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QZ-RM1A(quantum zoid- research model 1 assassin)
by mkauf84
Prologue: Beginnings of a beginning.
Scientists at a Crey laboratory gather to take notes of the new discoery. They talk amongst themselves of the strange discovery. A buzz comes from the intercom placed in the lab; no one hears it. It buzzes a second time; still no one hears. A third time it buzzes; no luck. The marveled scientist are too distracted by their observation of the discovery. The intercom continued to buzz repeatedly. Finally a lab assisstant noticed the buzzing walked over to the intercom and pushed the talk button. Immeadiatly a harsh voice spoke "What the hells is going in there!?!" It was one of Crey's executive officials. "Sorry Sir, there's really something you must see." The assissant walks over to a keypad and punches in a code. A door slides open and the official walks into the lab. The lab assissant closes the door behind the official as he enters. The official spoke "What took you so long? You know I'm a very busy man". "Yes sir" the assisstant replied. "I can't be waiting on some labby". "Sorry sir". "This better be important because if it isn't you know what I'll do!" "Yes sir" the assissant said while trying to swallow a lump brought on by the fear of what the official could do. The official started working for Crey Laboratories 5 years ago. He was able to gain rank quickly not because he was trustworthy. No trustworthy would discribe a kleptomaniac in a jewelry store. But because of his great reliability. The assisstant thought how the official could drag him into the street, point a gun at him, and fire a shot into his head while the Freedom Phlax watched. He would be dead while the official would probally get few extra dollars added to his paycheck. "Alright what is that is so important that it distracted you so greatly" the official said. "Well sir, it's that well uh we...please come this way". The lab assisstant lead the Crey official over to a circle of bewildered scientist. The official asked "What is the important discovery?" "Well why don't you come over and see for yourself" voice said seductively. The voice had come from the head scientist. Many have mistaken her for model. She would of been hadn't been for her great passion for science. She had no fear or worry of the official since as head scienctist she gained much respect. There is also rumour they were an item a few years back and that the official was still in love with her. "Ok" the official said "tell me what you have discovered." "Well you see sir" a scientist said "it's an element with the strangest properties. It is so high on the table that it is actually able manipulate the physical universe it's self. It's stronger than anything we have recorded. Even stronger than armor from a Rikti space cruiser. And yet it is as fashionable as putty. But the strangest thing about the element is that it doesn't exist. What you see is an etherreal projection so strong that it is actually able to take on physical properties such as mass, volume, and density." "Intresting" spoke the official "show me more of it's properties." The scientist typed a code into a computer and took the element out of a glowing mist. He than walked over to a slaight of Rikti armor and dropped it on to the armor. The element fell straight through as if falling through air and landed on the ground. The scientist walked over with a technical ring and placed it around the element. He than went over the computer typed in a code and the element fell halfway into the floor. He typed another code and the element fell all the way through. The scientist walked over to the part of the floor where the element was reached in and pulled it out. He than dropped it and back it sank into the ground. He motioned the assisstant over to the spot. The assisstant went over tried the get the element but his hand would not go through the floor. The scientist walked over reached into the floor and picked up the element. He held it inside the ring and told the assisstant to type in the instucted code. The assisstant typed in the code as instructed. The scientist than molded the element into a bowl, walked to the Rikti armor, and scooped out some of the armor as if he were taking a scoop out of warm butter. He put some of it back into the ring typed in a code. Went to the ring pulled the element out and started to chew on it he had changed it into chewing gum mint flavor. He took the rest of the element into a chamber filled with the glowing mist of a specialized gun. He than aimed at a 10 feet thick block of lead which was 50 yards away. And in the way where beakers, computers, lab equipment, 5 feet thick wall of Rikti armor, more lab equipment, and more lab equipement. Finally the block. He walked a little by little touching each object showing it was still solid. He got to the back of the brick and put his hand into it. He took it out went over to the gun typed a code on it's display screen and walked back to the block but this time with out going around the objects. He stopped at the block knocked on it to show solidesity. He scrapped an inch out of the block put his hand sraight into the block. Walked back to the official with a scoop of lead in hand. And stood in silence. The official spoke saying "I need you to find the cheapest and easiest way to make this. I will have an engineer over to collect you notes. You have two months. Also I need you to try to pull some of the actual element out of the void."
                                                                                        To be continued...

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