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Tour of Duty
By Soboscribe (
Server: Protector

These are the personal recordings that were recovered from a Council member after a raid on a Council base.

    I tell you joining up with the Council was the best thing I ever did after quitting the Quick-mart. That’s right, after months and months of training and drilling in “Boomtown” I have achieved the rank of Nebula Buckshot. It’s an honor I’m very proud of I even had my first encounter with one of Paragon City’s heroes. On my graduation day as my unit was on parade, a Magic Controller named Fast-ball attacked, looking for information. We put up a great fight against him. I wound up face down in a puddle with a police transponder stuck to my butt.

    After a short stay with the Paragon Police an undercover Council agent got my unit out and I was assigned to Independence Port with a recruiting group. I was awarded my first badge by our unit’s Galaxy Adjutant. I’m proud of the Kneeling badge. That’s right, I have kneeled for a thousand hours in the service of the Council recruitment. Now my ambition in to get the Box Top badge. I’ve even been practicing my calls, “We must swell our ranks!” and “You can not defeat the Council!” the Penumbra Gunner in our unit is a real tool, always sucking up to the Adjutant. Ut oh, looks like another fight.
    The battle was fierce with the Science Tanker Auroria. I was even able to get a shot off and I think I actually hit her. She was demanding we tell her where some robot lab was before I found myself hanging off the overpass with a police transponder stuck to my left butt cheek.

    The food at the Ziggurat is not bad and I’ve made new friends with a couple of Trolls. Not the smartest bugs in the bunch but I think I’ve convinced them to join the Council. I think we can supply them with the Superadine they want. After a six month stay at the Zig I’m finally given the escape orders and with the other Council members we made our way into the sewers. I have no idea why the guards took off running like that yelling “I don’t get paid enough for this!” I mean there were only two Crey Protectors shooting at us. Well after a trip through the sewers, which by the way only took a swim twice and hit with a shower of sewage once, we were able to hook up with a Zenith Mech Man. The robot escorted us to an abandoned warehouse in King’s Row where we grabbed a shower, quick meal and new uniforms. As our new orders were coming down a team of heroes hit the warehouse looking for the new Firebombing plans. I charged in with my gun barrel blazing. After a huge chaotic exchange I came to behind a stack of shipping crates. I came across a deactivated Mech Man after the heroes cleared out and with my great training got it up and running.

    We make it to a secret base in Skyway City where the base leader awards me the Sneaky and Secret Keeper badges. Three metals to my name, I’m on the fast track to a promotion for sure.
    I find myself promoted to a Penumbra Buckshot and reassigned to a lab over on Striga Island. The higher-ups feel that I’m a good candidate for the Vampyri or the War Wolf units. I’m not sure which path to take, I really find those goggles and bondage tops with the rubber gloves kinky cool, but I also love to have the big buff and hairy look too, big dog fan.
    I’m to report for guard duty in ten minutes at Data Center ‘C’, that’s in the East Corridor if I remember right. Time for a quick toilet break before my shift. I’ll just stop by over and… wait that’s a storage room. It’s up these stairs, nope not here, maybe across this catwalk. Okay maybe the “john” is down this corridor, crap, dead end. All right now I know it’s down this way. Circled back to the same area. Man where is the bathroom? Wait why is that War Wolf lifting his leg by the pylon. Oh, oh well when in Rome…

    That pit stop behind the pillar was worth it now to get to Data Center ‘C’. I made it for shift change and only ten minutes late. Cool, Stewie is on duty with me. Stewie and I have a group on City of Villains, I’m a level 15 Mastermind and Stewie is a level 18 Corruptor. With all this high tech computers, the game play is awesome. We tell the base commander says that we’re monitoring the actions of Arachnos and with the data collected we will soon overthrow Lord Recluse and conquer the world. I don’t care as long as I get my eight hours of game time in I’m good. Stewie seems nervous, he heard that some heroes are investigating the Vampyri Program. Come on I say with all this high tech equipment, how are any heroes setting foot in the base without us knowing about it. Oh great a gang of Snakemen are surrounding my Mastermind Stewie, come on man help me out.

    Stewie finally helped out and I even leveled up to 16. checked the time, only ten more minutes before shift change and… Yeeow!.. I never suffered a shock like that… can’t stop shaking. Wha… what just hit me? Surge Pack, how’d he get in here? Take that you Suckerhero! Ouch!... what are you trying to do, electrocute me! Oh no it…
    Where am I, what’s this stuck to my butt? Hey Stewie what Giant Tanker hit me…you say a Scrapper girl named Kitty-Kay hit me!?

The End

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