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Heroic History Lesson: Final Exam
By: Sobocribe,
Server: Protector

    Talos Island, in a back alley of the New Sparta neighborhood a young hero is coming to realize his grim situation. The security level 2 Science Scrapper finds himself mentorless and surrounded by Tsoo Enforcers. Bruiser Cruiser thinks back and quickly recaps the events that have led him to his predicament. Cruiser was approached by Shadowknife, a level 20 Natural Blaster, wondering if he was interested in some hunting of the Tsoo. Cruiser being a low security level quickly jumped at the chance to be mentored by a much more experienced hero. After the necessary clearance calls were made to City Hall, the duo was off on patrol.
    The two stumbled across a kidnapping plan in Steel Canyon. As the mission progressed, the two came to realize that the kidnap victim was the young daughter of Mel “The Sell” Torrino, who has ties to the Family. The heroes pursued the mission, which led to Talos Island. Cruiser remembers yelling out some corny taunt and the battle was on.

    Shadowknife took out the Tsoo Sorcerer with some well placed arrows. Bruiser Cruiser went hand to hand with a Tiger Enforcer and came out on top. This victory galvanized Cruiser’s nerves and he charged into the group of Tsoo. He remembers his mentor telling him to hold back as Cruiser took down the Eagle Enforcer that was holding the girl. A cocky smile crossed his face as Cruiser steered the girl towards freedom. Just as the girl was clear of the fighting is when things went array. Shadowknife was defending himself with his bow as a second group of Enforcers entered the fray.
    “Stay hidden here,” orders Bruiser Cruiser to the girl as he charges in to help his mentor. The melee is fierce but one sided. Shadowknife is knocked out by a vicious roundhouse kick from a Yellow Ink Man. Shaken by the defeat of his mentor Cruiser starts to loose his focus.

    After a serious beating by the hands of the Tsoo Bruiser Cruiser is facing his grim reality. Cruiser thinks back to what was covered in class this semester in what makes a hero. He looks over his shoulder and sees his path out of the alley clear. He then catches movement from behind the trash dumpster. Cruiser locks eyes with the terrified young girl and thoughts of that lesson cross his mind again. “What makes a hero a hero,” thinks Bruiser Cruiser, his final decision is made as he squares his shoulders and stares defiantly at the Crane Enforcer standing across from him.
    “You with to end this like your mentor, there is honor in you. Though you can not hope to win. Your right arm is broken, my shuriken is imbedded in your left shoulder. Your one eye swollen shut and your are bleeding from your nose and both lips, yet you ready your stance to fight. I will honor you by finishing you quickly and painlessly as possible.”
    “Do your worse. Run Kami, run until you find safety!” yells out Cruiser as the Crane Enforcer charges at him. Suddenly a fist the size of Rhode Island shoots past Cruiser and connects with the face of the Tsoo Enforcer.

    A huge Tanker is making short work of the Tsoo as a Controller is rounding up the deserters of the fight. After the fight the heroes approach the bloodied and bruised Scrapper. Bruiser Cruiser is very relieved to see that Kami, the kidnapped girl has found safety in the arms of a red haired hero. Cruiser collapses to his knees knowing that she is no longer in danger.
    “Whoa son! Catch him Howitzer!” the Tanker grabs Cruiser as he sinks into unconsciousness. The last thing Bruiser Cruiser hears is “We better get him to Golden Fleece.”

    As he comes to Cruiser realizes that he is in a bed of some type. The style of the room and the furniture is that of the 1700s, which startles him a bit. A young dark haired woman dressed in what can only be described as a thigh high cut toga with a small cape enters the room.
“How are you feeling there Bruiser Cruiser, is that correct?” “Fine thanks, yeah that my superhero name. Where am I? How did I get here?” “The guys happened to come across your battle. You sure are one brave or foolish boy coming all the way out here with your Security Level.” “A little of both actually,”
 Cruiser explains to Golden Fleece as she introduces herself as the Healer who nursed him back to heath. Cruiser finds out that Kami has been safely returned to her parents and the Family has promised a reduction of criminal activity for one month not withholding the payback against the Tsoo.

    As Cruiser lays back in bed he hears other voices coming from the other room.
    “Just like old times eh Sam?” “Can’t say it didn’t feel good taking down the bad guys again Nigel, it was good to be back out there.” “That’s great to hear Sam, me and John here is looking to put a super group together. You know, share all our experience we have with the new generation.” “Yeah, we want to keep what happened to the kid from happening to others.”
    His curiosity piqued Cruiser slowly gets up out of bed and works his way down the hall. He can’t shake the feeling that one of the voices he heard is very familiar to him. Cruiser sneaks around the corner of the room and spies two of the heroes. The Tanker called Howitzer and the red haired Blaster who is called the Irish Flame.
    “Hey kid, come on in, feeling any better? You sure look a whole lot better than the last time we saw ya,” Says the Tanker. “I feel great, that Healer, Golden Fleece is a miracle worker. My arm is even fully healed.” “Here sit down,” says the Irish Flame.
    “So what possessed you to take on all those Tsoo by yourself?” asks Howitzer. Cruiser goes into the tale of how he and Shadowknife came across the kidnapping and the end result of the mission. Cruiser is a bit ashamed that he thought about running when he saw a chance to get away. He also mentioned his class that discussed hero ethics.
    “So I decided win or loose I had to make sure Kami was safe, it was worth it.

    The last voice Cruiser heard from before enters the room. “I went to check on our houseguest and …” that is when Cruiser gets the shock of his life.
    “Professor Adamson?” “Roy Thomson! What are you…” a look of surprise washes over the face of the Controller. “So you know the young Bruiser Cruiser here eh Sam?” asks Nigel.
    “Yes he is one of my students.” “Well it seems your class is well worth taking. Roy here took your lesson to heart and saved a young girl today at the risk of his own life.” Howitzer quickly brings Sam up to speed on Roy’s adventure. “So is this why you fall asleep in class, night patrols of campus, putting down the Skulls and Hellions? How did you end up with powers?”
    “Yeah doc been doing the night patrol since the summer when I first came to Paragon City, as for the powers.” Roy explains that he and his high school wrestling team were subjected to some genetic experimentation by the coach.
“He wanted a winning season but ended up killing all the team but me. I’m stronger and faster than a normal human. I felt like a freak back home, all that changed though once I came here.” “I see and Bruiser Cruiser, I hope you’re not the one cruising for the bruising,” jokes Sam who is known as Whirlpool in the hero community.
“So you see Sam, you’re needed more than ever in the group.” “Hell you should lead up captain, just like old times.” Sam silently contemplates all that has happened and a lopsided smile creases his face.

    A few hours later in Atlas Park Whirlpool strolls to the Super Group Registration desk in city hall and files all the proper forms and pays for the base registration. He is greeted by his friends upon exiting the building. “It’s official. You are all now proud members of the Paragon Privateers.” “Yahoo, I belong to a real super group!” shouts out Roy excitedly. “Wait a minute, what kind of name is Paragon Privateers?” That’s when Roy notices the Ruby encrusted armbands of the Irish Flame.
    “Wait a sec, wait a sec… Howitzer, as in Howitzer cannon! And you’re a Gravity Controller? Wait a sec...” stammers Roy as he paces around in a circle.
“Kid we got a lit to show you,” says John as he places his huge hand on Roy’s shoulder.
“That’s right, and a lot of secrets to keep, to be a mate in the Privateers, ain’t that right captain?” “So true Nigel, so true. Now lets get Roy’s real education started, I’m not getting any younger here.” Laughter breaks out among the group as they heady for the Yellow Line and home.

The End

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