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“Supernatural Assault Unit”
By: Nelson Carrasquillo
An Ultimate Adventures series
Chapter 2

    “HC…corrupted? No it can’t be, Tim is the one who is corrupt,” Kid Aux murmured to himself as he headed to base.

    Kid kept his speed at a high pace even though his energy was depleting. He finally reached his destination, the hour was late and all of the students and higher end heroes were long a sleep. The first place that Kid visited in his tired and flustered state was his best friend Pobre Diabla’s room.

    “Karla, are you awake,” he softly said as he knocked on the door.

    Five seconds of silence passed and the door to the room slowly swung open; it revealed a fully costumed heroine. “Yeah, I’m definitely awake…you had me worried you were gone for so…” she was interrupted by Kid Aux entering the room, closing the door and collapsing to his knees.

    “Something…is not right, Karla, and I don’t know who is behind it,” Kid said struggling from exhaustion.

    Karla noticed the dried blood on the face of the young hero and the cuts in his costume. She slowly picked him up and placed him on her bed. “What the hell happened out there, Austin?” she asked.

    “They’re all dead, my whole squad, and it’s his fault.”

    “Who’s fault?”

    Kid Aux didn’t answer, he just looked at her. He slowly arose off of the bed and headed towards the door, leaving Pobre Diabla sitting on the bed in confusion. “I can’t tell you who, Karla, I think that this information might get you hurt. I’m not sure if all of HC is corrupt or if it is just him…but if HC is truly corrupt, you’ll know by the next action…please, Karla, watch my back…but stay out of view,” Kid Aux motioned for them to go.

    “Go a little ahead, Austin, I need to get some stuff,” Pobre Diabla said while Kid Aux made his way down the hall.

    The halls were filled with darkness, and the moon’s light barely came through the windows; Kid Aux passed the main office and heard voices. He turned and looked behind him to see Pobre Diabla quietly following him at a safe distance. He headed back to the door, and gathered himself. He entered the room.

    “Kid Aux?” a superior said with complexity.

    “What the hell are you doing here,” Tim said.

    “Your lackey didn’t take me down, Tim.”

    “What are you talking about, Kid?” the higher superior said

    “Tim had Dr. Vahzilok kill my squad and I, he succeeded with my squad but not me.”

    “So, Tim, why didn’t you stay there like I told you and make sure they were all dead?”

    “What the fuck?” Kid Aux screamed.

    Tim and the higher superior smirked and rushed the young and exhausted hero. “I think that Kid Aux is better than we thought, we should probably keep him around so that he can train our super zombies,” Tim said.

    “What makes you think that I will help you with your sick ass plan, Tim,” Kid Aux said and spat in his face.

    Tim head butt the teen and smiled. “Cause I’m gonna take your memory, I am a psychic you know.” Tim raised his hand and concentrated.

    “No!” Pobre Diabla screamed as a fire ball flew from her hand and missed her target.

    “Ha, Diabla, you still haven’t been able to control your powers of flame throwing…pitiful,” the higher superior said.

    Flames engulfed the HC flag that the fire ball hit instead of her actual target. The flames had distracted the superior long enough for Pobre to tackle him. She pushed him to the far wall where the flag burned bright. The heat of the flames had started to sear the skin of the superior; he threw the heroine off of him and put out the flag. The superior looked at Pobre Diabla as she lay defeated on the ground with a sadistic smile.

    “Your little boy friend over there ain’t doin so well with Tim and look at you…hmm seems like this little incident will not get out of this room.

    “I don’t think so, scum,” Pobre proclaimed.

    An arm pierced the wall and grabbed the superior by the neck. The superior quickly tried to free himself from the grip of the armored arm but to no prevail. The arm smashed the superior’s head against the wall. The superior pulled away and was forced through the wall the second time around.

    “Who the hell…shit, it Rey Tormentor,” the superior yelled out while Rey held him by the throat. “You wouldn’t hurt an old friend and class mate now would you?”

    “You are no friend, Sunny. My, look at the right side of your face it’s seared hmm let me give the other side an even look.” Rey raised his hand and blasted the superior in the face sending him flying onto the ground.

    None of the commotion caught the attention of Tim until Rey came through the hole in the wall. He drew his sword and held it to Kid Aux’s neck. “Don’t you get any closer, Rey, or I will slash this kid’s neck…you know I will.” He slowly backed up to where the door was and quickly encountered an obstacle. “Where the fuck is the door damnit,” he said to himself, not realizing that he didn’t back into a wall but into Big Puerto Rico.

    With thunderous speed Big Puerto Rico grabbed the arm that wielded the sword and the neck of the superior. Tim’s grip on Kid automatically loosened.

    “Get you hands off of my God Son,” Big Puerto Rico commanded.

    Tim had reacted quickly and let Kid fall to the ground. With one hand free Tim elbowed Big PR in the ribs causing the tank to flinch. Tim spun and faced Big PR. He raised his blade and rushed the tank. Big PR dodged the attack and hit Tim with a counter punch.

    “Don’t make me kill you, Tim,” Big PR said.

    “Ha, Big, I have always been better than you,” Tim responded.

    Tim quickly attacked with a down slash with his sword; which was aimed at the left shoulder of the tank, Big PR dodge the shot as if it were going in slow motion.

    “Damn it, so you have gotten a little stronger that doesn’t matter, I’m still better,” he said while he threw an identical strike.

    Big PR quickly side stepped the attack and put a marine choke hold on the superior.

    “Shit,” the superior said with fear in his voice.

    “Shit is right,” Big PR said and snapped the neck of the superior killing him instantly.

    “Holy crap you killed him, Big PR,” Pobre Diabla said while entering the hall were the battle had ensued.

    “They are both dead, they had to be. For HC, knowing something incriminating towards them is worse than killing one of their kind, they wouldn’t rest until they caught him and tortured him to death.” Big PR said while he picked Kid Aux up.

    “Did you kill Dr. Vahzilok, Big?” Rey asked. 

    “You can’t really kill something that is dead, they always bring him back.”

    “I’m totally glad that I called you guys,” Pobre Diabla said. “But what should we do now?”

    “You need to gather your close friends and I mean close, you can’t trust many people in this place, and get out of HC.” Big PR answered. “You guys have to stick together.”

    “So, you’re telling me to make a Super Group?”

    “Yes, you can do that, I think that it’ll be the best move. I’m going to take Aux to the hospital, gather your friends and get out.”

    “Will do Captain,” Pobre Diabla hinted for Big PR to be the leader of the new SG.

    “I am not gonna be the leader, Karla. Kid will be. Now hurry up and get your friends,” Big PR said as he and Rey Tormentor headed to the hospital.


*Steel Canyon hospital

    “…That’s the story. You don’t remember any of that?” Pobre asked.

    “No I don’t,” Kid replied.

“I don’t know why he brought you all the way over here to Steel Canyon. Did you know that he was, I mean is, your God Father?” Pobre Diabla asked, while sitting on the chair located next to the hospital bed.

    “Yeah I did know that he is my God Father, I just didn’t tell anyone ‘because I was told he was this horrible villain and such.” Kid replied.

    “So, what’s the SG’s name gonna be?” Pobre Diabla questioned.

    “Well, in honor of my father and his old SG, our name will be Supernatural Assault Unit.”



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