"Supernatural Assault Unit-The beginning"
An ultimate adventure series
By: Nelson Carrasquillo
Prologue: The mission

"Hey, Aux, quit punching the bag and come here a second, I got something for you!" A young lady screamed into a huge room filled with heroes training themselves.

"Not right now, Pobre Diabla, You know I don’t like to be messed with when I’m doing my training," a young man answered back.

"No, it ain’t anything like that. I got an assignment for you. It’s from your superior."

"So you’re saying that my superior has finally got a mission for me?"

"Yes you dummy," she said as she waved a manila folder in the air. "And I think it’s a big one."

In a blink of an eye Kid Aux appeared in front of his best friend. "Thanks, Karla," he said as he grabbed the folder.

"Hey, Austin, don’t forget to stop by your parent’s site. Can you believe it has been a year since they were killed in the Rikti/Vahzilok invasion?"

"Yeah I know…I miss them, a lot," Kid Aux said as he mindlessly skimmed through the report.

"Yeah I know, well back to business right? I’m gonna get your spot before someone else does. Good luck on the mission."

Kid Aux nodded as Pobre Diabla ran to the station where he was. He ran at a normal speed down the hall to his room, and read the mission statement.

"Sewers, huh?" Kid Aux said under his breath. "Damn this must be big he is sending my squad and another squad in, hmm, score!" Aux said with excitement.

"Will the Mirado Squad leader please report to your superior’s office, thank you," a voice said through an intercom.

"That’s my cue to go," Kid Aux said while he walked out of his room holding his folder.

The facility was big and looked like a big mansion on the inside, to give it that home feeling. Each door, though, was made of metal and opened up automatically, Kid Aux’s superior was located just down the hall from his room, so Aux didn’t hurry much.

"Damnit soldier when I page you, you have to come here ASAP. I know you can get here quickly, you’re a damn super speeder!" Kid Aux’s superior yelled as Aux came into the room.

"Sorry, Sir, I wasn’t thinking," Kid Aux said as he sat down

"You sure as damn well wasn’t thinking…any way, son, I got a mission for you. This mission has some importance so I need you and your squad to perform at your highest degree," the superior said.

"So, who’s going to be the other squad?" Kid Aux asked.

"Other squad? There is no other squad, Kid. Your report must have been misprinted it’s only you and your squad. Now, this mission shouldn’t be too hard there so you shouldn’t mess it up. Read your briefing and get ready for it, tonight’s you night, Kid."

"Yes, Sir, I’ve been waiting for a good mission!" Kid Aux stood up quickly and saluted as he left the room.

The phone rang on the superior’s desk and he answered it. "Yes, I briefed him…nope I don’t think there will be anything to worry about although we need to keep a check on the damn briefings he was given the one where he was supposed to go with another squad…yeah that was before we decided to take care of the squads separately. This is too easy for him to screw it up, like I said it’ll be all right," the superior hung up the phone and smirked.
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