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HyperTypes Interview #137
By: Soboscribe

Welcome to HyperTypes, I’m Kati Conners and today I have a special treat for all you fans of the Super Hero persuasion. Today I have the special honor that is a rare occasion and that is to actually interview one of Paragon City’s crime fighters in person!

[KC]    So Surge Pack, you’ve taken the time out of your busy heroic schedule for the webzine, why?
[SP]    Well Miss Conners…

[KC]    Please Surge Pack, its Kati.
[SP]    Oh, okay Kati, answer your question is a bit personal. I was asked by one of my contacts to look into a Freakshow activity that involved one of HyperTypes reporters. I wasn’t fast enough and the Freaks took out the reporter.

[KC]    Oh my, you’re the one that Mike Schwartzwald was going to see before the Freakshow…
[SP]    Yeah, a good man lost his life getting that evidence out to us supers. I felt I needed to give something back and a friend suggested contacting the webzine.

[KC]    Surge Pack, the webzine holds you in great esteem for the work you did on that case, not to mention all the lives you did save, including mine. You are a hero in all our eyes.
[SP]    Thank you Kati, that means a lot.

[KC]    So, tell us about your origin, how did you come to find out about your powers?
[SP]    Typical mutant fashion. A friend and I were being bullied on the playground, got angry and scared and the next thing I know lightning is jumping from my hands and shocking the bullies.

[KC]    I see, so you’re an Electrical Blaster then?
[SP]    Yep, a Mutant Blaster currently with a Security Level of 33. Even accomplished the privilege to wear a cape and the Aura upgrade.

[KC]    I can see, they look good by the way.
[SP]    Thanks

[KC]    But you’re not a Paragon native
[SP]    No, I was born on the Southside of Chicago in Illinois.

[KC]    And that’s were you discovered your abilities. I heard that you were sidekicked to a famous hero.
[SP]    Well, technically it is called mentoring, but yeah, after the discovery of my powers and a lengthy bout of medical testing by the docs, I was contacted by the Windy City Warrior. Spent my first 8 years training with the Warrior. He taught me everything that it takes to be a true hero.

[KC]    Tell us a bit about the Windy City Warrior, its rare to find a hero that doesn’t find their way to Paragon City.
[SP]    Well lets see… the Warrior was a Golden Gloves boxer in Chicago, got involved with and then tried to breakaway from organized crime. Became friends with an inventor who suffered dealings with the mob. Long story short, Warrior dedicated his life to taking down the criminal bosses in Chicago with the use of the doc’s inventions up until the superhero community lost him.

[KC]    Oh no! don’t tell me the mob finally put the Windy City Warrior down permanently
[SP]    No, no, worse, he went into politics, and is now an Alderman for the 3rd ward.

[KC]    So what made you come to Paragon Surge Pack?
[SP]    All my friends call me Surge Kati and I would like to consider you a friend

[KC]    Thank you Surge, so The Warrior
[SP]    Well with the Warrior and his ally the Conquistador getting into the political ring and using Dr, Wayneright’s inventions to outfit the local police departments, crime in Chicago was drastically reduced. Warrior suggested my talents would best be used out here.

[KC]    Well Chicago’s loss is our gain. So you find it difficult out there with missions not being from Paragon?
[SP]    No Kati, I’ve made some great friends like Cepheid and Uber Woman and actually belong to the Meta-Legion supergroup. With great friends and teammates like New Beee and Animal, are a great help to me. I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

[KC]    What do you think of our fair city
[SP]    It’s very unique, I can’t believe all the hideouts and secret tunnels this place has. And the history here is very rich. Its just mind blowing to tread the streets that guys like Atlas, Statesman and Vamgurad did. True Legends. I mean you can’t throw a rock without hitting one of us.

[KC]    Can you imagine what this city not to mention the world would be like without you hero types out there protecting the everyday people,
[SP]    Kati, the real heroes are the Police and Firefighters puttin’ it on the line everyday out there against gangs like the Outcasts and Trolls. I’m just one of the lucky ones that can…
(Breaking glass and yelling)

[KC]    Oh my… God a group of Freakshows have just busted into the studio (Kati dives for cover as Surge Pack takes a stance, ready to defend the reporter)
From what I can see there are 2 Enforcer Swipers and a Tank Smasher.

“Surge Pack! You’re going down for what you did to my brother,” shouts the Tank Smasher.

[KC]    Surge Pack has just cut loose with a Lightning Bolt at one of the Enforcers, shocking the Freakshow out of game. The other Swiper is charging at our hero. Surge unleashes a Charged Bolt but only grazes the Swiper. Oh no! the Enforcer has swiped Surge Pack with that huge metal claw, knocking him off his feet. The Tank Smasher is just standing there laughing. Wait Surge Pack just jumped to his feet and has landed a Charged Punch to the Swiper. Way to Go Surge! The other Enforcer is out cold. Ut oh, now the Smasher is getting mad, it looks like Surge Pack is energizing for an attack. Wow, that Zapp was bright. But it only staggered the Freakshow Tanker. Whoah Surge Pack just dodge that blow from the Smasher! That actually put a crack in the floor.

“This ends now Freak!” yells Surge Pack as he leaps into the air.

[KC]    Oh man, what a finish! Surge Pack has taken the Smasher out with a devastating Thunder Strike.
[SP]    Sorry that I can’t finish this, but duty calls.

Thank you Surge Pack for the time. There goes one of our city’s heroes, back to the never ending battle. This is Kati Conners saying what and interview!

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