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When Blight Begins

A loud siren sounded and the prisoner sat up on his cot in his cramped cell. He looked through the slit in the door and his eyes grew wide at the site. Costumed villains and men in shiny, green armor were running around and actually taking out the guards! He watched the armored men bash guards and some weirdoes in red and white spandex with spiked clubs, then point the tip and fire some kind of laser!

He sat back on his cot, disappointed. He didn't have any powers; he wasn't getting out of here. Heck he was sent here for the third time this month by an old lady when he tried to rob a jewelry store!

He heard some shouting outside his door and then, without warning, a hero was tossed so hard it knocked the door in!

The hero wasn't moving but that wasn't the prisoner's problem. He stepped over the unconscious man and followed the nearest villain he found.

He jumped into a large hole to the sewers that seemed to have been made by explosives. The villain went outside the sewer but there were gunshots out there, the prisoner new he wasn't quick enough to survive out there. The prisoner then saw that he could follow the sewer to the left and maybe avoid any fighting outside.

He walked that way for maybe an hour, doing his best to ignore the sewage that was soaking his ankles. As he moved ahead he noticed the water gradually change from a sickly green to a dark black.

"What is this stuff?" he asked as he pulled up his foot making the goop create a sucking sound. 'It is The Muck,' he heard. "Who said that?" asked the prisoner turning around, but no one was there.

'We said that, the ancient substance which you are currently tainting with your presence, is Muck,' the bodiless voice said.

The prisoner realized this voice was coming from inside his own head and began to panic. He just got beaten up by an old lady! How was he supposed to take on a super-powered person? The black goo held his legs still as he tried to run and began to slowly move up his legs. "Let me go! I'm just trying to get out of here! I don't want a fight!"

'We aren't going to fight you, just make you an offer. Accept us, and you will become more than a man. You can become a master of forces beyond this world and leaving it. You would be able to control the forces of rot and decay and use them to make yourself a being more powerful than any other.'

"Powerful? Me, a super-villain? Yeah, yeah I like the sound of that. We could be partners! You have the power and I have the will!" he said, The Muck was already up to his neck.

'This isn't a partnership,' said The Muck as it covered the prisoner's horrified face. Then a new voice, now his voice said, "It's a possession!" The black goo hardened into a red and black armor that would inspire terror in the hearts of the bravest heroes.

"I think a new name for myself is in order." He gave life to a rotting corpse of a hero who had apparently failed his mission. Looking at the zombie gave him the inspiration he needed. "Blightlord," he said and grinned under his helmet. He walked back towards the exit where the other villain had gone, he was very capable now.

The End

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