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A young prodigy

By: Rui Rodrigues


There isn’t a single child in this world who has never dreamn’t about becoming a hero.

That is the truth, and most of those children will never see that dream come true.

Yet there are some who are fortuned enough to have those dreams become a reality, as they are born mutants. But there are those who until the time is right never know of their origin.

Such one of those children is Kai Vallant a sixteen-year old boy who will definitely shake this world’s foundations.


Chapter 1:

The power within


Paragon City. The city where heroes are born and legends are made.

Yet, every legend has a beginning, and this legend which is yet to be made starts the “special” adolescent Kai Vallant.

Kai is a teenager in every aspect, except with a tiny difference, he is a mutant. And even though he has lived in a world where super heroes and villains are a reality, he would never have guessed that soon he would join their ranks.

Has Kai walked the streets of Paragon City, he would often see super-powered heroes flying around between the skyscrapers, running as fast as the wind in the street,

and sometimes even fighting the occasional hellion or skull thug.

He loved watching those heroes especially his favourites: Positron and The Back Alley Brawler.

And seeing those heroes considerably increased the jealousy he felt towards them, they were Paragon City’s elite, the defenders of Good and Justice, the ones every citizen loved, and he had wished since ever to one day be able to become all of those things.

It was a sunny day, a day when you think nothing can go wrong, and that was Kai’s thought when he walked from Atlas Plaza to his home, he was happy with himself and had no care in the world, but that would soon change.

Has he walked home he was passing through a shortcut he knew, which was through an alley about two blocks from his house. Usually it was a safe shortcut, but today it was different.

As he passed by a fallen trash bin and the rotten smell of old food he felt like he was being watched, and as he looked left at the corner of his eye he said – What the..- And then POW! One of the Freakshow had punched him with his mechanical arm. It had been such a strong blow that Kai flew about fifteen feet in the air crashing into a building wall and then falling into the floor. As Kai felt his consciousness slipping away he felt something growing inside him, something he had never felt before, some kind of power. And as that “power” reached its peak Kai felt totally restored and even stronger.

It was then that the power within was unleashed.

Withy this new found power Kai got up surprising the Freakshow thug by yelling at him – Hey! You piece of rust trash are you ready for a pain session?!- When the thug looked at Kai he laughed thinking of Kai as a little ant compared to him – Hah! You are wanna punch me fly? - Laughed the thug – Well! Then let’s see it then!

The Freakshow thug closed his eyes and smiled waiting for Kai’s seemingly weak punch.

He soon regretted his choice for Kai was now a full fledged mutant and as if he knew it from the moment he was born Kai put his hands in front of him and closed his fists, and sending a large yell Kai somehow generated what seemed to be a blast of energy which stroke the thug, sending him flying about twenty feet and instantly knocking him out.

Kai felling drained fell to his knees and looked at the puddle of water underneath him, he was amazed with what he saw, he was surrounded by flames and lightning and his face had some strange black triangular markings on his cheeks.

After he recollected himself from this change’s shock and left home to think of what he should do next.


To be continued on the next chapter:

Ogre the green beast


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