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Dear Diary

By Soboscribe (owner & operator of Surge Pack)


            As they say, “today is the first day of the rest of your life.” That’s right, a new start for me. How can I thank Mr. Bronski for asking/recruiting me for Team Hero. A new chapter in my life. I guess I should have some closure of my old life. Where to begin?
            From the start I never knew who I was or where I was from. I was raised in the St. Basil Orphanage, known on the street as St. Beastie’s due to the special children there. Yeah all us mutants born with physical manifestations of our mutation that are extreme enough from the human norm. I don’t know if my parents didn’t want me because of my freakish appearance or, as I have felt, just could not care for me properly and trusted the nuns of St. Basil to help God watch over me.
            I was given the name Autumn Shine by the nuns. They say that the Autumn sun kissed my skin giving me the orange color that actually darkens in the summer. I can still tan. Oh I also have a pair of antennae growing from my forehead just inside my temples. St. Basil’s did the best they could for us “monster” kids, as best an under-funded church run orphanage could.
            Well, just got the “lights-out” sign, tomorrow is going to be a busy day.

            My first day of public school and what an experience that was. Mr. Bronski has us enrolled in Paragon Central High School or Hero High as the gang calls it. It was weird to be accepted for myself and not shunned by my fellow students. After a barrage of tests, which I scored fairly high on, a class schedule was set up for me.
            Now the nuns at St B’s were the most caring and patient of teachers for us and always couched us to do our best. St B’s was a good place for me, a safe place, that is until the Suits of Crey Industries (though I didn’t know who they were at the time, they were just the Suits) showed up. I was twelve when they showed up claiming to be some government agency that was put into place exclusively to care for the growing mutant population.
            St. B was soon shut down and me and the rest kids were spit into groups and escorted into vans. My group was shipped off to “the Farm”. I still find it hard to talk about that hellhole without breaking into tears. For months we were subjected to tests and experiments all in the name of research. And if you spoke up or defied the Suits all sorts of torturous punishments were headed your way.
            Times up for today, need to get some rest for school tomorrow.

            It’s been a few days. Swamped with homework and the training sessions with Team Hero. Been introduced to some more members and I find Phoenix Fire hot (in more than just his power!!). Anyway I was writing about the Suits. A group of soulless monsters that wanted to turn us kids into the next level of biological weapons. They actually used some of their less, or from their prospective, better successes to police us. One particular brain dead guard was called Cromag. Cromag was a huge mass of muscles with the IQ and disposition of a gorilla. No, that is insulting to gorillas. Cro was a stooge that took pleasure in inflicting pain and had an unhealthy appetite for young girls.
            The day Cro came for me, after a rather severe beating for not showing any extra human abilities, I discovered not only that the antennae were more than a fashion accessory but I have extra human abilities. The pain and fear inside me was building. As Cro pinned me to the ground and started tearing at my clothes my head started buzzing. The feeling grew intense and suddenly Cro lets out a scream as half his face exploded, spraying me and the floor with blood, bone and brains.
You see I can project bolts of ultra sonic energy from my antennae. Well with this ability I made quick work of the cell walls and soon the Farm was in complete chaos. Not to mention swarming with escaping mutants that took advantage to inflict a little pain of their own.
More for later, need to get some shut eye, going on my first area patrol.

            Well patrol went great. I was assigned with Earthquake and we got along pretty good. We ran across a gang of Hellion wannabes that we made short work of. I’m really liking the idea of being a part of Team Hero.
            Beats were I was after escaping the Farm. I drifted around the city squatting with a group of homeless kids. It was tough. We floated from developing subdivisions where we dreamed of the life we probably would never have to the warehouses of King’s Row and even the scrap heaps of Boomtown. Always on the run from the police and local gangs. We were the unwanted refuge that was there to feed the whims of the likes of the Thorns, Skulls or some nutty scientist. Here I was with my power and afraid to use them to defend because of what happened to Cromag. Even if he deserved it.
            I used my power for breaking and entry into grocery stores so the ragtag group could eat. I felt bad for stealing but we had to eat. It was on one of these food raids that I ran into Saberstar and Gizmo. I think Saberstar still holds a bit of a grudge towards me for knocking him on his oversized butt with a sonic blast. The rest of my gang conveniently split, leaving me fighting with the super teens. I unfortunately, or looking back from where I’m now, graciously was knocked cold from behind by Gizmo. When I came to I figured that I would be in a cell with a control collar clamped around my neck. Was I surprised to wake up where I did. All for now, will finish the story later.

             What a thrill!! Phoenix Fire, whose real name is Noah Roberts, has asked me to the Christmas Formal dance at school. I’m so excited!!! The years I spent on the street, the girls and I would joke about these things like they were the stupidest things ever, but secretly I think we each dreamed of those dances and going to them with the cutest boy.
            Well as I was saying after the fight with Saberstar and Gizmo, who actually felt bad about clocking me from behind. All is forgiven and we’re actually good gal pals now. When I came to she and Saberstar was there with Mr. Bronski in the infirmary in Team Hero Headquarters, where I was being cared for. I was very suspicious and down right scared to trust these strangers right off the bat. RJ (that’s what Mr. Bronski wants to be called by us members) went into his spiel about how he was setting up his own team of young people to make into the heroes of tomorrow and he felt that I would be a great addition to the team.
            After a much needed bath and a filling meal RJ gave me a tour of the headquarters. This place has it all, a rec room, dining room, dorms for the whole team, and a workout room. Plus a round the clock staff to help us out from homework to gourmet cooking.
            As I said before RJ also had us enrolled in public school so that we were educated in everyday society as much as for the education. RJ let me know that all this didn’t come without some strings. First off I needed to “renounce my criminal way”, like I enjoyed stealing, even if it was to eat. So that wasn’t hard. Also, my powers will only be used for the good of society and that I shall never take a life.
            This part shook me up and I broke down and told RJ all about Cromag and what happened when my powers manifested. He told me that it was an accident and that I’m not the first to suffer this type of event when ones powers first manifest.
            So here I am a full fledge member of Team Hero with the codename Sonix. But these people are much more than team members, they are the family that I never had and always needed.
            Oh no, that’s the red alert, something big must be going down, gotta go, later.


The End

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