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Ice Cold Fire

Meanwhile, on the rooftop, Control was directing operations. No one in the
Supergroup was yet aware that the emergency they were responding to was
directly related to Nether Spirit's death at the university. All that was
known, was that an abnormal amount of magical activity had suddenly
occurred, so much so, that it generated an all out alert across the city.
Any and all hero able and willing to assist in the containment of the threat
had been called upon by the city authorities.
Word had quickly traveled about Cavalier's demotion, throughout the ranks of
recruits and heroes. Control was now holding position as a leader, and was
dispatching the teams efficiently. A fine strategist and proven fighter, his
name carried respect, even amongst the criminal element. No one could match
his approach to a battle, his insights into a situation made him a foe of
superior mettle, and holding the title of arena champion confirmed that.
While this was going on above the HQ, another situation was developing
underneath the surface. Moon Psyche had felt the change, the difference in a
thought pattern he had learn to recognize and understand well enough.
Chaotic thought patterns were washing over him, flooding him with images of
battle stress and weariness. He knew well enough that such things always
occurred before a mission, and given the fact that all available personnel
had been called upon, had made that effect ten times stronger. But, in the
middle of all that chaos, one thought pattern suddenly emerged clear, true
and unyielding. A mind he knew well, that he trusted far above all others,
had just shifted itself. He felt dizzy from the sensation, and had to lean
against the elevator wall, while a trembling hand reached for the stop
"What's going on?" Inquired Sun Heat, gently putting her hand on Moon
Psyche's arm.
"Cavalier. I'm not sure what, but he just did something. Something wrong."
Moon pushed the third basement button, and the elevator motioned downward.
"What do you mean?" She then asked him.
"I don't know." He replied tensely, an overwhelming sensation of dread
tightened in the pit of his stomach. "We have to stop him."
Sun Heat looked into Moon's eyes and saw fear in them. She couldn't recall
when was the last time Moon had exhibited fear, or at least let it show. She
looked up at the decreasing numbers of the floors, and began to feel pressed
for time, mostly due to Moon's impatience next to her, encouraging the
elevator to go faster and faster. She saw Moon Psyche's face turn pale, and
he said:
"Make ready for battle Sun, the basement guards are all down." He whispered
to her as the elevator went passed the lobby level. "He freed them all, Jade
Rade, Metal Core, Voyager and Bear Cat, they are trying to escape." Sun Heat
looked at Moon in disbelief. Cavalier had done the unthinkable, had betrayed
all of them. She couldn't fathom why he had done so, couldn't bring herself
to understand what made him do it.
"Maybe they overpowered him, took him hostage?"
"No, it was a clear thought, a cold decision he made. He is leading them out
right now, they just entered the sub basement, I can feel him. We will catch
them in the sewers." Moon answered this while he pulled out his cell phone
and dialed for backup. The doors opened to let them out into the holding
cells area of the base. Sun exited first, playing her role as meat shield
for the controller. They both proceeded carefully in the corridor, stopping
here and there to verify that guards were still alive. They had all been
knocked unconscious by physical means, no trace of powers.
They walked carefully towards the far end of the corridor, to the open hatch
that lead below the building, into the foundation system. Using a ladder,
they climbed down into the darkened area, where fresh footsteps left in the
dust indicated the direction Cavalier and the criminals had taken. Moon was
scanning ahead with his mind, and found what he was looking for, too close
for comfort. He motioned for Sun to stop and hold position.
"I know you're out there Cavalier, best that you surrender now."
The squared jaw came walking out of the shadows, ten meters in front of
them. His sword was sheathed, and he stood alone.
"I can't let you stop me, old friend, this is far too important now." He
replied while standing squarely between them and the entrance to the sewers
"Nothing can be that important that you would betray all of us, turn your
back on everything you have worked for. If it's about your demotion, surely
we can rectify this, and bring new light to the situation?" Sun took a
tentative step towards the scrapper as Moon spoke.
"You hold your ground Sun Heat, or I swear we will have words of the
strongest kind this day." Spoke Cavalier while drawing the long blade from
its scabbard. Moon felt angry at that, felt the danger emanating from the
resolute mind of the scrapper.
"Cavalier, you know us, we are friends and colleagues, don't make us hurt
you." Spoke Sun Heat through clenched teeth.
"Why are you dong this, help us understand?" Asked Moon Psyche.
"Because if he doesn't, life as we know it will stop, and become something
else, something wicked." Two fiery red eyes appeared from the shadows, then
Voyager made his entrance. "We could've ran from here, but I asked Cavalier
to wait for you."
Moon Psyche and Sun Heat exchanged a confused look. Moon didn't feel any
threats coming from the fire controller, but knew that could change in the
blink of an eye.
"Voyager can explain it best, but suffice it to say, nothing happens without
a reason." Spoke on Cavalier. "We are heading for Crey's Folley, to destroy,
once and for all, the laboratory where Turbo Starr and Voyager were held a
year ago. Once that is done, something will happen, something that will
force our hand into committing the unthinkable." Cavalier then looked at
Voyager and nodded for him to continue.
"When that happens, heroes will be unable to do what is needed, what has to
be done, to save the city. Only us can accomplish this, and we will need
your help as well." The scrapper and the controller stood next to each other
now, allies and friends of old, reunited. "Let me be clear Moon, I don't see
the future, nor do I know its outcome, I see possibilities as she lets me
see, nothing more. No matter what you decide this moment, know that Sun Heat
will come with us, regardless of your decision, because she feels the need
to help us. But be aware Moon, that if you come with us, you will die, but
if you don't, Sun Heat, and the child she carries, will perish in your
place." Anger was on the old controller's face as he spoke these words. He
did not like to reveal to them the fact that one would die, but the truth
had to be spoken. "What we are missing now, is the last piece of this
puzzle, she should be along shortly."
Moon Psyche looked into his lover's eyes, the woman he wanted to marry, to
spend his life with, and considered living without her, and knew there and
then how easy a choice love made things. Thinking of going on while his
presence could prevent her death, could avoid him pain for the remainder of
his days, made it an easy choice indeed. She frowned as he looked at her,
she knew he would give up his life, but she didn't want it to happen.
"Then I guess, we will not go at all." Moon finally replied.
"Truth be told Moon, we don't need you along, we need her. If she doesn't
come, the mission will fail miserably and reality will bend in such a way
that no one will survive. She comes alone, she dies, she comes with you, she
lives, and you don't. It's a choice." Replied coldly Voyager.

At the Steel canyon hospital, Icy Heart was flipping through a breast
implant magazine, trying to decide herself on which pair to have installed.
There were so many options, it was quite difficult to make a final decision.
Small and perky, big and round, medium sized yet firm, bouncy and natural,
permanently erect nipples option or not.  Too many options, she thought to
herself, and the implants themselves came in a wide variety too, from
celebrity endorsed, porn stars endorsed to doctor recommended, she just
didn't know enough about the subject to make a well informed decision.
Doctor Wilson had assured her that she would receive the best treatment
available from his staff, all expenses covered by Moon Psyche, but these...
things were so expensive.  Looking again at the image for the "Natural
Choice for Celebrity 3000 package", the most expensive set she could find,
she made her mind up.  When in doubt, think rich and famous.  Five million
credits weren't too much for her peace of mind, and not to mention, her
pleasure and that of others.  

"Nurse?"  She said to the fat lady sitting behind the station, bent over
paperwork and charts, eyebrows creased and concentrating on some task.


"Tell Doctor Wilson I will have the Natural Choice for Celebrity 3000
package."  She said with a smile, to which the nurse nodded.

"I will let Doctor Wilson know you are ready."  The nurse stood up and
walked away, towards the back of the plastic surgery department.  Icy Heart
stood up and paced about the waiting room, looking here and there at the
empty chairs, heart thumping in her chest.  A door from one of the private
consulting opened, and Icy watched a man dressed in a trench coat with a
fedora hat pushed down, almost over his eyes, exit.  Of muscular stature,
Icy took a second or three to dress him down, and evaluate him.  At the
sight of her, he stopped and stalled, as if surprised to find her here.  He
then proceeded to walk passed her, mumbling something about being in the
wrong place.  But that voice, she had heard before, and she spoke to him
with puzzlement when she asked:

"Super Canadian, what are you doing here?"  The walking away figure rooted
himself by the exit, and looked at her from over his shoulder.

"You must be mistaken ma'am."  He then spoke, trying to make his voice sound
rougher than it should be.  But Icy wasn't fooled at all.  She walked over,
and grabbed him by the arm, while her hand removed the hat, to reveal a
handsome man, in his early twenties,  face red from embarrassment.  

"Miss Heart, we're ready for you now.  Oh, hello Mr. Y, I hope your
treatment was satisfactory?."  Said the nurse standing outside Dr. Wilson's
office door, motioning Icy Heart to come and join her..

"Mister Y?"  Softly said Icy Heart to Super Canadian.  "Treatment?"  

Super Canadian's face turned crimson red at that, and he looked like he
wanted to escape through the nearest window.  He laughed nervously,
scratched his head with his left hand, and then passed it on his face in a
sign of resignation.

"All right, all right..  But I swear you tell anyone about this, I'm gonna
track you down and kill you."  Replied the Canadian blaster.  "I'm loosing
my hair."

Icy bit down on her bottom lip, trying hard to burst out laughing, while
also attempting to look serious, the result of which made for a funny
expression on her face.  Super Canadian had grabbed back his hat from her
hand, and pushed it back down on his face, hiding once more his features.
"What are here for?"  He then asked her.

"Puppies, I'm here for puppies."  She replied while turning away and swaying
her hips, walking towards the doctor's office.

"Puppies?"  Softly spoke Super Canadian.  "Lady, are you ever in the wrong

Icy stepped into Doctor Wilson's small consulting office, and sat herself
down onto a comfortable leather chair.  She looked around the office, at the
small bookshelf filled with medical references books, more than likely put
there for show, and thought this was exactly what a medical office should
look like.  The sterile air, the lack of dust, the thorough cleanliness, the
impression that everything had a place.  Wilson himself, was a small man,
medical smock over a blue shirt and black tie, he was scribbling and
scratching on a paper, notes about his next patient.  He looked at her
silently, bent down again to add a few more notes.  

"Miss Heart, I am afraid the clinic cannot help you."  He spoke crisply, in
a detached mannerism, while putting down the pen he had been using.  "The
funds provided earlier have been withdrawn from the provider."  Icy's eyes
went round and wide, her fists clenched and her teeth grinded.  "Your
insurance plan provides replacement for one breast, for no more than fifteen
thousand credits, which barely covers my consulting fee.  I can refer you to
an Atlas Park Doctor that can do the work for that amount."

"Funds, withdrawn.  By whom?"

"The financial institution didn't say, but given the circumstances and until
that can be resolved, I am sorry, but I can't help you."  The doctor rose
from his chair and stepped around the desk, extending a hand to help her up.
His face was apologetic, compassion somewhat present in his feature.  Icy
Heart rose, baffled by the moment, she felt her temper go from cool and
composed, to annoyed and angry in a flash.  Accepting the doctor's helping
hand to stand up, she smiled gently at him, and then froze his right hand
solid in hers.  The man's eyes expressed puzzlement and pain almost
simultaneously, and he tried to pry it free to no avail.

"Quiet doctor, or I will rip it away."  Icy wasn't sure what she was doing,
but this was too much to swallow.  First she gets burnt to a crisp in a
fight, she then gets promised the best treatment available, hope rises that
she will still be able to look at herself in the mirror before a shower once
more, that her life will go on when this is completed.  Now, all of her
hopes are crushed, and she should simply accept it, fall back on the
insufficient coverage the insurance provides, and accept her losses?  Rage,
that's what it was, it was rage, pure and simple, that she felt.  She pushed
the doctor against the wall, next to the window, and put her free hand over
his mouth, to muffle his attempt to scream for help.  Infusing cold on the
man's face, she removed her hand to uncover blue lips meshed together.
Raising a finger to her lips, Icy heart made the motion for him to remain
silent.  She then reached for her cell phone, and used the speed dial to
call Moon Psyche.

"It is done."  Spoke Moon Psyche as he pressed the button and ended his
conversation with his financial consultant.  "All that was mine is now yours
Sun, just in case, you know."

"Don't say that, you will live."  Sun heat replied, her hand softly touching
Moon's cheek.

"Since we are getting married anyways, might as well turn it all into one
account, your mother told me you had expensive expectation for the ceremony
a long time ago."  Replied Moon, gently smiling to the woman he loved.
Cavalier threw a quick look over to Voyager, sorrow and anguish could be
read there.  But the old controller simply shook his head once, letting the
famous scrapper know that Moon's fate was sealed already.  Moon's phone
rang, he looked at that caller's name and answered.

"Icy, what's going on girl?"

He stayed silent a few moments, listening to what she was saying, then
looked up at the sewer's ceiling and shook his head.

"I'm sorry about that, I have just transferred all my stocks and securities
into Sun Heat's account, we're getting married soon.  I totally forgot about
your medical bill."  He spoke, smiling ruefully while looking at Sun Heat.

A few more seconds of listening, then :

"There's not much I can do about it at the moment, seventy-hours from now,
the funds will be unfrozen from the accounts, and Sun will be able to clear
the transaction.  Truly sorry, as I said.  In the meantime, can you report
to Crey's Folley, we could use your help out there.  Meet us at the
entrance?"  He listened again to her reply.

"Thank you, we'll see you soon."  Moon Psyche closed his phone and looked at

"Shall we?"

"You are lucky doctor, that I don't dare cross the thin line between being a
hero or a criminal."  Icy Heart let go of the doctor, who stumbled away from
her to the nearest corner of his office.  He had never been so afraid
before, the numbing cold was dissipating from his face and hand, but
nonetheless, he threw up on the floor as Icy Heart left his office, gently
closing the door behind her.  A few seconds later, Doctor Wilson dialled for
the police.

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