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Chapter 21: Escalation

    White flames danced up and down Kadmon’s right arm, finally coalescing at his hand. His eyes clenched shut as his mind and his rune struggled for supremacy. When his eyes opened again, his emerald glow was gone, replaced instead by a harsh silver flame. Four of the armors were within striking distance. Kadmon’s bare fist rocketed through one as it moved to raise its sword. The entire form evaporated under the force, almost as though it had been violently ripped from reality. In truth, that wasn’t a far off estimation. The force behind the punch had, with the aid of the Rune of Portals, created a rift in space. It wasn’t a wise maneuver, as repeated uses as such had the potential to create dimensional tears on a scale far greater than those of Werewolf Earth. The other three armors met a slightly less horrifying fate, as they were smashed to shards.
    Sturm hovered a foot from the paladin’s shoulder, electricity arcing from it intermittently as it did so. At the present time, the part of Kadmon that was still in control wasn’t about to dismiss it in case the need for the sword arose. The remaining eight armored minions charged the supercharged hero, lead by Ombra. The dark warrior raised Garm to strike, only to be blasted away by a right hook. By the time he returned, his remaining eight armored soldiers had been taken apart piece by piece.
    There was no need for elegance when fighting as Kadmon was now. Ombra, for all of the power he held in his stronghold, paled in comparison to a wrathful Kadmon. He still did have a few tricks up his sleeve, though, not the least of which being his own stealthy nature. Kadmon had many advantages, but his inability to visually detect an enemy who had shed his visibility was a weakness that was only heightened by the near-berserker rage induced by the unbound Rune of Wrath. Ombra was able to easily blend with the shadows in his stronghold, and with their help moved to strike down his fellow construct.
    An enraged construct, he soon found, was somewhat more durable than anticipated. However, even empowered as he was, Kadmon wasn’t invulnerable, and a slice from a sword enchanted similarly to his own still hurt. Though the Rune of Wrath arrested the function of the Rune of Recovery, it didn’t leave him without some means of regenerating damaged tissue. Ombra hadn’t yet vacated his position for a more strategically favorable one, and quickly paid the price for it. Kadmon’s right hand thundered into his face, and the damage it caused siphoned back to him, repairing the damage done by Garm. Prima Ombra, now shy a few teeth, decided it would be best to strike and move after that.
    “Alright people, get moving!” Aidan yelled, pointing back the way they’d originally come in, “Kadmon is dealing with Ombra right now, and I don’t think any of us want to be in here when that fight escalates.” He turned his back to his fellow heroes, directing the people with him to the exit while also lethally irradiating a summoner who had been following them.
    A nearby wall exploded as a man in a white mask flew through it. He was quickly followed by a cyborg in a black flack jacket. His glowing goggles turned to Sera, “Good to see you again Sera.” His foot crashed into the rising assassin, “I’ll catch up with you guys shortly, Garlanus and I are enjoying a game of soccer right now.”
    Sera walked to the door, took two steps out and then doubled over clutching her head. ElectraFlame and Miss Informed were at her sides almost instantly to help her up. “Kadmon…” Her eyes had taken on a blue glow again as she looked back to where there was a battle being fought, “He can’t find Ombra. We have to do something. I’m going back in!”
    “Are you insane or just stupid?” Kryphon asked, “You just got OUT of there, and you already want to go back in? Kadmon can take care of himself, we have to get out of here.”
    A hand clapped down on Kryphon’s shoulder, “Looks like you just volunteered yourself to come with me,” Sera grinned, “Anyone else?” ElectraFlame and Smoke Signal stepped forward, “Alright, lets go!” Kryphon attempted to protest, but found himself being dragged by the arm back into the building.
    A large number of Council soldiers exited through the main entrance after Sera and her small group went back in. Several of the men who had been carrying bombs in their backpacks before were leaving with packs still bulging, but with different items entirely. When Tom stopped one of them, he obligingly opened the pack and whispered to him, “Kadmon offered us a sizable sum of money to ‘acquire’ as many of these artifacts as we could for him.” Tom’s hand clapped to his face in sheer disbelief.
    “Alright men, we’ve done what we came to do. Full retreat!” Requiem pointed in the direction of the portal they’d entered from. The entire group of Council troops left as quickly as they’d come, their portal fading from existence shortly after the last man stepped through.

Chapter 22: More Than a Weapon

    Kadmon’s arm swung through the air, pulverizing a pillar near where Ombra had most recently struck him. His costume, almost pristine when the battle started, was now sliced, hacked, and covered in blood that mostly belonged to him. The only reason he hadn’t died already was because Ombra, he discovered, didn’t know that the Rune of Wrath could draw regenerative energy from non-living entities, and so the armors he would summon to distract the paladin were really serving the exact opposite effect he’d intended.
    “Why don’t you just give up and die already?” Ombra asked, his voice reverberating from the remaining walls, “Why do you continue to resist when it is obvious that you can’t defeat me? You’re nothing but a broken weapon, dull and cracked.”
    Kadmon looked around the room in a vain attempt to determine where the voice was coming from. When he finally did answer, his voice lacked the warmth that normally filled his speech. “Why give up before I’m beaten?” Anger echoed in his tone, “Why die before my time?” Rage thundered from his vocal chords, “Why degrade myself and consider myself nothing more than a living weapon?” Wrath seethed from him. A pair of Ombra’s armored minions shattered under the unfathomable force of Kadmon’s fists. He could sense several of his friends coming closer. He figured the bombs to have less than ten minutes left, not nearly enough time for them to get to the battleground and back.
    Ombra dropped to the ground quietly, Garm at his side, “Enough of this, it’s time for you to die, Kadmon. It’s a shame, though, that you must delude yourself. All we are, all we’ve ever been, all we ever CAN be, are living weapons, nothing more.” His stance lowered as he drew his blade back, “And what does a weapon do?”
    A loud, shrill whistle pierced the air, and Kadmon turned to look directly at Ombra, “An excellent question,” His fist collided with Sturm, taking the blade’s electricity and sending away the physical manifestation, “A weapon is designed to fight, and kill,” An electrically charged punch knocked the dark swordsman hurtling away, “However, you act like I accept your views. I’m more than a weapon, Prima Ombra!” The flames coming from Kadmon’s eyes changed to his distinct shade of green, “I am Kadmon, I exist to protect!”
    Kryphon stepped through into the room first, sword drawn. He was quickly followed in by Electra, Smoke and Sera. Kadmon stood there, watching a newly created mound of rubble. “Kad, are you al-“
    “I wanted you all to get out of here for your own safety.” His gaze never left the pile of rubble he knew Ombra to currently be under, “The bombs that Requiem had set are already too close to their detonation time for you to get back to the others before this place goes up.”
    “Hey, I tried to talk her out of it, Kad” Kryphon chimed in, “She dragged me by the arm to get me down here!”
    Sera turned to Kryphon, “Hey! If you hadn’t spoken up in the first place, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed you there!”
    “Would you both kindly be quiet? I don’t think Ombra is dead yet.” Arcs of electricity moved up and down Kadmon’s arms, “Thank you for your concern for me, but I have one favor to ask of you.”
    “What would that be, Kad?” Sera asked as she took a step toward him.
    Kadmon tossed his apartment keys to her, “If I don’t come back, give those keys to Jack.” The air cracked with the sound of a teleportation spell, “Now, leave this place and return to our earth.”  The quartet vanished from the room, “I have a promise to keep.”

Chapter 23: Keeping Promises

    Ombra thrashed out from under the pile, stabbing Garm into the ground as he stood up. “I will tear you apart, Kadmon! I will use your skull as a mortar, and your femur as a pestle! I will-“
    “Shut your mouth and get on with it. Our time is running out, Ombra, and I want a clear winner before that.” His electricity began arcing to the ground and walls around him.
    “Fine then! Let’s end this here and now!” Ombra rushed his double bringing Garm down like an avalanche. The blade was caught and the attack countered with a precision jab to his ribs. He staggered back then quickly slashed again, only to have the blade caught again and another charged punch to his ribs, “Damn you Kadmon! Stop playing around!”
    His burning glow brightened as a grin crossed the paladin’s face, “Very well, you will have the honor of seeing first-hand what my Rune of Wrath is capable of.” Ombra’s Garm screeched through the air once more, only to once again be caught. Kadmon wrenched the blade from his hand and looked at it, “Your weapon is a fine one indeed. I might just keep it.”
    Ombra leapt back growling, “I’ll shred you, you worthless flea!” His right hand shot skyward, “Rune of Blades-“
    “Stay your terrible fury!” Prima Ombra looked at Kadmon. His eyes widened when he was what was in his enemy’s hand. “And be sealed away from this time forward!” The limiter armor that had once held his own Rune of Wrath at bay vanished from the hero’s hand, appearing instead over the Praetorian’s right arm. “Does that feel like an amplifier, Ombra?”
    Ombra’s face reshaped into what was decidedly viewed as panic, which became clearly evident in his actions. Without even thinking, he attempted to break Kadmon’s jaw with a left hook. This, it turned out, was a grand mistake. His fist was caught easily and the smile on Kadmon’s face turned malicious.
    “Ahhh, so THAT is the rune on your left hand. The Soul Catcher. That would explain where your minions came from.” His visage darkened as he wrapped around and hyper-extended the arm, “I don’t think you deserve to keep this one,” Kadmon kicked Ombra to the ground, planting a foot on his left elbow, “I don’t expect this will feel pleasant, and allow me to assure you, I don’t intend for it to be a good feeling.” There was a sound like a tree trunk snapping as Prima Ombra’s arm bent the wrong way, accompanied by his terrified and anguished cries, “Exactly as I expected,” The broken arm tore loose with little more effort, then vanished from physical space as Kadmon set it adrift between dimensions.
    Ombra crawled away, placing a fair distance between himself and the man who’d just disarmed him. When he felt that Kadmon likely wasn’t looking at him, he took to the skies trying to flee fate. The paladin’s eyes darted to the black spot rapidly moving away. Less than a minute left on the bomb timer, there was no way he was letting him escape now. Within an instant Kadmon closed the distance, then passed the fleeing dark knight.
    His fist crashed into Ombra’s face, dragging him back in the direction of his doomed citadel. “Ombra, I am going to tell you a little story before we crash into those accursed halls of Oranbega you call home. A week ago, I made a promise.”

    Fifteen seconds left.

    “I promised one Ms. Serafina Dalton that I would make you pay for what you did. You see, you killed two of her best friends, and more of her fans than I cared to count.” Kadmon’s hat flew from his head, and the wind rushed through his snow-white hair.

    Ten Seconds.

    “I promised that I would make you regret ever even hearing about magic” The walls grew closer, “That I’d do it through whatever means necessary.”

    Five seconds.

    Kadmon’s eyes glowed with an emerald fury, “I’ve kept my promise.” Both constructs crashed through the remaining roof of the building as the bombs went off, turning the entire structure into a blazing hell.
    The heroes assembled near the portal watched the pair as they crashed into certain destruction. “Oh God… Kadmon… He can’t…” Sera’s eyes began to tear up as she watched the inferno, “Kadmon can survive that, can’t he?” She turned to the other people gathered. The sight of Jack and other heroes taking off their hats and still other heroes staring in shock weren’t exactly reassuring.
    Kadmon’s hat drifted to the ground near Sera’s feet. Picking it up only served to elicit more tears from the already wet-eyed singer. Max’s large robotic hand came to a rest on her shoulder, “Come on, we should get out of here. I’m no expert, but I’m betting an explosion of that size probably got Tyrant’s attention, and the last thing we’d want right now would be a couple hundred of his soldiers breathing down our necks.” An aura of sadness filled the air as the heroes walked back through the portal they’d originally entered.


Two weeks later…

    “We’re here today to mourn the passing of a friend and comrade.” Jala said to the assembled heroes and heroines from the podium. To her left, a casket with a slightly damaged hat and a brown cape draped over it. To her right sat several other heroes, including Stampead, Laser Jesus, Mjolnir, Statesman, and a rather depressed new hero calling herself Masked Shrike. “Kadmon lived and died a true hero. Since he arrived here a year ago, his only concern has been the safety of the city and its people. He will be sorely missed, by us and by all.” Jala looked down at the podium as she stepped away.
    Stampead stepped up to take her place. “I remember when Kadmon first arrived here in Paragon City. Only my violence could surpass his, I couldn’t help but respect him. Not only that, but I’ve never seen a man who could send another man flying with the pure awesome that he could.” He scratched his head through his extremely long and pointy hair, “And there was that one time, when he woke up on top of Atlas’ globe and he jumped down without a second thought. Pure unadulterated awesome. And he… well, I’m not really too good at this whole eulogizing thing, so I’ll let States pick it up from here.”
    People were still filing into the hall, both heroes and citizens, young and old alike. One of them, dressed in a brown suit, tapped Smoke Signal on the shoulder. “’Scuse me, whose funeral is this?” He rubbed his chin, “I feel a bit bad, not knowing who we’re committing to the earth here, so if you could tell me without raising too much of a fuss that would be great.”
    Smoke didn’t turn around to see whom he was talking to and just said, “I thought everyone in the city knew. We got this hall for Kadmon’s funeral. He died fighting Prima Ombra a couple weeks ago.” He turned to see why the man was growling a bit, and quickly discovered the reason.
    “For the love of God!” The man in brown yelled, interrupting Statesman’s brief speech, “I disappear for two weeks, TWO FREAKING WEEKS, and you have me pronounced dead?!” Everyone in the hall turned to see who was yelling, “Jeez, remind me to cancel my vacation plans for this May! I’ll be half-decomposed in the minds of everyone by the time I get back!” A luminous green glow appeared from behind his sunglasses, “Honestly, what’s the legal amount of time until someone is legally declared dead, seven years? Yeah, you guys were about three hundred sixty four weeks early.”
    The look in the eyes of everyone was clearly one of shock. No one really had anything to say past his or her gaping jaws.
    “What? Not a single, ‘Welcome back Kadmon!’ or, ‘Nice to see you again Kad!’ or even, ‘Where have you been for the past two weeks?’” A vein was protruding in his forehead, “I certainly hope you guys haven’t already divided up my things, or even worse, turned them over to MAGI. God only knows what might happen if Azuria even so much as laid a finger on them.” No one said a word, “Alright, fine then, if you ladies and gents are going to be like that I’m out of here. You’ll find me at the bar.”
    “Wait a minute!” Thor’s Assassin yelled, “How, exactly, did you survive that? I mean, the Council rigged that place with-“
    “More megatons of explosives than any person deserves to survive sitting through,” He tipped his sunglasses down, revealing his bright green eyes to the amassed people, “But then, we all know I’m no normal person. I’m Kadmon, I exist in direct defiance of death. Now then, if you want the whole story, I’ll be at the bar. I always found funerals to be a bit too depressing for me, especially when it’s my funeral.” Kadmon didn’t go two feet out of the building before stepping back in, “One more thing, I can’t be forgetting my hat,” The beat-up brown duster vanished from the coffin lid, appearing a moment later in his hand, “Sera would have my head if I left this somewhere.” After he left, the people assembled looked at each other for a moment before filing out of the hall, leaving behind an empty coffin draped with a brown cape.
    The only person still in the hall after a couple of minutes was a dumbfounded Masked Shrike. She was completely and totally at a loss for words, which made it somewhat fortunate that there was no one trying to talk to her. She looked down at her watch after a couple minutes alone in the hall then decided that she didn’t want to miss Kadmon’s story. Shrike snapped her fingers, changing from her costume over to her civilian clothes. She grabbed Kadmon’s cape off of the coffin as she ran out the door.

    Fifteen minutes later, at a bar in King’s Row

    “So, like I was saying, I had Ombra by the face, and we were going headlong back into a soon-to-be exploding building,” Kadmon semi-pantomimed the event using his hands, “And I say to him ‘I’ve kept my promise,’ and I swear to you, that guy must’ve wet himself then and there. Of course, we crashed into the building right after that.”
    Stampead smacked Kadmon on the back, “You still didn’t tell us how you survived the explosion!”
    Kadmon gave his younger friend a stern gaze, then laughed and shook his head, “Patience, Stamp, patience. I’m getting to it!” He quaffed a pint before continuing, “It was really just a simple matter of using that Rune of Portals to get myself out of there before the whole place blew. Nothing that interesting.”
    “If you were out of there before it blew up, why did it take you two weeks to get back here?” Sera asked, holding onto the hero’s left arm, “I mean, even if you fell off target, you probably should’ve been able to get back easily enough.”
    “That’s true, except for the fact that I used three different teleport vectors. Because I was holding onto Ombra when I made the portals, I knew he would also teleport when I did.” His normal wry grin crossed his face, “One of them was to Portal Court, that was the one I was aiming for. The second was for Faathim’s Chantry. I was trying to drop the Rune of Portals there, and I figured that if Ombra got dropped there Faathim could deal with him as necessary.” He coughed a bit as his grin disappeared, “The… ah… third vector was inside of an iceberg in Antarctica. That was where I was aiming to leave Ombra.” Kadmon scratched his head, “Well, everything got a bit mixed up in transport. Ombra landed on a Police Drone and the Rune of Portals got where it was supposed to go.”
    Everyone looked at him for a few seconds before bursting into laughter. “Let’s get this straight,” Aidan said, “You got yourself lodged in an iceberg, after ditching the Rune of Portals, and THAT is why it took you so long to get back here?”
    “More or less. Took me two days to break out of the damn thing, another day and a half to get my bearings,” He looked around to make sure everyone was paying attention. Self-deprecating humor is only funny, after all, when you have an audience who is paying enough attention to laugh at your misfortune, “And the rest of the time to fly back here after pointing myself in the exact wrong direction.” This, too, caused quite a bit of uproarious laughter.
    A day that had begun steeped in grief and depression ended on a high note, and as the party that had started off as a funeral dispersed, Kadmon returned to his apartment with a lovely red-haired young woman in tow. “I kinda figured that you would’ve gone back on tour after everything was settled with Ombra.” He turned to Sera, “Not that I mind sharing the apartment, but it can get a bit cramped what with all of the artifacts I gather.”
    “I retired about three or four days after we came back.” She smiled as she looked into his eyes, “I think the fans will get over it. Since then, I’ve been-“
    “Super-heroing it up, Masked Shrike?” Sera looked like she was about to say something when Kadmon pointed to his head, “Regeneration isn’t my only trick. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.”
    Sera shrugged, “I figure people will figure out pretty quick who I really am anyway if I’m working with you,” She retrieved the door key, “Anyway, while you were gone I moved some of my stuff in here, and you’re right, it is crowded in there. I was looking at an apartment on Talos Island, much more room in there, and one of those trophy-room things. I figure you could probably fill that with artifacts in no time flat.”
    The pair stepped into the main room, still every bit as messy, with piles upon piles of books, mystical artifacts sitting at angles that they probably shouldn’t, several Council standard issue backpacks full of books and artifacts that were also sitting at angles they probably shouldn’t, and a few boxes of Sera’s things. There was noise coming from the kitchen, so Kadmon summoned Sturm and took a few steps toward the door. Peeking around the corner, he saw a man in a red and blue costume with a white design on the front of it. “Synapse! Why are- no, more importantly, how the hell did you get in here?”
    “Oh… uh… The window wasn’t locked.” Synapse looked around for a moment before continuing, “I heard you were dead… So… umm… Congratulations on… not dying… and… bye!” Before Kadmon could even move his sword to stop the speedster, he was out the window and well down the road.
    “So, you said you were looking at an apartment on Talos? I won’t ask why you were looking for one when everyone thought I was dead, but I think it would be a good idea to move.” Kadmon walked over, closed, and locked the window, “The sooner the better.”
    Sera put her arms around Kadmon’s shoulders, “So, that story you told earlier. Was it true?”
    “Every word of it,” The swordsman took off his sunglasses, “From the beginning to end.” His right arm, unencumbered by the limiter armor, wrapped around her waist, “I also got a souvenir out of the whole experience.”
    With a smile, she rested her head on his shoulder, “I see, so this is something you intend to remember forever?”
    “Indeed I do,” With a smile, Kadmon said, “I’ll remember this whole adventure as one I like to call ‘The Children of Mu.’”

THE SCIENCE OF KADMON!!! – Explanations of how Kadmon works, which is all nice information to have, but not exactly necessary to the enjoyment of the story.

His lower body is capable of moving independent of the upper half. The first time he managed to get himself sliced in half (By a Rikti Chief Soldier), he found himself in a bit of a predicament because he couldn't actually get his lower body to stand up and reconnect itself. It actually took the assistance of two random passerbys to get his lower body to stand long enough to reform. Since then, he worked on some magic to get the costume to perform that role for him.

If part of Kadmon is totally destroyed (I.E. Blasted to atoms by an energy cannon), he will use ambient elements and life forms to reform what he's lost. Plants, wildlife, inanimate objects, you name it, he'll break it down and reconstruct himself with it.

Kadmon, being a Muvian construct, is somewhat modular. As said before, if part of him is destroyed completely, he'll use ambient nature to reconstruct himself. Runes can be added and removed on the fly for a more varied fighter, with the exceptions of his two sentient runes, the Rune of Recovery, and the Rune of Wrath (Not Kahn's).

The Rune of Recovery, as one might expect, provides the lion's share of his regenerative powers, and is kept on the one part of his body that can't really be removed (his chest). It is sentient, and doesn't have any qualms about trying to tell Kadmon what to do. When his mind is set on something, though, it is much easier for him to drown it out.

The Rune of Wrath is a source of untamed physical strength, and is stored under the black armor on Kadmon's right arm. It, too, is sentient, and is much more pushy than the Rune of Recovery. When one is activated to full capacity, the other deactivates, so a heavily regenerating Kadmon's strength is only superhuman (as opposed to transfinite), and a really, REALLY angry Kadmon isn't really regenerating very much. When active, the Rune of Wrath allows him to recover his health by pounding the living daylights out of anything that gets in his way. Understandably, Kadmon doesn't really like this aspect, which is why he keeps it under the limiter armor.

The other runes on his body include, but are not limited to, the Rune of Shadows (Stealth and Dark powers), the Rune of Calling (enables him to summon Sturm and other items from The Void. He hasn't summoned the Hover Box from there yet), the Rune of Shielding (enables him to fly at supersonic speeds without all that nasty ripping to shreds by g-force [Not seen in game because of the slow flight speed cap]; also enables the Resilience power from the Regeneration set), the Rune of Portals (Enables Teleport, not in game because I don't want to give up the Presence pool; Allows Kadmon to break the dimensional barrier by himself), and a few dozen other runes that I've yet to actually name and/or discern a purpose for.

While Kadmon does cook and bake well, he sings poorly. Don't let him near a Karaoke machine.

Kadmon can't get drunk. Period. He isn't happy about it, but enjoys the beverages enough to continue drinking them in spite of the lack of effect.

Kadmon is a naturally daunting being, made so by his creators, and has nothing against using this to frighten his enemies.

His telepathic abilities are the remnants of the communications system for his type of construct. As such, he has a great deal of control over it, having been the original and a commander of others. The Praetorian version of the construct was believed to not need to communicate with others of its kind, and as such doesn't have the communications system that the Primal versions did. Without other constructs to communicate with, Kadmon has divided his mental prowess into what was once just Telepathy into both Telepathy and Telekinesis.

Q&A – Some questions from the City of Heroes community, and my answers.

Q: Why Kadmon?

A: Kadmon is a name I've used in online games for about two years now. It's sort of the easiest way for people I've played with in the past to identify me (Case in point, a couple of friends from a previous MMO started playing on Justice a while ago, though they've since moved on. I flew past one of them in Talos after hitting Level 50 and they recognized me)

Q: Has Kadmon ever wanted to give up his immortality and just accept a natural death? I mean... with everyone leaving his life all the time... it would be horrible.

A: To be truthful, he hasn't been conscious long enough to trouble have many people leave him. Prior to being reawakened in Rome back in the 1100s, he had been sealed away because he refused to follow an order. At present, he isn't of any mind to try to end himself without a good reason.

Q: Has he ever had a love in his life, or can he at all?

A: He has, for the better portion of his conscious existence, kept somewhat distant from people, not wanting to read minds where it wasn't welcome and all that. However, if you're asking if he CAN... well, he may be an artificial life form, but he's no Ken doll. That extends to all of the different types of Ken dolls I've seen on commercials, including that beard-growing one. He doesn't get facial hair.

Q: What was the first rune Kadmon acquired and how did he come across it?

A: The first rune he ever had was the Rune of Shadows, which he was outfitted with. That one is inside of his right eye, and allows him to use his Dark Mastery powers, along with his stealth abilities. The Rune of Wrath was designed with him in mind, but when he was sealed off the Rune was sealed away as well. The Rune of Recovery was tailor-made for him also, without knowledge of the Rune of Wrath, hence why they became mutually exclusive.

Q: How big is Kadmon’s hat?

A: His hat is roughly six inches tall and eighteen inches across.

Q: Would he bathe in bacon grease?

A: Oh dear God! Of course not! What on Earth were you thinking when you asked that one?!

Q: What about pie filling?

A: Possibly.

Q: Does Kadmon like bacon with his pancakes?

A: On the rare occasions that he actually eats, yes, he does like bacon with pancakes. I have to ask you a question though – What is with all the bacon/food-related questions? I don’t actually expect an answer to that.

Q: I would like to know Kadmon and Sera's positions on the congressional oversight committee’s investigation into the Bacon Lord.

A: We have no comment on this at this time.

Q: What are Kadmon’s feelings about Bob?

A: Quite frankly, he frightens me.

Q: Why?

A: See the questions about food above.

Q: Would Kadmon let Bob cook him bacon?

A: No. Bob frightens him.

Q: Why do Kadmon’s eyes glow green?

A: It was a matter of matching auras. When I created the character, Regeneration auras were this bright shade of green that could, at the time, be seen from outer space. So, I picked a matching color for his costume aura.

Q: Does Kadmon mind Impact Blue following him around giving him the Speed Boost Kidney Punch of Doom™?

A: Not at all! The more speed the better! *thinks about that* Don’t quote me on that…

Q: Why is Sera an opera singer?

A: She isn’t… At least, I don’t remember her being one…

Q: How many characters used in the story are actually characters you’ve made in-game?

A: Well, let me check… Kadmon, Sera, 90, Tom, Max, Garlanus, Ombra… So… Seven? Five of them are heroes, two are villains.

Q: Does Kadmon have a birthday?

A: I would have to guess so, but he was created thousands of years ago, so it’s a safe bet he doesn’t remember when it is. Beyond that, the whole converting of dates from BC months to AD reckoning is a little past headache-inducing confusion for me, so we’ll just leave it at a resounding “Maybe.”

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