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"Supernatural Assault Unit-The Beginning"
By: Nelson Carrasquillo
An Ultimate Adventures series

     "You know guys if you didn’t run into big groups of bad guys, this sure as hell would be easier," Kid Aux said to his squad.
    Although his squad had trained for many hours and taken down countless Skulls and Hellions, it was like they were total amateurs and that frustrated not only Kid Aux but the rest of his squad; which led them more into failure in the battle. Two of his teammates fell in the battle and were teleported to the hospital, the group that they were fighting slowly withered to nothing soon after that. The Mirado Squad healed up and continued their venture into the smelly death-filled sewers.
     "Boredom kills," Dr. Vahzilok stated with a chuckle as he ripped out the heart of the limp body that he had in his hands. He handed the heart to one of his men near him and dropped the body on the ground. "Get that body ready for reanimation guys." He paused and looked around. "Where the hell are these guys? How long does it take a damn super group to get through my weak minions?"
     "Don’t worry, Doctor, I thought I heard my rejects coming down the hall, heh I got an update that said two of them were sent to the hospital. They’re lame; which makes them much easier to control, ha I picked the right team I guess," a man said as he came out of the shadows. This man was a superior for Hero Corps. Specifically this man was Kid Aux’s superior.
     "C’mon guys, we have to regroup and continue on," Kid Aux said as he headed down the hall that led to Dr. Vahzilok.
     The group gathered and followed their fearless leader. They all ran into a room at the end of the hall. The room was empty and blood flowed at their feet.
     "What the hell? There is blood here Kid Aux," a big blaster named Midnight Trojan said.
     When Kid Aux turned to face his teammate a sword pierced its way through Midnight Trojan’s torso. The sword quickly twisted and sliced its way to the heart. The blaster fell to his knees, and then rolled over on his face liberating the blade from his lifeless body.
     "No, Steve!" Kid Aux screamed at his teammate’s dead body.
     "Kid Aux, your services for the Hero Corps are no longer needed," Kid Aux’s superior said as he showed himself to the unsuspecting team.
     "You Son of a bitch, how can you do this to us? All of those days we trained under you, we showed you nothing but our respect and gave you one hundred percent of ourselves," Kid Aux yelled as he pulled out his staff. "Are you ready guys?" he questioned with out looking at his team who were behind him.
     "Sorry, son, but you are all alone," the superior said while he pointed to were the team was once located.
     Kid Aux turned his sights on the fallen bodies of his squad all dead, blood spewing out of various places. Tears started to run down the mask-covered face of the teenage hero. The squad that he had trained with, the squad that he had fought with, the squad that is had made friends with was there on the ground. They were lifeless and bloody; the sight of his fallen friends enraged Kid Aux.
     "You’re going to hell, Tim…and I’m sending you there!" Kid Aux transitioned into his stance.
     The superior chuckled and nodded his head, "I’m sorry, Kid, but I have other things to do. Hey Dr. Vahzilok take care of him."
     Vahzilok strolled up behind Kid Aux and wraps his arms around the skinny hero, "Ha, this will be easy for me. Look how skinny this chump is." Dr. Vahzilok squeezed harder but Kid Aux stuck his staff in the crotch of the over-sized villain.
     "Don’t you dare go any where, Tim, you’re mine. Do you hear me?"
     "I’m sorry puny little hero, but you are not going to live long enough to even think about revenge," Dr. Vahzilok proclaimed while his minions and bosses surrounded the young hero.
     The cadavers seem to tower over the smaller teenager, but that didn’t discourage the young heart of the hero. With his staff at hand Kid Aux quickly attacked the wall of enemies that surrounded him, it was as if he had set off a domino set; with a lightening-quick barrage of punches, kicks, and staff attacks Kid Aux sent each hostile to the ground.
     "If I can’t get to Tim, I’m gonna take my frustrations out on you, you over-sized smelly ape!" Kid Aux said as he rushed the doctor at normal speed.
     The doctor laughed and grabbed the hero; he lifted the teen above his head and slammed him on the ground face first. His grip on the hero’s body was still firm and Kid Aux couldn’t relinquish himself from it. Once again the doctor picked him up and repeatedly slammed him face first on the blood and sewer filled ground. Kid’s face was swelled and bled from various points; the doctor looked at the defenseless boy and laughed at his pain.
     "Now do you see? I told you, little brat, that you wouldn’t win," Dr. Vahzilok said while he held the hero close to his face.
     Kid Aux started to rapidly move his right arm, the motion was so fast that his molecules became unstable and his arm came free from the grasp of the doctor.
     "Screw you!" Kid said and shoved a pepper ball in the eyes of the evil doctor.
     "Ahh, son of a bitch, damn it that stings!" Dr. Vahzilok staggered back and knelt on one knee. He scooped up some of the liquid around him and spread it in his eyes.
     Kid Aux slowly crawled his way to where he dropped his staff, his eyes blurred as the blood made its way down his face. The swelling that had occurred mad it hard to see anything in his peripherals but he knew that Dr. Vahzilok was still in the room. He grabbed his staff and slowly helped himself up with it. Kid Aux’s eyes focused on the doctor, Kid Aux’s chance was right then and he took it. He mustered up what strength and energy he had left from getting himself free and smacked the doctor across the head with his staff. The doctor’s body spun and he arose to his feet as it did.
     "Ha, you fight dirty…I like that, too bad you have to die now," he said; his eyes still a little blurred and burning from the pepper ball that Kid threw in his face.
     The doctor threw a punch; Kid dodged it and threw a counter kick to the back of the doctor. The doctor retaliated with a spinning back hand that connected the force threw the athletic body of the hero into the wall; the doctor rushed the teen and pressed him to the wall. Kid Aux quickly jammed the end of his staff into the jaw of the doctor sending him staggering back. Kid Aux swung his staff for the head of the doctor but Dr. Vahzilok blocked and grabbed the staff, with a great tug the staffed was ripped from the hands of the teen and thrown away. The two stood there as if they were in a western standoff.
     Foot steps became apparent to the two enemies and they looked in the direction of where it was coming from. A shadow held the true appearance of two figures from the eyes of the two.
     "Who the hell?" the doctor asked.
     The two figures stepped closer and the light finally revealed a man in red, white and blue, and another in a robotic suit.
     "We need no introduction, you know who we are," the man said in the patriotic suit, with one star on his chest.
     "Ha, ha, some of my type of people," the doctor said.
     "Great, more bad guys…" Kid Aux pronounced while he wiped the blood and sweat from his face. "Big Puerto Rico and Rey Tormentor, two of the most dangerous criminals in Paragon, and lucky me I get to fight you two as well as Dr. Vahzilok"
     Big Puerto Rico smirked and quickly rushed Dr. Vahzilok; the force almost sent him through the wall. Rey Tormentor hovered into the air and blasted the doctor with a beam of energy. The doctor slowly arose to his feet and Big PR threw a blow that sent him back down.
     "Rey, get Kid out of here, he can barely stand on his feet," Big Puerto Rico said while he punched and kicked the doctor.
     "You…don’t…" Kid Aux couldn’t hold on to his consciousness anymore and blacked out.
     The doctor and Big PR exchanged blows but the doctor was too weak to keep up the fight with the tank, and eventually lost consciousness himself.
     Kid Aux became conscious once again and saw Big PR and Rey Tormentor standing to his left; Kid was still woozy and could hardly see straight, he was confused and scarred. "What the hell am I doing here?" he asked trying to stand on his feet, but failed.
     "What does it look like, Kid, we saved ya," Rey replied.
     "Why…did you do that, you are enemies…" Kid Aux said giving up on trying to get on his feet.
     "And who told you that, HC? Ha come on, Kid, look what they did to you; they sent you on a suicide mission, all of your squad is dead." Big Puerto Rico said as he picked up the teen.
     Kid Aux stood then shoved Big PR’s hands away; he was slowly regaining his strength. "No HC didn’t do this to me, my superior did he went rouge."
     "Damn it, Kid, you are naïve," Big Puerto Rico sat down on a chair located right in front of the teen hero.
     "No, damn it. I have to go I must tell HC of the actions of my superior. I don’t know why you saved me, and I don’t care, but I guess all I can say is thanks…good bye," Kid Aux ran away at top speed.
     Both Big PR and Rey jumped to try to react but they both stopped themselves. "Why aren’t you going after him, Big, you know you have super speed too?" Rey asked.
     "Ya, but he is still faster than I am…I don’t have a good feeling about this, but we can’t do much. We are just going to have to wait for him to come to his senses and see the corruption in Hero Corps."

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