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“Supernatural Assault Unit: Bounty”
By: Nelson Carrasquillo
An ultimate COH adventure

    **In a universe where Paragon City’s biggest protectorate group, the Hero Corps, is corrupt and filled with ignorant heroes following the commands of the corrupt leaders, few heroes know the truth. Most of them are forced into a life of hiding or forced to put on a show and agree with the corrupt to keep their lives. Few actually fight back, and few keep their will to fight on. Some of those few have come together and formed the Supernatural Assault Unit. **

Hero Corps training facility: Atlas Park

    A group of top ranked Hero Corps Long Bow members gathered in an office. They hovered over the bodies of their fallen comrades analyzing the destruction and the deaths.

    “Move out of my way maggots,” the strong voice of a huge man dressed in black with hair that resembled the mane of a horse yelled through the crowd of red and white clad Long Bow.

    The man moved forward through the crowd, one Long Bow stayed in his way to try to stop the man from continuing. “Sir, I don’t think you want to see this,” the Long Bow said with a slight quiver in his voice.

    “Move your ass soldier,” the man in black said, shoving the Long Bow member out of his way. “Uncover our fallen comrades I want to see who they are,” he commanded.

    The men who were hovering over the bodies quickly uncovered one of them; they were very hesitant in uncovering the other. “We found the other body in the hall sir, we marked his position and brought him into the office,” a long bow said, while he placed his hands on the cover. The man took a deep breath and uncovered the other body.

    “Tim!?” the man cried out in rage and pain. “No…it can’t be. My brother can’t die,” the big man fell to his knees and held his brother’s life-less body. The cold feel of the dead carcass brought tears to the man’s face. “I wanna know who did this…gimme some one who can tell me who did this, damnit!”

    The Long Bow in the room quickly scattered in fear and urgency to find the residential psychic. After some time, a female Long Bow dragged in another woman with blonde hair and piercing light blue eyes, she shoved her into the room. The woman looked like she had barely gotten out of bed; she stood there in her pink silk bunny pajamas and greeted the large man holding his dead brother’s body.

    “Why the hell are you in your pajamas?” the big man questioned.

    “It’s freakin 5:30 in the morning. Now, how can I help you, Night Trojan?” she rubbed her eyes to get rid of any gunk.

    The big man picked up his brother and brought the body over to the psychic woman. “I need you to check his mind and see who killed him and why, psychic girl,” he never knew her name and never cared.

    She looked at the man with a disappointed face, “How many times do I have to tell you that my name is Layla?” Night Trojan didn’t pay any mind to her sentence and continued to look at his brother. She walked up to the dead body and placed her hands on his head. She closed her eyes and saw glimpses of the fight, “I see the battle…it’s not that clear, his opponent was very fast. I think he was wearing dark red and blue.”

    “Great that’s half of the freakin’ hero population, anything else?” Night Trojan asked.

    “Well, he had extensive martial arts training, I can tell in his technique. I never seen it before it’s a little different.”

    “Damnit woman tell me something I can use!”

    “Hold your horses, jeez…the man had a big white star on his chest, and he had others with him, I can only see one of them clearly. That man was wearing orange body armor. Looks like a technology hero or villain. His right arm is made of a very shiny metal…that’s all I can get.”

    “A man wearing a red and blue suit with a big star on his chest, rollin’ with a dude in a tech suit with a metal arm…shit, that fucker is gonna pay for what he did,” Night Trojan placed his brother down and headed to the door of the room.

    “Wait, Trojan, who is it?” a Long Bow agent asked.

    “Those bastard traders, Big Puerto Rico and Rey Tormentor, that’s who.” The man rushed out of the room and stomped his way to the announcement room. “Attention maggots, I need a good group, don’t worry for what, just be at the announcement room in freakin thirty seconds,” Trojan said into the microphone.

A stampede was heard heading down the hall. Eager young heroes bombarded Night Trojan with shouts of “pick us,” or “We’re ready, coach.” The big man scanned the crowd trying to decide who to send.

“You all look weak and disgustingly untrained. Screw it, you all get the assignment,” he said.

    “All thirty of us?” a kid in a black bicker jacket said while he put a cigar up to his mouth.

Trojan saw the cigar and snatched it from the kid’s mouth, “What are you like fifteen? You’re too young for this shit,” he put the cigar in his mouth and lit it. “No wonder you run like a little girl in heels tryin’ to make it to the can before she pees her pants. Just because you wear a biker jacket doesn’t make you a bad ass, now shit heads I have a mission…in fact it’s more like a bounty. I want the head of Big Puerto Rico and Rey Tormentor on my desk. To the person who does this I will give them 100,000 dollars and personal training until you reach a good level, I guarantee that.”

The crowd of young heroes jumped with excitement. “Where the hell are they Night Trojan?” a young voice asked through the crowd.

“Well, we don’t have a freakin pin-pointed location, but they are suspected to be around the Steel Canyon and Talos Island area, look there; try to concentrate more of the groups in Steel, most likely he is there. He used to like that place a lot.”

“Cool, then lets get going!” the kid in the biker jacket said.

“Before you snot-nosed punks head out I wanna tell you that I’m dead freakin serious about their heads on the table, I want them dead, not alive!”

“Whoa…are you,” the kid paused.

“Shut the hell up and get out there, damnit!” Trojan yelled.

The group of thirty young heroes headed out with the intent of finding and killing Big Puerto Rico and Rey Tormentor.

Steel Canyon-General Hospital

    “So, how are you feeling, Austin?” Pobre Diabla said, putting her reddish-brown hair into a ponytail.

    “Well, considering I have three cracked ribs, swelling in the face and a broken spirit…I’m ok, I have a little bit of my father’s regen power so the wounds will heal. The only thing that isn’t ok with me is the death of my whole squad by the hands of Tim and the Vahzilok,” Kid Aux said while he sat up.

    “Sit back down, Kid, I don’t think you should even be moving,” Rey Tormentor stressed his concern. “I mean you fought Dr. Vahzilok and his cronies and then got into a fight with Tim, and you didn’t do too well in either.”

    “Thanks for the support, Rey, I’m ok inside I’m already healed, I just have to wait a little bit longer for my face to go down.”

    “Hmm, well I guess you’re ready to go. We’ll wait for Big PR first though,” Rey said sitting down in a chair located near a window.

    “Where is he any way, Rey?” Pobre asked.

    Rey Tormentor looked out the window and watched a battle between some Trolls and a hero, “Most likely in church, he killed…he always goes there when he had to kill someone.”

    “Damnit these Trolls are harder then I thought,” the kid in the leather biker jacket said while trying to dodge the attacks of his adversaries. “C’mon, Jason, kick their ass!” he yelled to himself. His attempt to self-motivate failed and Jason ended up kissing the asphalt.

    The teleporter kicked in and sent him to the hospital just a few feet away. When the teleporter completely transported the young hero, he flopped down on the chair located next to the machine that just brought him there. He sat in disappointment, thinking if he can’t handle trolls, then how would he be able to get close to finding Big Puerto Rico and Rey Tormentor. He sat with his eyes closed; trying to replay the fight in his head seeing what he did wrong. Even though his eyes were closed he can see the light that was reflecting off of something and onto his face. He shielded his eyes and then opened them. The reflection of the light was strong but he could make out where the shine was coming from.

    “A shiny metal…oh shit, I’m freakin lucky. I better call in the rest of my group!” he pulled out his communicator and called in his location. He stayed in his seat just watching the group.

    As if on cue Big Puerto Rico comes rushing into Kid Aux’s room, his back toward Jason, “We’ve got trouble, Night Trojan took it personal and he has a bounty on our heads. We’ve got to get out of here.”

    Jason realized he had to do something to at least stall the powerful heroes. He jumped out of his seat and aimed at the back of Big PR. He let his most powerful blast off and it seemed to do nothing but grab the attention of Big PR. Big PR turned and faced Jason. Rey, Pobre Diabla, and Kid Aux came running out of the room. Jason acted out of fear and rushed the hero. With all his might and as much speed as he could muster up he rammed into the wanted man. With a great smack Jason’s head hit the floor and Big PR stood over him.

    “Nice try on the tackle, kid, better luck next time. Let’s move people we probably don’t have that much time,” Big PR said, running to the elevators down the hall.

    The group of wanted heroes rushed out the doors of the hospital, they walked into a sea of eager and blood thirsty young heroes.

    “How the hell did they know we were here?” Kid Aux asked.

    “That kid called in the location, he just so happen to get lucky and see you guys sitting there,” Big PR said.

    “How did you know that?” Diabla questioned.

    “We have an insider, these kids aren’t really strong, but they still could give us complication.”

    “Why would Night Trojan send these rookies? I mean it’s insulting,” Rey commented.

    “He was in a hissy fit and just acted on impulse. We have to hurry up, I think there are twenty of them out there right now and ten more are coming in from Talos,” Big PR jumped into the air and pulled out a sword. He came down with a strike that had the force to knockout five of the heroes.

    “I thought he was a martial arts fighter, Rey,” Kid Aux said.

    “Kid, Big PR is talented in many fields of the martial arts not just unarmed combat,” Rey said, while he blasted the misguided heroes with a mixture of electric and energy blasts.

    For Rey and Big PR the crowd was nothing much to deal with, but for the young heroes, Kid Aux and Pobre Diabla, it was something more difficult. Kid Aux would watch Big PR and Rey take on multiple opponents while he struggled with only one. For Pobre Diabla the battle was one of luck. She was a fire blaster, that couldn’t control her blast that well. Every other fire ball would miss her target and fly off in the air or hit another enemy. For a fight that consisted of twenty against four the battle didn’t seem to last long; simply because most of the ignorant heroes were on the ground knocked out, teleported to the hospital, or just ran off. Big PR finished off a kid that had attacked him from behind, when a huge muscle bound hero popped up and smacked the wanted hero.

    The kid was strong for his level, but his strength was nothing compared to Big PR. The kid raised his hand and shook his finger as if saying no you won’t; his cocky gesture left his chin open, the keen fighter Big PR threw a punch and knocked the kid flat on his face.

    “Never get cocky in a fight,” Big PR said aloud. “We need to keep moving before the rest come, looks like you two are tired,” he pointed to Kid Aux and Pobre Diabla.

    “Too late, old man!” a tall blonde haired kid said; the remaining ten people were behind him.

    He led the group in a rush toward the heroes. Big PR and Rey stood at the front, the tired Kid Aux and Pobre Diabla stayed back. With flashes of electricity, energy, and flames the young heroes fired upon the out numbered team. Big PR and Rey deflected most of the shots and withstood the others. With the other group one or two slices of Big PR’s sword would send them to an early nap, but with the group that they faced, it took slightly more. Couple by couple the young heroes fell until there were none.

Hero Corps training facility: Atlas Park

    Night Trojan sat at his desk located in a room in the east wing of the Hero Corps training facility; he waited for news on the group that he sent off to kill Big PR and Rey Tormentor.

    “Sir, they failed,” a Long Bow agent said to Night Trojan.

    “Which ones?” he questioned.

    “All of them sir, they all failed.”

    Night Trojan sat up and threw his desk to the side. The anger and frustration had gotten the best of him. “Damn it! Damn it all. What the hell? Is there anyone alive that can take them down?” he paused to think for a bit. “I think we need some one from ‘the other side’ of the yard to help with this one.”

    “Do you mean going to Mercy Island and finding a villain?”

    “Not just a villain the perfect one for the job. He once was a hero himself, but thanks to a mental melt down he turned. He was once known as the Irish Defender, but now he is simply known as Limrick! Go find him and tell him what I want from him. I know he wants to get his hands on Big PR as well. Go at midnight, it’s a good hour he probably doesn’t sleep any way.”

Mercy Island

    “Damnit, I’m here at freakin midnight tryin to find a crazed villain…I should be home,” the scared Long Bow said.

    “You know you outta be careful with what you say to yourself,” Limrick proclaimed, as he walked out of the shadows.

    “I…I…I’m sorry, Mr. Limrick, I meant no disrespect.”

    “Shut your mouth and give me the details, I don’t have all day now.” The scared Long Bow agent told the story, and sparked an idea in Limrick’s head. “Hey, don’t you guys have that one potion the CoT tried to use to bring someone from the dead?”

    “Ah, yeah I think.”

    “Ha, ha, then I got the best plan, he can finally come back.”

    “Who, who’s gonna be coming back?”

    “You’ll see…in due time.”      


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