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Wayward Son
By Soboscibe –
Server: Protector

    As the evening is setting in Independence Port the calm is shattered with the sound of battle. A team of heroes has just busted up a Council robot research laboratory disguised as a warehouse in the Liberty Quay. The hero team was sent in to recover information on a new Hoverbot. What they found was a fully functional Mega Hoverbot. This Hoverbot is ten times the size of a normal bot. it’s armed with twin rocket launchers, duo thirty caliber chain guns and capable of carrying up to three Zenith Mech Men. The Hoverbot flies past Valor Bridge as the Council troops, a Cor Leonis Vortex Marksman, Galaxy trooper and the research scientist fire at the pursuing super team.

    “Surge Pack, try to take out the left engine. I’ll hit the right one.” “Got it Fallout.” The two Blasters fly into range and cut loose with their respective energies, one electrical, the other radiation. Both shots miss their intended target but Surge Pack’s Lightning Bolt catches the Galaxy trooper, shocking him unconscious. “Well at least I go one of the Council,” says Surge Pack as he and Fallout fly after the Hoverbot.
    “Thanks, that gives me an opening,” the team hears over their communicators as Fallout sees Fem Fury, the Mutant Scrapper of the team bound off one of the bridges pylons. Fem Fury just catches the wing of the Mega Hoverbot in her landing from her super leap. She quickly takes out the Marksman with a vicious series of punches and kicks.
    “You heroes will never take me alive!” Yells the scientist as Fem Fury turns on him. But before she can reach him, the scientist takes out a small control device and presses a button. The right engine of the Hoverbot explodes, killing the Council scientist instantly.

    Fem Fury is knocked back by the explosion and is barely able to catch herself before falling off the bot.
    “Oh no! We’re not going to clear the rails!” shouts Fem Fury as the Hoverbot in on a collision course with the Green Line tram cutting across Crey Cove.
    “Fallout, its going to hit the train and that thing has a nuclear core!” yells Geldavar, the Mystical Defender of the group. Fallout puts all his power into his flight speed but is not fast enough. Fem Fury screams in frustration and fear as she hold on to the Hoverbot as it collides with the Green Line Tram. The huge explosion lights up the sky. It can be heard and seen all across Independence Port.

    The Bell Medical Center emergency room is filled with injuries soon after the explosion. The doctors and nurses on hand are immediately swamped with triage patients as the most critical ones are rushed to surgery. The teleport system is overloaded with a mass transport. After hours of non stop work the medical staff is able to catch their collective breath.
    “It’s a good thing that Defender, what’s his name…Geldavar, was able to help out at the scene.”
    “Yeah, especially with the teleport system blowing out like that. I never heard of a failure with the system before.”
    As the night sets in news filters in about the incident. All in all the only casualty of the night was the Council scientist. The police report that the tram occupants survived because of a giant wall of ice that was somehow set up between the impact site and the passenger.

    In one of the recovery rooms a young woman slowly regains conscious. “Doctor, doctor, quick she’s waking up,” calls out the nurse. The doctor goes over to the patient and starts asking questions while shining his pen light into her eyes.
“Miss, can you tell me how you feel?” “It’s Missus and I feel like a train fell on me.” The doctor continues with his examination. “Can you tell me your name?” “My name is Linda Parker, where am I?” “What is the last thing you remember?”
“Let’s see, I was on my way home after a picnic lunch with my husband, he works over on Talus Island. Was on the tram heading for Steel Canyon, that’s where we live. This must be Bell Medical since we are in Independence Port, when the collision alarm went off in the tram.”
“That’s correct, a team of heroes took out a prototype robot that collided with the tram.”
“I remember throwing up an ice wall to try to protect us inside the tram. “
“Well that explains why you were sent through the hero teleporter.” Says the nurse. The patient tells the nurse that she is a mutant Blaster with the hero name of Winter Witch.
    “But I’m on leave right now because…” that’s when a terrified look crosses Linda’s face. “Oh my God! Where’s my baby? What happened to my baby!” yells Linda in a much panicked voice.
    “Nurse sedate her! Mrs. Parker please, you must calm down. Your son is safe.” Linda’s eyes roll back as the sedative takes affect and sends her into the calming darkness of sleep.

    The first thing Winter Witch’s mind registers as she swims back to consciousness is the sound two people talking.
    “So she’s Winter Witch, that explains the teleport.” “Yes, the Agency forgot to suspend the auto detector for the emergency teleport system when she went on leave. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of anything like this happening with the system.”
“Unique circumstances doc. Hey looks like she’s coming to.” Linda slowly opens her eyes and is greeted by a smiling face of a pretty red head and the doctor. Linda starts to try and get up, with panic entering her face.
“My baby… what…” “Easy Winter Witch, easy. You’ve been through a blender of sorts today, take it easy.” “Who are you?” “I’m Fem Fury, a mutant Scrapper. I was on the team that took down the Mega Hoverbot the Council was developing that caused this mess”
“Why won’t they tell me what happened to my baby?” sobs Linda. “Doc, can we have a private moment please, cape to cape you know.” The doctor closes the door as he exits the room.
“It’s kind of hard to explain but I know your son is fine Winter Witch.” “Please call me Linda my identity isn’t secret.” “Okay my name is Melissa Evans, call me Missy.”
Fem Fury goes into the story of the battle with the Hoverbot. How the Council scientist committed suicide by blowing up the bot. The collision with the tram and how Fallout was able to contain the radiation from the power core of the Hoverbot.
“But when the emergency teleport activated the electromagnetic field disrupted the teleport. You and I were in transient states when that happened and well…” Fem Fury steps back and turns so that Linda can see Missy’s full body profile.
“Your son ended up inside me.” States Fem Fury as she caresses a hand over her greatly distended belly. “The doctors feel that with both of us being mutants may have contributed to the mix up. They also said that with only a few weeks left before his birth that leaving him where he is will be less traumatic on him.”
After a few minutes of digesting all the information a calm expression crosses Linda’s face. “So Missy, how do you feel about giving birth to my son?” “I’m a Scrapper, that is not a problem but I think I need to rethink my costume.” Says Fem Fury, looking down at her big round bare midriff.

The End

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