’s some story. If you would help me get the boys here back to our headquarters I’m sure Mentor can help you out,” says the green skinned girl. The two superhero groups help each other out and head to the Freedom Fortress, the base of Freedom Force.

Meanwhile in a secret lab in the abandoned warehouse area of Patriot City, two sinister figures discuss their latest scheme.
“Your Emo-stimulator projector vorked excellent Herr Mechanical,” comments the evil Nazi hold out Blitzkrieg. He is dressed in a brown colored Nazi officer uniform, complete with jack boots and trousers flared at the hips. A Swastika is emblazoned on his left arm which he wears with pride. Blitzkrieg is removing a technologically designed head set from his oversized head and replaces his monocle.
“I knew it would Blitzkrieg. You are the only person that can appreciate my true genius,” laughs the Nazi’s partner in crime. Mr. Mechanical is an engineering genius that suffered humiliation at his failure and is willing to punish the world for not getting the recognition he feels he deserves. He is decked out in pale blue coveralls covered with a lab coat. His hair is wild and white in the classic mad scientist manner and a pair of goggles covers his eyes.
“I told you this machine could boost your mental powers a hundred fold.” “Yes I vas even able to capture some of those dreaded Freedom Force in my power,” relates the big headed despot.

Back in Paragon City, the city of heroes, the mystical tanker Earth Quaker and the magical defender Sunshine have just completed their analysis of the Murkin crystal shard that they retrieved from the Crey labs.
“Wow, this is some interesting data. It seems that the Crey boys discovered this crystal is of extraterrestrial origin and has some very unique harmonic properties!”  “Let me guess, the harmonics vibrate across the time/space continuum to open up holes to other dimensions. Nice base by the way Quaker.” “Thanks, not very big but the super group calls it home.” Their investigation further uncovers that the crystal’s lattes structure is very sensitive to energy fluctuations and have a tendency to explode into powder.
“I bet we could track our missing blasters through the residue of the crystal,” says Sunshine excitedly.
“This is way above my technical know how, let me contact a friend of the group’s to see if he can help out,” replies the tanker as he activates a communications panel.

The Paragon heroes have received a tour of the Freedom Fortress and are introduced to another member of the resident hero team, Mentor. Mentor is an alien visitor that attempted to stop a failed invasion of Earth by his Planet’s ruling body. He is a bald six foot human looking figure in a green and blue body suit with a long flowing cape. Mentor wears a crown like head band which may be ornamental in design or may help boost his incredible mental abilities. The teammates fill Mentor in on the adventures of Uber Woman and the boys and a look of concern crosses his face as the Ant completes their tale of meeting.
“I am perplexed by the reactions of my fellow heroes. It is very much against their nature to attack and the reaction of the citizens is very unusual. One moment please,” Mentor makes a few adjustments to a machine and a stream of data runs across the screen.
“As I suspected, mind control is at play here. This bears the mark of our old foe Blitzkrieg.” “But Mentor, he was never able to control that many people before,” states the Ant.
“Let alone sneak into our knockins,” adds Bullet.
“Never the less this is his doing. I need to research these events further,” Mentor returns to his computers and starts correlating the data he has to tackle the two tasks he has at hand. As the hours pass the heroes of Paragon swap stories with the protectors of Patriot City and meet the robotic hero, Microwave. The blasters come to find out that the majority of the super powered beings of this Earth received their powers through exposure of varying degrees and ways to an extraterrestrial energy named Energy X.
“Others like Microwave her comes form alternate futures. His is a place where machines inhabit the world,” tells Green Genie. The team learns about the Timemaster, the Freedom Force’s greatest villain. They also are told the tragic event of a teammate lost when the mystical Alchemiss transformed into the superpowred dark entity known as Entropy.
“That is so awful. Sounds like she lost herself trying to save the man she loved,” says Uber Woman.

The combination of heroes are summoned to the research lab where the Mentor informs the group of his outcomes. “I have pinpointed the area in where the mental energies of Blitzkrieg were artificially amplified to perform the attack on the park earlier. Microwave and I have created these jamming devices that will prevent Blitzkrieg’s powers from affecting you.”
Microwave, the humanoid robot is constructed so well that there is actual muscle movement under the red and blue clad body. Only the solid smooth featureless faceplate keeps the construct from being able to truly blend in with the human population. He hands out small discs that snap onto the collar area of the costumes.
“Hey where’s mine,” demands Green Genie.
“You are needed here Green Genie. With your ability to rearrange matter, I need you to help design the control gem that will enable our guests to return home,” replies Mentor. “Also I do not wish to send Liberty Lad into danger.” “Mentor I can take care of myself!” boasts the patriotic clad young man s he hold out his hand expecting a dampening device.
“Don’t worry Mentor, we’ll take care of the kid,” jokes Surge Pack getting a chuckle out of Bullet who has become good friends with the electrical blaster. The joined team takes flight with the protectors of Paragon City carrying their comrades of Patriot City to the north side of town. Bullet indicates the building that Mentor has shown to be the one where the beam of hypnotic energy came from. The team lands in the shadows of a nearby building and devise a plan in approaching and entering the warehouse.

The heroes stake out the building when the mechanical hum and thudding can be heard approaching the group. From around the corner of the warehouse rounds a crew of three twelve feet tall blocky looking robots. One is colored red, the rest blue. Each robot has a specific item equipped to its left arm.
“Wow are those things retro, they could be from a 50s’ ‘B’ sci-fi movie,” blurts out Surge Pack.
“What do you mean retro the 50s’ only ended 4 years ago,” rebuffs Liberty Lad. A stunned look crosses the electrical heroe’s face.
“Seems we traveled a great distance to two dimensions,” comments NewBeee to Uber Woman who nods in agreement. The group pairs off and ambushes the robots. The air is filled with the smell of ozone as a huge blast of electrical energy explodes from the hands of Surge Pack catching a blue robot with a wrecking ball for a left hand square in the chest.
“Intruder alert! Terminate intruder!” comes the echoey electronic voice of the red robot. Liberty Lad follows up on Surge Pack’s attack by tossing a grenade into the cracked chest cavity as the rest of the team pick their targets. The grenade goes off blowing the robot’s head straight up into the air while NewBeee launches an energy wave at the other blue robot that has a giant pincer claw. The robot is knocked back and Bullet attacks the mechanical man’s legs. Uber Woman dodges a burst of flame that sprouts from the nozzle of the red robot’s arm. The Ant dives into the ground and burrows around the backside of the fire bot. Bullet and his incredible speed have caused his attacker to wedge its pincer into the ground. NewBeee concentrates an energy beam at the bot’s head severing it at base. Uber Woman is able to get past the flame as the fire bot is knocked off its feet by a fierce kick to its legs, buckling both, by Ant. Uber uses her enhanced strength and crushes the nozzle closed. As the automaton tries to press its attack, it tries to burn the raven haired beauty only to explode from the back up of ignition flame to its fuel source.
“Hope we didn’t make too much noise,” jokes Surge Pack.
“Those bots belong to Mr. Mechanical, that means the mad genius is working with the mental nutcase Blitzkrieg,” says the Ant surveying the smoking wrecks.
“More the fun that’s what I say,” comments Liberty Lad.
“Don’t worry Surge, with those two egomaniacs they’re to busy telling each other how great and powerful they are,” laughs Bullet.

The hero group enters the warehouse and systematically explore the spacious rooms. Before the team moves to the next floor they are met by another group of robots.
“Let me take the fire bot, been meaning to try something new,” requests Bullet. The chrome plated hero jumps out and surprises the fire bot which turns and ignites its flame thrower. Bullet whirls his hands in super speed circles creating a small whirlwind. Through shear will power Bullet moves the mini tornado into the path of flames. The two elements mix and surround the mechanical menace in a spinning furnace. The red robot melts into a pile of scrap before it can process what is happening to it. Meanwhile Uber Woman and the Ant has torn loose the wrecking ball from their bot and proceed to play a mean game of dodge ball with the machine. Battered and dented the mechanical man relentlessly continues its fateful attack.
“Catch Uber,” shouts Ant tossing the huge steel ball to the team leader. Uber Woman catches the ball and in one graceful move spins and launches the sphere directly at the robot’s head shearing it clean off.
“Ooh that had to hurt. Great head shot,” quips the electrical blaster.
“You just help out your partner,” counters Uber Woman.
Surge Pack turns his attention back to business as he watches Liberty Lad
Pry the pincer claw apart.
“That‘ll teach you to mess with an All American kid,” states Surge Pack as he zaps the automaton’s head, shorting out the processor.

The group of heroes enter the second floor and are surprised by the contrast of it compared to the first floor. Instead of being large spacious halls haphazardly stacked with supplies, this place is clear of everything save for modern looking technology and equipment. At the far end a large machine is erected with a large comfortable chair recessed in a cubicle built into its center. Two figures can be seen conversing. One a wild haired mad scientist, the other a huge headed Nazi.
“There they are, Blitzkrieg and Mr. Mechanical! That machine is what must have boosted the Goose stepper’s mind control power,” points out Ant. Mr. Mechanical catches the tam’s movements, “We’re under attack by Freedom Force!” yells the crazed inventor. From opposite walls robots unfold. Blitzkrieg places his hands on the sides of his large cranium and concentrates. To the mentalist’s surprise nothing happens to the heroes.
“Vhat is this! My mind control iz not vorking!” cries out the German villain.
“They must have figured a way to counter your power Blitzkrieg, plus requited new members. Here use this,” orders Mr. Mechanical passing a huge chain gun over to his partner in crime.

The heroes tear into the mechanical men with gusto. NewBeee has taken out a flame bot through a combination of energy blasts and brute strength. Uber Woman and the Ant smash two pincer bots together with their super strength. The female blaster then fuses them into a pile of junk with a powerful burst of energy. Surge Pack has tried a new approach to his abilities. By first catching a fire bot in a static field holding the machine, he then drains off all its electrical energy leaving it completely immobile. Bullet has used his gift for speed to have the two wrecking bots literally beat themselves into junk piles.
“He just doesn’t build them like he used to,” comments Bullet.
“Yes he does, that’s why they fall apart so easily,” quips Ant.

Liberty Lad has snuck around his battling comrades to confront the two devious masterminds, only to be greeted by a hail of bullets. The patriotic protector somersaults for cover as Blitzkrieg lets loose a round of machine gun fire. The heroes turn at the sound of the weapon. The team breaks off into two units to take down their adversaries.
“I’ll take care of the machine, you guys take car of the baddies,” orders the Ant. The Nazi villain turns his attention on the group of heroes to his right and fires his weapon. Surge Pack and NewBeee dive for cover as Bullet takes off at super speed. Bullet is able to take his time dodging the screaming projectiles whizzing by and lands a kick to Blitzkrieg. The mind controller is knocked off his feet as his gun continues to chatter into the air. Meanwhile the Ant has launched a barrage of acid bombs into the Emo-stimulator projector that turns the most critical parts to slag. He then upends the dead fire bot that Surge Pack left and topples it into the machine. The fuel cell ignites and destroys the projector in a flame explosion.
“No! My beautiful machine ruined! No one appreciates my pure genius,” stammers Mr. Mechanical from his hiding place. NewBeee and Surge Pack simultaneously let loose with their powers at the Nazi. Blitzkrieg throws his weapon into the air as his muscles convulse when hit by a ball of lightning. He is then knocked flat by the concussive force of the stocky blaster’s energy. The German villain bounces his oversized head off the floor, rendering him unconscious.
“Hey Beee that gun look familiar,” questions the electrical hero.
“Yeah, it looks like a Council chain gun,” claims NewBeee on further inspection of the weapon.
Mr. Mechanical sees an opening to escape with the heroes distracted. The mad genius turns to run and slams into the shapely form of Uber Woman.
“Cutting your losses, I don’t think so,” states the blaster as her eyes start to glow. “Eep,” squeaks out the crazed inventor as twin beams of energy fire from Uber Woman’s eyes, knocking the villain across the room.

After securing the two villainous masterminds and making sure they are turned over to the proper authorities the combined super team head back to the Freedom Fortress.
“So you guys think that either Mr. Mechanical has visited Paragon City or the Council has found their way here?” “Could be that Mechanical was just lucky enough to design a chain gun like that used by the Council,” replies Surge Pack.
When the team returns to the base they find a very exhausted Green Genie slumped in a chair as Mentor finishes some adjustments to a machine. Mentor explains to the wayward visitors that through the research that he and Microwave conducted had led to the Freedom Force members re-creating the Me-Kushin crystal of Mentor’s home world.
“Phew, I’m beat. Mentor wore me out trying to get the crystal just right,” “That is correct, Green Genie has accomplished this highly difficult task admirably.” Mentor goes into detail in how through the vibrational energy from the crystal Microwave will be able to open a portal.
“The accuracy of the correct harmonic residence is only at eighty five percent,” states the synthizoid member of Freedom Force.
“Your temporal state is in flux so it was difficult to pinpoint the exact wavelength of origin.” “We appreciate all you have done for us Mentor,” says Uber Woman.

Farewells are made among the heroes as Microwave prepares to energize the gate projector.
“When we get back home we need to talk to Portal Corp. it seems there are more unauthorized interdimensional travel than they realize,” comments NewBeee.
“I wish you well on your journey friends,” states Mentor as Microwave places the projectors on his hands. The portal activation projector looks like a pair of huge brass knuckles with focusing nodes on each knuckle. Microwave aims the devices at the transpad grid and activates them. A flash of light and a vertical swirling vortex of energy appears. The three heroes of Paragon City wave to their new allies and enter the portal.

Their senses are scrambled as the blaster party travel through the interdimensional gap. The three appear on a barren hill. As the slowly regained focus of their senses they surveyed the area. For miles around the group takes in the utter devastation.
“Where are we now?” “Can’t be home, Boomtown doesn’t even look this bad,” comments Surge Pack. The entire area appears as though war has visited the land and never left in hundreds of years. Small thin trees try to grow within the rubble and debris that one could only guess use to be buildings. In contrast to the surrounding area a gleaming superstructure can be seen on the horizon. A look of stoic familiarity crosses the face of NewBeee.
“I know where we are. We’re in my home reality. Welcome to my home.” The other two blasters look in awe at the surrounding area and then back at their teammate.


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