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Crossover (Part 1) – Set Adrift
By: Soboscribe:
Protector server home of the various characters in this story

    Outside a nondescript building a team of heroes gathers. The team consists of three Blasters, a Tanker and a Defender, which are always in high demand.
    “Just waiting on Sunshine,” states Uber Woman, the team leader. Uber Woman is a level 39 Mutant Blaster that is a statuesque dark haired beauty. She is dressed in a short sleeved, bikini cut bottom unitard of blue with red bottoms and diagonal cut red from elbow to triceps. The symbol of the Liberty Bell is emblazoned across her chest and sports a golden metal belt worn loosely around her hips. Red boots, gloves and cape complete her ensemble.
    “Wow three Mutant Blasters on the team,” says Surge Pack. Surge Pack is a level 38 Electrical Blaster who is garbed in a dark blue full body suit with huge lightning bolt designs running down the length of both sleeves as well as down the sides of him. The Blaster is of an athletic build who sports his super group symbol of a four pointed star superimposed over a ring. His un-kept electric blue hair is unmanageable due to the static caused by his electric aura coming from his eyes. He too has earned the right to wear a cape that is colored the same as his body suit with twin lightning design on either side.
    “Well you Blasters may be mutants but Sunshine and I are of the Magic persuasion,” pipes in Earth Quaker, the team’s Tanker. He is a mountain of a man covered in a form fitting Earth gray rock armor with two huge shoulder pads. Twin bandoliers are strapped across the tanker’s barrel chest that carries his equipment. A half mask covers his square jawed face but exposes hid unruly silver gray hair. Having only a Security Level of 9, Earth Quaker is grateful to be mentored by Uber Woman.
    “I can’t wait to get this mish started. I have some payback to give to Crey,” states the last of the Mutant Blasters. NewBeee is a short but stocky hero with a strange, almost alien look to him, with his deep, dark eyes and squarish shaped bald head. His face is set in a grim look of determination that is in contrast to his easy going personality. The diminutive Blaster’s costume is a black body suit with a yellow tribal design scrawling across his broad chest, down both arms and sides of his body all the way down to his feet. Like his fellow Blasters, NewBeee has earned his cape which is a full length black number with yellow tribal designs on its sides. Tribal gloves and spiked shoulder pads complete his uniform. NewBeee has worked extremely hard to achieve his level 38 Security clearance.
    “Hey, here comes Sunshine now,” points Earth Quaker.
    “Sorry that I’m late, had to put a beat down on some Red Caps over in Croatoa.” Sunshine the petite level 40 Magic Defender is decked out in a long sleeved red shirt with matching skirt. An orange domino mask covers her elfin face that is visible under her flowing blonde hair. A yellow sunburst design is prominent on her chest and a mystical looking belt hangs around her waist. Orange boots and Opera gloves cover her arms and legs, and an orange short cropped cape is clasped around her neck by magical looking amulet. A sparkling aura surrounds her body, giving her a perpetual glow.

    The team enters the building. They are greeted not by a lobby and reception area of an office complex but the high tech entrance to a disguised Crey lab with a group of guards waiting in the hallway.
    “All right, party time!” yells Earth Quaker as he charges the guards. The tanker draws out his stone hammer and smashes a stone-faced, suited vigilant square in the chest. The Crey employee is knocked to the ground as the rest of the guards draw their weapons. Uber Woman cuts loose with a power blast and takes a Mob Specialist out of the game. NewBeee launches an ion burst and sends a Patrol Guard into the wall. The tanker swings his massive fist and finishes off the Vigilant that has tried to counter the attack. Surge Pack has dropped back and is exchanging blows with an Agent and Medic, trying to protect Sunshine. The Electrical Blaster lets loose a bolt of lightning and strikes the Medic down but takes a round from the Agent’s gun. Sunshine casts her healing spell while Earth Quaker finishes off the Crey Agent.
    “Thanks Sunshine that hits the spot.” “What, are you trying to be a tanker, that’s what you got me for,” jokes the huge hero, slapping the back of Surge Pack. The hero team explores the rest of the floor and after dispatching a group of Patrol Guards locates the elevator room. The heroes board the elevators for the next floor.
    “So what is the mish again?” asks NewBeee as the team exits the elevators.
    “I’ll scout ahead,” states Surge Pack taking flight.
    “My contact came across some information that Crey has illegally excavated some Ritki teleportation tech from the Crash Site. We’re her to recover the tech and find any evidence of what Crey is up to,” says Uber Woman as the rest of the team set out after Surge Pack.

    The team nears a bend in the walkway and hears an explosion. Surge Pack is knocked back by the explosion.
    “Juggernaut,” states the two Blasters simultaneously. Earth Quaker charges around the corner as Surge Pack picks himself off the floor to meet not only the Crey Juggernaut but a Scientist and Research Assistant. The tanker uses his Rooted power and locks the Crey Employees in place. NewBeee takes out the Research Assistant while Sunshine lets loose with a power cast to render the Scientist unconscious. Uber Woman and Earth Quaker are wailing on the Juggernaut when a burst of electricity blind sides the Crey agent shorting out the battle suit’s systems. Earth Quaker smashes his stone hammer into the Juggernaut, finishing him off.
    “That will teach me to jump the gun,” says the electrical blaster as he joins the team.
    “There’s a research lab to the left at the ‘T’, right takes us to more elevators.” The heroes check out the lab and come across some research on the computer there.
    “There’s a report about some Murkin crystal,” says NewBeee. “Download that report onto this memory vault for me please NewBeee,” requests Uber Woman handing over the memory stick. All the information copied from the computer, the team rides the elevators up to the next level.

    The elevators open up to a short hallway that leads into a huge laboratory full of power pylons and scanning equipment. In the center of the lab suspended in some type of machine is a huge dark green crystal that is pulsing with power. The Crey scientists surrounding the crystal are too engrossed in taking readings and making calibrations to notice the hero team entering the room.
    “Hey I bet you guys get all kinds of on-line gaming on this set-up.” “This is a highly classified research area and it’s not to be used…” states one of the scientists who finally look up form his council.
    “Hi doc,” says Earth Quaker right before smashing the Crey Scientist square in the face. Guards and Agents storm into the lab and total chaos ensues. Uber Woman and Surge Pack are back to back dealing out energy and electrical bolts. Earth Quaker has summoned a Rooting spell and dealing out damage to a group of Crey Guards. NewBeee is cutting loose with his energy bolts, keeping any stray Agent or Researcher off the tanker’s back. Sunshine is doing her part by casting her healing spells to keep the team in fighting shape or taking out any stragglers on the outskirts of the battle. The fight wages on for some time but the Crey forces are steadily loosing ground to the heroes.
    “Okay, okay I’ll tell you everything we are researching,” whimpers Dr. Ashcan, the lead researcher. The doctor flicks a control on a panel as the heroes stop their punishing beating. Two Paragon Protectors teleport into the lab.
    “He set us up, that lying…” exclaims Surge Pack as the team squares off against the Protectors.

    “Protectors, I hate those guys,” moans the defender.
    “Yeah, they take forever to go down,” replies NewBeee
    “Ready for action team,” commands Uber Woman. The team spreads out and prepares to attack. An energy wave is released from the male Protector, blasting Surge Pack off his feet. Sunshine quickly casts a healing spell to help the electrical blaster and a enraging inspiration hex that helps empower the team leader as she strikes back at the Paragon Protector with her own energy beam. Meanwhile Earth Quaker slams his stone hammer into the female Protector, knocking her back against the wall. The Crey creation somersaults off the wall and sprouts a set of claws from the tops of her hands.
    “I can’t believe these guys are still operating, haven’t enough evidence been found to prove that Crey is stealing powers from dead or missing heroes?” states NewBeee while blasting Earth Quaker’s attacker with a Nutreno Emission.
    “Crey’s been getting it dismissed in court as rogue operatives acting on their on agenda,” says Uber Woman, blasting the Protector off his feet. Surge Pack is able to throw a Tesla Cage around the Crey Creation, freezing him in the static field.
    “Now we got him Uber,” quips the electrical blaster. The two teammates nearly drain themselves of energy but are finally able to blast the energy Protector into submission.
    “I got your back Earth Quaker,” shouts Sunshine as she engulfs the Magic Tanker in a healing spell. The scrapper type Protector cartwheels out to the way as NewBeee releases an energy bolt, just missing the enemy. The Protector lands in front of the giant crystal. Surge Pack draws a bead on her and with the last of his energy reserve releases a lightning charge. At that instant the clawed Protector springs off the crystal to resume her attack on Earth Quaker. With a combined assault from the tanker’s stone hammer and an enchanted energy bolt from Sunshine, the clawed creation is taken down. However Surge Pack’s lightning blast missed its intended target and struck dead center of the Murkin crystal.

    “That can’t be good,” mutters the electrical blaster as the pulsating crystal starts glowing faster, brighter and shaking with a build up of energy.
    “We need to get the data from the computer,” “I’m on it Uber, this is my fault,” replies Surge Pack.
    “Uh, guys, lets get a move on, I don’t like the look of that crystal,” states NewBeee as he joins his fellow blasters.
    “Almost there… just a few more seconds… got it!” yells the electrical blaster. Suddenly a klaxon alarm sounds and a recorded warning is broadcasted.
    “Emergency lock down activating. Please evacuate this facility.”
    “We need to go now!” commands Uber Woman grabbing her companions by the arms. The three blasters turn and start for the entrance way when a huge flash of light erupts from the crystal.

    Earth Quaker grabs Sunshine to protect the Defender, using his massive body as a shield from the explosion in the lab. Sunshine sees her three teammates caught in the blinding flash. As her sight clears, the magic Defender quickly searches the ruined lab but finds no sign of her fellow heroes.
    “There’s nothing left of them Earth Quaker not even a scrap of costume,” sobs Sunshine. “Hey Sunshine, I found a chunk of the crystal,” says the Magic Tanker as he upends a damaged control panel and pulls the crystal fragment out.

    Uber Woman is the first to come to. She is greeted with the moans of the other blasters.
    “Man what hit us.” “Don’t know NewBeee, but we’re certainly not in a Crey lab anymore,” comments Surge Pack as he summons a Voltic Sentinel to provide some light.
    “What did that crystal do?” asks Uber Woman. The three heroes scan their surroundings and quickly realize that they are in a huge underground cavern.


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