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The Skulls Strike Back
By: T.W.

The existing Onami members sat at their table in the Onami base, ShadowPain sat at the head saddened by the lack of member who had been showing up recently. She was going to tell those who didn’t know that Aaron’s wife and co-founder of the Onami had left them with Occam’s Razor. But the sadness of it all is that all those present were there at the farewell, except one.

“Where’s Voltech?” asked Shadow Pain re-looking at each seat to make sure she hadn’t missed shades-wearing electricity wielder.

“Missing a meeting like this isn’t like him, plus he’s the only person who comes to the base on a daily basis,” said NyteHawk, he to looking around “I wonder where he is.”


Mike leaned back in his Dodge Viper feeling the rush of wind as he pulled into 115 miles an hour, he had some thinking to do and if he stayed still an Onami member or Skull might see him and he didn’t want to be responsible for anything happening, especially in his current attitude.

Thauma was gone; he accidentally killed another man and severely hurt two other last night when he again attempted to think.  Now one would think he was most likely to hit a car at his speed but it never happened, to start off with Mike had always been a good driver even with his modified police engine reaching its peak of speed but if anything did happen the car was programmed to take control to prevent harm.

He worked to hard, that was it, if he wasn’t fighting he was inventing and if he was inventing he was checking up on the tech enhancement stores he owned. Maybe he needed a vacation, but then, he reflected, he still wouldn’t be at rest he’d look for danger where there was none, Mike was a man of thrills.

At that moment a loud explosion interrupted his thinking, followed by the groaning of metal and breaking of windows, followed shortly by the screeching of breaks and unmistakable sound of a collision or fifty. Mike looked to his left; a large dust cloud worked its way with amazing speed down the street to his left, covering everything with debris, dust and ash.

Mike praised his good fortune; he’d been looking for something to do. He slammed on the breaks and turned sharply; drifting so the cloud was right behind him, then sped off with the dust in hot pursuit. Mike leaned his head back and screamed with delight as his Viper was beating the cloud by about 20 feet. Becoming self conscious he switched so the roof of his car unfolded and covered the vehicle and rolled up his windows.

Soon he would have to turn and he didn’t want to be 6 feet under ash and other junk so he made and immediate decision, turning sharply so that his was length-wise against to the cloud he backed into an alley and with a trick bit of maneuvering fit himself in between two buildings. The cloud was not tall enough to pass above the buildings and his car was completely safe, so was he.

Changing into his hero uniform he retracted the roof and stepped out. He was now Voltech tasking on the more the appearance of the ex-Skull member he was and less of the hero he is: his zipped jacket with the lightning bolts were the same as were his pants though the design was now with slash marks, his boots were a heavier leather with large buckled going across the face, on his shoulder were metallic skulls with spines running down the side of his arms ending in glove wrapped in chains, at his waste was a fanged-skull belt still with the necessary pockets that carried his tech tools. And, of course he, he wore his glasses

The dust had settled and Voltech took off over the building with all the speed flight could give him till he arrived at the source: a building, a very large skyscraper to be exact was smoking; a huge chunk was blown out of the side and had collapsed, creating the cloud. Voltech did a scan of the building: there were a large number of hostiles and many civilians in danger, the only authorities present were the ones in vehicles surrounding the building.

Voltech dove for the first group of hostiles who were swarming the building going every which way. Voltech landed in there mist and groaned inwardly: Skulls. The Skulls exchanged glances every branch was here, Gravediggers to Death heads.

“Can’t we ever get rid of you!?” exclaimed a Bone Daddy who obviously knew Voltech.

“I was about to ask you the same thing! Now, I like to give everyone the choice, would u like to come quietly or-”

In answer the Bone Daddy attacked with a shrouded punch, Voltech staggered backwards feeling the effect of the dark powers Skulls possessed, it was a feeling he never got used to but he had learned to resist, cheating death is what made a Skull what he was.

Voltech straightened, arms wrapped in white hot electricity, “let’s do this”

“Get him!” yelled the Bone Daddy and every Skull that heard him attacked Voltech in one swarm. Basic fighting principal, when you are rushed some of your enemies tend to be closer and faster then others, the trick is to dispatch them as they came. And dispatch he did every attacking Skull that came in melee range was met by a charged fish, those to far came face to face with an electrical blast and those he could were thrown off the side of the building by a clever use of their own momentum.

The Bone Daddy seemed to realize his losing battle and retreated to a group of Skulls who were struggling to move a case up a flight of stairs. After the last Death head found himself in a very long fall down the side of the building, he pursued this group.

In a single leap he landed on the case where the Skulls had just been reaching the next floor, his weight along with whatever was in the case was too much and the skulls let go. With a charged Haymaker Voltech slammed the leading Bone Daddy’s head into his shoulders and proceeded in blasting or punching the rest of the group to where they couldn’t fight or ran off.

Curious, Skulls never ran from a fight, death was of no issue to them. Voltech jumped off the case and opened it. A large black metal object with a rapidly pulsing red light was in it, suddenly the light switched to green. “Crap!”  He said pushing the case with his foot to an open window where it crashed through, but not in enough time, the bomb exploded just as it was exiting the window sending a concussion wave out the pushed Voltech along the hall way and out the other window where he fell unconscious.


High atop the tilted sky scraper stood a dark figure with tribal tattoos decorating his bare chest, his pants were tucked into boots that were adorned with spikes and his gloves had spikes along his knuckles, his right shoulder wrapped in chains, the emblem of a black Skull was in the middle of his chest signifying his rank as Dark Master.

“Forgive me,” he said still looking out over the building, another figure had moved from behind him to next to him, “I doubted your plan it will not happen again.”

“As much as I doubt your bone club, I felt this necessary for my will to play out” the figure stepped forward, sunlight shone off the top of his helm which seemed to absorb light instead of reflecting off it, his black armor was detailed with red and the sign of archons adorned his chest and black cape.

The Dark Master turned slightly showing an overlapped VT scar on his chest, “and just what is your will?”

“Lets just say you’re not the only one who has business with Voltech,” they were silent for a moment, “NyteWatch,” the Rogue Isles Protector said, NyteWatch turned again, “ask another impertinent question of me and I will personally rip your tongue out.” NyteWatch nodded and turned his gaze down the building once more.


Voltech eyes flickered opened, he was still falling. “Ow” he commented. He corrected himself and flew straight up, passing the blast area and coming to the passing the top of the building, a dark blast slowly chased after him hitting in the back, Voltech arched his back and free-fell head first.

“I got him!” crowed NyteWatch.

“Had it been that easy, Lucius would have finished him years ago” remarked the Protector.


What had directed Voltech’s attention was another explosion that caused a small chunk of building to fall towards the gaping onlookers down below. Free-falling he caught up to the piece and began wrapping it in electricity, like a large net. He was flying up now, pulling with all his might, but he wasn’t strong enough the piece would still be able to kill a lot of people and he couldn’t stop it in mid-flight.

As he neared the place where he needed to set down a dark figure appeared and with a spread of his hand caused all the civilians to feel immense fear and run as far away from that location as they could. Voltech set down the debris.

“Thanks Forbode, you’ve always been there for me” he pretended to wipe a tear from his eye.

“You’re not the only one who answered to the explosion” said the ebony eight foot statue before him; he gave Voltech his rare half smile.

“If you wouldn’t mind getting the other heroes to clear this up, I’m gonna go confront the master mind behind this.”

“Of course not, you go do the exciting stuff while I clean up.”

Voltech gave him a wry smile.

Voltech launched straight up again reaching the top where the Dark Master who fired at him and another figure that Voltech recognized stood.

“RIP! Well isn’t this a coincidence, I would expect the Skulls to be the last people you would associate with, new hobby?”

“The skulls have there uses” the Protector replied.

“OK, what are you up to?” asked Volt suspiciously, he and R.I.P had met on several occasions and had developed a hate for each other and each knew the others quirks and styles, but he was up to something, Voltech knew it.

“NyteWatch, leave us” commanded R.I.P.

“But we agreed...”

“Do you want to keep your tongue?” he threatened. NyteWatch left.

Voltech unclipped his cape and shoulder pads and through them to the side, RIP followed suit. They began to circle each other warily.

“So...what do you want?” asked Voltech.

“I want to offer you a job for Arachnos,” RIP replied, Voltech attacked and RIP locked his arm and gave him a fiery punch to Voltech’s midsection. Voltech jumped back to his position.

“And….?” He asked

“You will have unlimited resources and lab with anything you want.”

“That’s nice,” Voltech checked below him, the place was deserted, “but here’s and idea,” he aimed a large blast for a main electrical box , several resounding explosions echoed below them as over surged circuits and electrical appliances big and small exploded. “Go to hell!” Voltech told him.

The building collapsed on itself, Voltech grabbed the dismembered parts of his costume and flew away.

“Not clever Michael,” the protector said from his perch, another building a good distance away from the collapsed tower, “but you will be bent to my will.”


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