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By: Soboscribe (
Server: Protector

    In a secret headquarters in a possible alternate dimension sits a figure that may or may not be the legendary Prussian Prince of Automatons, Nemesis. This being is brooding about his latest scheme in conquering the world.
    “There must be a way for me to capitalize on the destruction recently caused by the event that is being called the Rikti War. There must be… that’s it! The rebuilding of the world will be controlled by me. By undermining the reconstruction process I will cripple the world! And I know where to start… Paragon City, where I first started.” The being who may or may not be Nemesis summons his Werfer Jaeger and lays out his plans to his minion.

    In a damaged warehouse, a group of Nemesis troops work diligently on their assignment. After many grueling hours of back breaking labor the Lancers celebrate on the completion of their orders. Before the men stand a group of automatons designed to look like construction workers. The Lance Sergeant joyfully proclaims, “At last the weapons of Operation: Infrastructure are complete. Glory to our master Nemesis and the successful completion of his orders.” The Lance Surgeons near the completion of the automatons programming when all of a sudden a group of heroes burst into the room.
    “Quickly we must protect the project!” orders the Sergeant. A huge battle ensues between heroes and the Nemesis troops. During the battle two of the Surgeons are able to escape with six of the construction automatons.

    Time goes by and the rebuilding of Paragon City is underway. At a job site in Skyway City a group of six workers line up for job assignments.
    “Okay Newbies lets see em.” “What do you wish to observe of us?” asks one of the workers. “Don’t get cute! Your union cards. Let’s see em.” Barks the crew chief. “We have no such documentation upon us.” “We must complete the task assigned to us.” States two more of the workers.
    “Ain’t no job her for youse Scabs, beat it! No card, no work! Now scram ‘fore me and some of the boys beat you tinkerbells!” threatens the crew chief.
Bewildered, the six automatons leave and return to the office front that is run by Nemesis. The two Surgeons who programmed the units suffer a major chewing out by the commanding officer.
    “You fools! Now we have failed our beloved master! We all shall suffer the displeasure of Nemesis!”
    True to words the Lance Surgeons and the Sergeant are re-assigned to sewer duty. A new group of Cuirasseurs are assigned to the automatons.
    “We shall refine the weapons to blend in more with the blue collar class at the target sites.” Informs the new leader. But as weeks go on the construction crew are run off job sites.

Once again a new group of men are assigned to the project as the other group is re-assigned to Crey’s Folley.
“After months of paperwork and money transactions with the various employ representatives of the organizations, finally we can report to our master that Operation: Infrastructure will be completed and victory shall be ours.”
The automatons are programmed with all working knowledge of the various union contracts and all have proper identification stating they are dues paying union members.
“Send them out to complete their mission,” orders the Werfer Jaeger.
The six automatons that are now known as Patrick, Thurman, Chester, Claude, Hans and Alvaro head out to a construction job in King’s Row. The six are assigned to work up on the fifth floor installing flooring. As the team of automatons set to work they are first asked for their union cards. They produce their cards and are shown where they will be working.

The automatons go to work but suffer some harassment from the other workers. One reason for the harassment is the hazing of them being the new guys. The other was due to faulty programming of the Lancer crew that got overlooked. The crew was able to complete their job assignment in half the time the human crew could.
“What are you guys like machines, trying to score butt kissing points by showing the rest of us up!” jokes a construction worker. “Yeah, dere ain’t no bonus if we’s finish on time.” Spouts another.
“The union rules state…” starts one of the automatons. “Them rules is for management. They don’t mean nuttin’ up here.”
The construction crew then gives the automaton crew a lesson on how things are really done on the site. Things like an extra long coffee break is taken and where to go to get an after lunch nap. Time goes by and soon the automatons are meshing well with the rest of the union workers. On one stormy day the crew is assigned to clean up the work site. As the six automatons gather up all the loose wood, piping, and iron work pieces a huge lightning strike hits the area sending a major amount of current through the crew. The six workers’ programming is scrambled and soon the creations of the being that may or may not be Nemesis have wandered off into the city carrying their various stacks of debris.

A few years later at the secret headquarters, the Werfer Jaeger is called upon by the figure that may or may not be Nemesis to report on Operation: Infrastructure.
“How has my latest plan of conquest progressed Jaeger?” “Well master it… it has developed quite uniquely.” “You mean it is complete and the world is ripe for my troops to surge forward and claim possession of the cities.” “Well master…” stammers the Werfer Jaeger as he pulls at his collar as if suddenly it is starting to choke him. The Jaeger relates the story of the six automatons construction crew, “After their wildcat strike, the six have organized and started their own business.” “What! You mean that Operation: Infrastructure is a complete failure?” shouts the being the may or may not be Nemesis.
“Unless you consider a company that employs people in construction uniforms aimlessly wandering around Paragon City carrying building materials a success… I’m going to the sewers aren’t I?” “You think Lancer formally known as Werfer Jaeger.” Hissed the glaring figure of who may or may not be Nemesis.

The End

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