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A long line of men in orange prison uniforms sat at tables eating their lunch. Three were left completely alone with their own table. The three didn't really care for each other, but they knew that together they could own this place. Maybe even escape.

"We can't keep calling each other our villain names in here. I don't know about you two but I prefer not to let these punks know how far I've fallen here," said one, outside known as Project Heat Seeker.

"You are thought dead. This is only slightly worse is it not?" asked a pitch-black skinned man wearing two metallic bracelets. Ones specially designed to keep someone of his kind from morphing to a stronger, prison wall smashing, form.

"Kheldians do not understand that on this planet, to those of our moral standards, it is better to die fighting your enemies than to be trapped by them," said Ruby Blade. "And let them know who I am. I am deadly enough without my sword and empowering items."

"Whatever you say Blade. It's just you're taken less seriously when sent to prison."

Humans are such vain fools, thought Nictus Brawler. If there is any true reason to loathe being here it is that we are not destroying our enemies. To feed on the energy they emit would be-, and so he went on into day dreams of draining the life forces of his foes.

"Although there is one reason I wish to leave this place," said Ruby.

"Revenge on Blightlord," they said in unison. "He not only aided the heroes with information, then he sent us the notes telling us so with that cryptic message," said Seeker.

"It was not cryptic."

"What was that, Nictus?"

"He meant there can only be one true enemy of Burning Brawler and that there can be only one who will kill him. The less competition the better."

"That is why we are leaving this place. Tonight," said Ruby.

"Uhm, how? Arachnos just 'visited' last month. It'll be a little while before they break out more villains," said Seeker.

"It is simple. When we are returned to our cells, the guard will come to us with our food and then he will have an 'accident'," Ruby explained.

"Will he not simply drop it into the slot?" asked Nictus.

"You will see later. For now let us return to our cell."


Heat Seeker sat on his cot and watched as Ruby went over the plan with Nictus. When they went to either end of his cot he waited for his explanation. It was after midnight. Their dinner had already been dropped through the slot, they couldn't be planning for tonight.

"Well? How are we getting the guard in here?"

"You," answered Ruby.

"Wh-" a fist launched into Seeker's stomach. He fell on the floor, gasping for air. He rose to get up but felt a boot press down on his back. Softly, then a sudden stomp. He was sure that crack he heard was a rib.

Seeker rolled and swung his leg around. He felt it connect with a leg and saw Nictus fall. Heat was bent backwards on his hands and feet, then pushed himself off the ground. His momentum was quickly stopped when a fist connected with his face. He fell back down, clutching his bloody nose.

He yelled for the guards as Nictus rose and placed his boot on his chest. He was losing the ability to breathe when a guard finally came running to the door. "What the hell is going on in here?!"

"A friendly discussion," said Nictus, as he pressed harder. The guard ripped open the door and attempted to taser Nictus. Ruby Blade grabbed the guard's arm and broke it in one quick movement. The guard's cry of pain was drowned out by the prisoner's cheering.

Seeker got up off the floor and wiped his nose. "You could have told me the damn plan beforehand!" he yelled.

"We did not because you are not part of the plan," said Nictus.

"What do you mean by 'not part of the plan'?"

Ruby grabbed Seeker's head with both hands and a spine-chilling snap was heard over the cheers. Two men left the cell and escaped the prison while one lay on the floor, unmoving.


"I thought you said we would be able to escape unnoticed!" yelled an angry Nictus Brawler over the blaring alarm.

"The guard found the body, but they won't be expecting us to retrieve our equipment now MOVE!"

They ran down the hallway and heard footsteps coming towards them. Ruby Blade turned and saw a door. He threw it open and pulled his companion inside.

They listened at the door as the guards ran passed and turned to see the equipment room. Lockers filled with items, all waiting to be taken. "Why would the humans not lock this place? Even I did not take them for fools this great!"

"It's because I unlocked it."

The two looked up to see Heat Seeker hovering above them, fully armored and ready to fight. "All you've got is your suit back! You can't amplify your powers if you're still drugged! Now get down here before you hurt yourself," said Seeker.

"How DARE you!" he yelled. "I will teach you to double-cross me!" His hands were covered in flames now.

"That impossible! I watched them give you the- ... Nictus... tell me, is Seeker putting off an energy signal?"

"No... he isn't."

Ruby Blade turned to a giggling figure in the corner. "Why the head games clown?"

"They are no fun back at ze base. I thought you might have a better sense of humor."

"As long as you're here to help us escape I am," replied Blade.

"Zen let us go!" She waved a hand and the lockers sprang open. "Take what you want. I will take what I need."

Nictus and Ruby suited up. Ruby cut the energy draining cuffs off of Nictus's wrists and they followed Harlequin outside. "Is there a reason, human, why we have not encountered any guards?"

"Ze are so overworked, no? I thought zey could use a little nap."

The two shook their heads and breathed the fresh air. Longbow arrived and with a poof they were gone.



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