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Omnisourse: Victim 
By: Soboscribe (
Server: Protector

   A young couple stroll through Prometheus Park located in the Atlas Park are of Paragon City. The two are enjoying the warm sunny spring day. Kevin Caucher has dark curly hair and is of average height with a lean muscular frame. He is a recent collage graduate who has landed himself at one of the most prestigious engineering firms in the city. Lisa Halloway, a curvy blonde with an angelic face, high cheek bones and all, is in her final year of her Elementary Education degree from Rhode Island State. Both are long time residents of the City of Heroes. The two are holding hands walking along the shore line towards city hall.
    “Would you look at that air traffic at city hall today Lisa, there must be about fifty heroes flying around the hall.” Kevin notices a few scantly clad superheroines fly by.
    “Lived here all my life and I’m still in awe of the supers.” “Ever wondered what it would be like to be a superhero?” asks Lisa as the couple prepare to cross the street. “Hasn’t every kid in this country dream of that. I wouldn’t mind seeing you in a costume like that.” Comments Kevin as another heroine flies by with a barely there costume.
    “You’re a pig.” Jokes Lisa as she gives Kevin a slap on his shoulder.

    The two lovers cross over and enter one of the grassy parkways that surround city hall. They find a nice secluded bench and take advantage of the time and area for a little make out session. Time quickly passes before Lisa and Kevin realize that the sun is setting.
    “We should be heading home now Kevin, I have to study for my exam tomorrow.” “Hey now there’s a rare sight. No heroes at city hall, hope nothing big is going down that would need all the heroes.”
    “Oh I think you need to worry about what is going on right here lover boy,” comes a rough sounding voice from behind the couple. Kevin turns and quickly places himself protectively in front of Lisa as a gang of Skulls crash through the bushes, all of which are Gravediggers, two are Slicers, two are Sluggers, a Brawler and a Chopper. The couple is quickly surrounded by the half dozen members of the local street gang.
    “We don’t want any trouble. If its money you want, all I have is twenty bucks.”
    “Oh I just want to show my boys here a good time is all,” replies the Skull leader, the Chopper. “It’s not often that we get to play without being interrupted by the capes. Grab em!” orders the Chopper menacingly.

    Lisa is grabbed by the Brawler and a Slicer while the leader pushes Kevin back into the bench. Out of reflex Kevin catches himself and without realizing what he’s doing hit the Gravedigger Chopper with a mean right cross staggering the gang leader.
    “Oh you’re going to pay for that,” hisses the Chopper, rubbing his jaw. Kevin is grabbed by the two Sluggers, locking his arms behind his back. The Chopper punches Kevin in the stomach several times.
    “Look, not a hero is sight. To bad so sad for you,” taunts the gang leader as he picks up Kevin’s head by his hair. Kevin who is doubled over in pain summons up all the defiant energy he can muster and spits in the face of the Chopper.
    “That’s it you’re going to die. But not before I make you watch me have my way with your girl.”
    The chopper laughs as he smashes the handle of his axe into the back of Kevin’s head.

    Kevin is pinned to the ground by one of the Sluggers’ bat pressed against the back of his neck. Lisa struggles and stifles a scream, fearing it will make things worse as the Chopper saunters over to her.
    “Oh feisty are you. And big and bouncy, the way I like em. Show me the goods,” snaps the Chopper. With a smooth almost graceful move one of the Slicers flicks out his blade and in one quick upward swipe slits Lisa’s top right down the center exposing her soft flesh and bra.
    “Very nice indeed. We’re going to have a great time with you,” says the gang leader in a lusty voice.
    “Don’t you touch me you bastard!” screams Lisa as she tries to smash her shoe down and catches the toes of the Slicer holding her. A surprised look of pain crosses the Slicer’s face and he releases Lisa. The young woman is shocked by the moment of freedom.
    “Run Lisa, run!” yells Kevin. Lisa looks around and turns to run only to find the business end of the other Slicer’s knife jammed into her abdomen.

    A primal roar of rage escapes Kevin as a surge of adrenalin empowers him with the strength to push off the ground and free himself from the distracted Slugger. Lisa collapses to the ground in a state of shock.
    “No!” cries Kevin as he gains his feet with a face contorted with rage and hurt. The young man lets out another roar as her focuses on the Gravedigger Chopper.
    “Get ready to join you girlfriend,” taunts the Skull leader as he prepares for an axe swing that will take off Kevin’s head. Kevin charges straight for the Chopper. The Skull swings his axe with a smug look waiting for the death blow to land. Right before the axe can make contact, severing the young man’s head, a brilliant flash of light explodes out of nowhere. Kevin is engulfed in a ball of energy as the Chopper is knocked back when his axe makes contact with the impenetrable wall of energy.

    The gang members quickly regain their senses from the bright flash of light only to look on with amazement at the sight of their would-be victim. Standing in front of the Skull leader is a figure that is dressed in a costume.
    Kevin’s eyes focus and he realizes that all his senses are twice as clear then he can remember. He looks down at his hands and is surprised to see that they are covered with stars.
    “What the hell!” stammers one of the Slicers as he stares at the transformed young man. Instead of a bloody and beaten collage grad, now stands a figure with a dark purple face plate like that of a theatre mask with only glowing yellow eyes. From the shoulders angled down to his chest is shaded in the same purple as the mask which runs down his neck to seamlessly blend into the form fitting costume. The rest of the muscular form looks as though he was cut from the midnight sky, all black and covered in stars.

    “Oh man he’s a cape, we beat up on a cape!” cries out one of the Brawlers.
    “Don’t know how this could be, I don’t have any powers,” says the confused Kevin as he scratches his exposed head of hair.
    “We can still take him,” commands the Skull leader. A Slugger takes a swing at the now super powered Kevin, trying to blindside him. Kevin snaps up his arm defensively as is amazed as the bat shatters against his arm without any injury. Before the Slugger can figure out what just happened he is sent flying across the courtyard by a punch from Kevin. The Brawler whips out his gun and unloads it into the costumed hero with no effect. Kevin backhands the Brawler who bounces off the rout iron fence and joins the one Slugger in the realm of unconsciousness. The Slicer who still has his blade makes a desperate play to cut the new hero. Kevin grabs the Slicer and snaps his wrist like a twig. The hero then throws the gang member into his partner knocking them to the ground like bowling pins.
    “Man this is to much, I’m out of here,” cries out the Chopper as he bolts fro the gate. Kevin feels energy building up in himself and releases a blast of energy into the escaping villain. The Gravedigger is blown out of the park and skids down the street, knocked out cold.

    Kevin rounds up the Skull Gravediggers and bends a fence section around the gang securely caging them. “When the police come to pick you up, tell them that you are a present from the Omni-guard,” taunts Kevin as he hears a weak groan.
    Omni-guard turns and sees Lisa laying on her side curled in the fetal position and cradling the knife sticking out of her.
    “Oh God! Hang on baby I’ll get you to the hospital.” “So cold, I ca… can’t feel my arms or legs,” whispers Lisa. Kevin is shocked and a little nauseated by the huge amount of blood puddled under Lisa.
    “Remove the knife, we can heal her.” “Who said that?” Kevin looks around. “Time for explanations later, if you wish to save the woman remove the blade,” says the disembodied voice. Not sure of his grip on reality the young man obeys the voice. He pulls out the knife and unconsciously places his hand over the wound. With his eyes closed Kevin slips into prayer as a warm sensation passes through him and seeps into Lisa.
    When he opens his eyes Lisa is starting to sit up. “Kevin what happ… is that you?” Lisa crawls back as she stares at the masked hero standing over her.
    “Yeah, it’s me but don’t ask how I ended up like this.”
    “Explanations are in order now that the danger has passed.” Kevin hears. Lisa protects her eyes with her arm as a bright flash of light surrounds the hero. Kevin is returned to normal, runs over to Lisa and cradles his love in his arms.
    “It’s over now, you’re safe,” Kevin soothingly says while hugging Lisa to him. Lisa is in a state of shock and only points to where Kevin was standing. The young man turns and the couple stare at a ball of pulsating yellow energy about the size of a large beach ball that has two intersecting rings of orange energy circling it.
    “Wha… what is that,” stammers Lisa as she finds her voice.
    “I am known as the Omnisource. I have come to be to protect those that are in need,” comes the disembodied voice from the energy globe.
    “Are you what turned me into a superhero?” “Yes Kevin Caucher. I merged my energy with your being to grant you the power to right the injustice at hand. Unfortunately it was only temporary for I would burn up your physical form if we were to remain bonded. My work here is complete. There are others in need of my assistance, farewell Kevin Caucher.” With that the energy sphere fades from sight.

    “Can you believe it? You were a superhero.” “All I care about is that you’re safe,” says Kevin hugging Lisa tightly. After a few minutes the two get up and start walking towards their apartment. The couple try to make some sense of what happened.
    “It was very strange, there were times that it seemed that I knew exactly what to do. It was like the energy source …” “It called itself the Omnisource” “Okay babe, the Omnisource was in control of me. The name of Omni-guard came to me naturally, like that is what I needed to be called. Tomorrow I’m going to see what I can find out about this Omnisource thing. It acted as though its been around a long time.”
    “Give it a rest okay honey. No matter what, you’ll always be my hero,” says Lisa staring deeply into Kevin’s eyes. The two have a long kiss before climbing the stairs to their building.
    “Yeah, think of the stories we can tell the kids,” says Kevin as he gives his girl a tender pat on her behind. “Oh, you are such a man!” jokes Lisa as she chases her hero into the bedroom

The End (for now)

One Lesser Devoured

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